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  1. i bought my son his and he wasnt even one years old .... it registered in his name as well .
  2. hey kerrly i remember your pal had the one with the momo s on it ...cheers for the comments it feels worth while now
  3. totally standard ... i just changed the handles and grill ... kept the originals though just in case
  4. i am in leic mine is mystic blue ... chris has a nice classic green
  5. be great if you could put some pics up chris ...i didnt take as many as i should have.
  6. The vr6 was great on the a roads .... its been fun getting the car to this stage.
  7. cheers mike .... do you have any contact details for them ... nearly got the car back together so trying to get hold of bits as quick as can.
  8. Hi was wondering if any one has one of these for sale must be intact.
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