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  1. Hello,

    I just saw your post mentioning Chris Ferry.  John Mitchell at JMR recommended I track Chris down to help out with a problem I have (sticky throttle cable). Could you put me in touch with him?  

    Thank you,



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      Справочник недвижимости России - http://scifinews.ru/

    3. KatyaAwala


      Справочник недвижимости России - http://scifinews.ru/

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  2. Hi mate


    Iv still got a few of these

    I can post it Friday for you if you want one and PayPal seems the easiest way

    It's 25 pounds all in if you do it friends and family or 26 if you do it through small business etc

    It comes with the four longer bolts to compensate the thickness of the spacer and four correctly sized washers

    Let me know buddy

  3. Hi, I'd be interested in one of your phenolic resin coil pack spacers. How do I arrange payment etc.?

  4. Hi, how much for late style for an "N" reg VR6 bonnet?
  5. Are people talking about what the trip computer reads or actual MPG calculated from miles driven between filling the tank? My VR6 typically shows 35-36mpg on the computer for a week's commuting (1/3 A-road at 50-60mph, 1/3 M25 through roadworks at 40-50MPH, 1/3 town drivng in moderate traffic), but the actual MPG calculated from trip meter and petrol pump is around 33.
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