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  1. Could be, my friend said it has had 7 owners and been on a private plate but thats wouldn't affect the HPI check, I called the RAC and they said thier HPI is not as thorough as a normal HPI check??
  2. Hey all I have had the car Hpi checked and it came back with no issues!! Strange!! What is the legal requirement on warranty? ---------- Post added at 01:48 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:45 PM ---------- Hey Karl I live in Sutton too, would you the car out with me? Stella ---------- Post added at 02:04 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:48 PM ---------- I can't afford the white one right now but it does look good!! Thankyou tho x
  3. Hey Cool noone buy this i want it!!! Will replece interior one day hehe x
  4. Am taking a mate so he will check it out properly for me, does look too good to be true!
  5. Hey Thanks for all your adivce! Silly question but where would I find the bulbs to check the light? What does the symbol look like when it comes on? I have been warned about heater Matrix too! I'm going to look/buy this one tomorrow, it is the most beautiful car so I hope it does all it says Check it out on ebay item no. 280706225547 If i do buy it I will never sell it, will buy a bigger shed!! thanks again, yours looks lovely too !! xStella Last updated on 29 Jul, 2011 00:12:45 BST View all revisions
  6. Not too fast but not too slow, I had a 16v Renault before n that was good! What would you suggest?
  7. Hey Well thank you all for the good advice, I have been dreaming of owning one of these since I was at school when I spotted a brown funny looking car n thought to myself that is pimping!!!! I live in Birmingham so Hams Hall here we come !! Ideally I want a 2.0 16v in Grey with cream leather! I have been researching n been told about heater Matrix, what are timing chains???? Quote was £500 fully comp so not too bad! Thanks again x
  8. Ready to purchase a Corrado but am a girl and have no clue, any advice would be helpful!
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