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  1. thanks for comment, £7000 is the lowest I'd take, it's got at least £800 of wheels and tyres plus a lot of other reversible mods which could be sold to recoup some costs , to be honest try and find another ed30 for this price, cheers
  2. for sale my 2007 edition 30 3dr in black, 95k on the clock (will increase as still using daily), 12 months MOT all the usual ed30 refinements plus a few tasty mods re mapped to 330 bhp , 19" bbs ch ( recently refurbed in anthracite) fitted with nearly new 225/35 x19 nankang ns20 lowered 30mm , walk kit fitted to help get the power down, whiteline front / rear arbs, uprated gearbox mount, r tech induction kit, full miltek 3 inch non resonated exhaust fitted plus de cat, grooved discs allround plus greenstuff pads, have changed the headunit to a rcd510 dab which includes 6 disc cd changer, led bulbs allround this really is a great car, stupidly quick plus very good looking ,will get some pictures added when the weather is better have owned her since September 2016, when I received a silly offer for my mk4 r32 off a previous owner which I couldn't refuse, so thought the ed30 was the natural progression but for some reason she hasn't got under my skin like the mk4 and even both my corrados,before you ask don't what another corrado , well maybe n3p old car looking for offers around £7300 ( some of that could be recouped be selling some of the juicy bits and returning to oem) thanks for looking,tell your friends
  3. you can have it for the £80 transfer fee
  4. got a cracking numberplate on my latest car especially for you, TF51HAM
  5. thanks for the feedback, wasn't expecting a lot for it , just what the original plate back , cheers
  6. hi everyone, long time no speak, hope everyone is well and still enjoying there corrados anyway, picked up a new car yesterday and it's got a private plate which is not to my liking ( tf51ham) how is the best way to get a value and sell it and would I get the original plate back, cheers
  7. love this car, only one that would bring me back into corrado ownership, was so tempted when it was for sale, you seem to be taking it to the next level, so jealous
  8. here's a strange one for you, listed 3 times on Preloved, @ £4500, £4000 and £ 2500 , looks nice though and from a classic car specialistpecialist
  9. prices on the 205/45 x16 still stands 225/45x17 Michelin cross climates @ £85.00 each inc vat and courier 255/30x19 Michelin supersport @ £182.00 each inc vat and courier ( probably out on this one as Michelin have no stock , so have had to price from a tyre broker ) don't forget the fiver per tyre forum donation, thanks for enquiry
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