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  1. Slowly getting the last parts on eBay from the c (sorry for the lack of links): Full front brake set for 16v : Item Id: 221450218104 Throttle body for 16v: Item id: 221450225980
  2. This is now gone. Thanks for the interest. Can a mod please delete or lock this post now thanks.
  3. I'm in carterton mate will pm you my post code. Steve.
  4. No front bumper has gone sorry. Car will be going to the scrapyard in about a week if noone rescues it. Don't make me do it...
  5. I have the shell from my 1990 1.8 16v sitting on my driveway collecting dust (it is covered) Asides from just towing it to a scrapyard and handing it in or putting it on ebay my only option is if someone takes it off my hands. I'd prefer it not to be scrapped but needs must. Its had alot of parts removed, major parts include: Interior trim minus dash and carpet. Exhaust system including manifold. Upper and lower inlet manifold. Front bumper and slam panel. Front n/s wing. Sunroof. There is very minimal rust. First come first served, want rid of asap. If interested please PM me will answer honestly any questions asked. Steve.
  6. Team : Arsenal, ever since i first saw the legend that is Tony Adams dominate the field! This season? : Top 3 but being a realist unless we get 2 more world class singings we will struggle! Game youre looking forward to? : Arsenal v Spurs of course! Always a cracking match! Players? : Jack wilshere and Santi cazorla in the same team! what a prospect!
  7. Soon to have the rear brake calipers/carriers off the car, only after £15 each plus postage.
  8. I've got that part but mine is the textured plastic one sorry.
  9. Is there any difference between models? i have one from a 1990 16v? tenner plus postage and i'll take it off for you? Steve.
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