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  1. springs n shocks have arrived :)
  2. Oak green does look good but it's all about the khaki for me :) Went to Manchester last weekend and gave it some right welly which was great fun, pity the tyre popped on the way back home, I had to correct the traffic police when they said nice scirroco, cheeky git!
  3. Cheers Elliott, what would you reccommend?
  4. Glad you like it, I love my car full stop! Have no clue about springs what are coil overs and can you put used ones on? I love the colour of yours Portent but mine is fab :) x
  5. Hi Any idea what springs and shock I should buy? Cleaned car yesterday, looking good :0
  6. made it t london, my car drives like a dream :) Will take mre pics soon when its polished Happy Corrado Christmas :)
  7. Had a brand new batttery fitted changed rad and cross member fitted next job shocks and springs Taking it to London on friday my first trip afar, hope all goes well in the snow!!
  8. Once the car is going its fine but if i leave it to warm up on drive it will cut out after a while and then the battery lights come on and i have jump it?? I think the stereo has something to do with it! Will check pipes tomorrow and have a new rad to fit so that may help, my heaters only blow cold air too ????
  9. Wheel sorted, battery fitted :) If left running car cuts out and then needs jumping, why? - I think the stereo is sucking all the power, could this be so? Also aas the car been sitting all week, need to keep topping up with water or temp light comes on, why is it loosing water, my dad head gasket but i hope he just trying to scare me, any ideas?
  10. I had the battery changed in my 2.0 16v and car keeps cutting out, have to jump it to get going, do you think this might have something to do with the stereo?
  11. Hello My car is beautiful and I still love it, my dad does not!! Well i have been a busy little bee collecting parts on ebay and visiting Karl KADVR alot, he is a legend :) I have had all sorts replaced now, the engine nearlly fell out when the engine mount bolt snapped so had all that replaced along with new rad hoses, new tyre. I have now brought wish bones/bushes new battery, windscreen wipers and motor, radiator, crossmember and valance, also interior tit bits. I hope to get it all fitted over the next few weeks so should be running even better Have slight issue with snapped bolts in wheel hub but hopefully getting it 'tapped out' tomorrow. I have learnt so much over the last few months, my dad said i am the son he never had and he has three! hehe
  12. New hose fitted by Karl, God bless you, new engine mounts fitted today so tomorrow I driving my lush car :)
  13. hey VW wanted £48+VAT!!! GPS 8.80 :)
  14. Hey looking for a top radiator hose and found one on ebay item number: 400246443055 Can anyone tell me if this is the top hose? Many thanks Stella
  15. Hey looking for a top radiator hose and found one on ebay item number: 400246443055 Can anyone tell me if this is the top hose? Many thanks Stella
  16. Hey I still up and spent the night sorting out my cars paperwork and apparantly it was a demo car for VW so woooooo!! Paperwork disappears from 2007 so i'm gonna write to the last ownner to find out where it been hiding, he might be on here, IAN Clarke where are you! I showed you it earlier, the little rubber thing with a sensor pin inside on the blue wire ,i'll take a pick!
  17. No not long finished tinkering with Kev ha ha I knackered!
  18. Hey corrado dudes:) My first post about my lovely car does make me chuckle, I've had Kevin about a month now and just a few small issues is turning out to be a load of bollox quite frankly but this is fine, It's now a vocation!! Anyhow, an engine bolt decided to take flight so does anyone know what bolt it might be? Also, had the oil filter housing changed and for some reason I have an extra little rubber pin floating about on a blue wire, is this normal? There are three of these but two are connected, is there a picture on here to see what it should be like? I need a manual asap! cheers peeps x
  19. They having a snog!! Karl is a legend, thanks dude! x
  20. That guide is fantastic but wouldn't dare attempt that, how much do you think it would cost to get done? Where is Baku?
  21. Think mine needs doing to along with many other things!!! Yours looks ace too, check out mine too :) I love my car but did get major funny looks when I pulled up at school, I am the coolest teacher !!
  22. Hi Ian When I started researching for my C, that seemed to be the first thing people warned me about, water in footwell means heater martix, i think it might be a nightmare as you have to take out the steering column/ dash. x
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