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  1. First time I've been on in a while Used to be such a busy place and I'm sure the forum took over my life at one point Still have the corrado all be it's supercharged now Just picked up a second vr6 to build in to a track car Good to see tapatalk is back online and working, I might even update my old build thread if I can find it Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
  2. I have a few left if you want one dude My mobile is 07980690184 just message me if its easier than on here
  3. Hi Would you be able to get the extended rear spoiler in carbon finish??
  4. What charger are you planning on running
  5. Cheers dox You will struggle to get more than 230bhp out of a nasp vr that's for sure Never wanted a six branch tbh there not all that!! Plus vw did a good job on the standard mani I'm running 310bhp now with a charger, if you want good usable power then a charger is where its at! Iv out run m5 twin turbos on the country roads and had good blasts with loads of stuff Kept up with a mates rs4 v8 manual just fine and his rs3
  6. Dragon green vr with gold wheels is mine Although it's now supercharged and had a full rebuild Don't even try to post pictures on here no more! How the hell did you manage to get them on I remember going for a test drive in your car with vag hag when we was at the Airfield meet
  7. Hi mate,

    Looking for a cup holder in black! Do you have any available? Cheers

  8. I'd pay for it A cost per month or year would be a good place to start The way I see it, this forum and its knowledge have saved me using mechanics countless times over the years, all the help must have saved me loads of money by not having to pay mechanics! And the advice on here is why iv saved that cash so I'd be willing to give a bit back to keep it alive I'd like to see tapa talk come back for the simple fact that it makes it easy to post pictures, something I mentioned in another comment a few days back The return of many of my photos from my build thread would be great aswell if they still exist as that's one of the reasons I stopped updating it There's no point in adding more content to it if the start of it is being slowly deleted This is a great forum and always has been and I'd like it to stay You pay a subscription to everything else's in life so why not this if its that important
  9. I'm still on here most days but like everyone else iv slowed down a bit as most of my time gets taken up by our house!! Always a job to be on with Saying that I do still tinker about with the corrado and do have updates I could put in my build thread but the lack of an easy way to upload pics makes it a bit of a pointless task in a way, I always liked to describe what I was up to and then post the progress pics for people to read and see I think I stopped when tapa talk give up and I had to mess around resizing photos It is a great place like it just needs more people to keep it busy
  10. All received jonnyhull Will get it in the post to you Cheers
  11. Looks like it should fit fine to me They are 25 posted buddy
  12. Hi mate yes I still have a few left As for weather it will fit I will try to find out but I assume so
  13. That's the one I can post his number if anyone wants it
  14. There is a guy on face book who has a1 the moulds from lws and produces bonnets roofs and tailgate Also think he does wings too His name is Miles Turner I bought a bonnet off him and its really good quality
  15. Miles get out of here hahaha
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