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  1. i bought my son his and he wasnt even one years old .... it registered in his name as well .
  2. hey kerrly i remember your pal had the one with the momo s on it ...cheers for the comments it feels worth while now
  3. totally standard ... i just changed the handles and grill ... kept the originals though just in case
  4. i am in leic mine is mystic blue ... chris has a nice classic green
  5. be great if you could put some pics up chris ...i didnt take as many as i should have.
  6. The vr6 was great on the a roads .... its been fun getting the car to this stage.
  7. cheers mike .... do you have any contact details for them ... nearly got the car back together so trying to get hold of bits as quick as can.
  8. Hi was wondering if any one has one of these for sale must be intact.
  10. hey del me and junior was detailing all the rubbers in the garage last night i managed to find some really good condition ones ... i ll stick some pics up when its out the garage as it ll be more fun ... did you know white vinegar is the best stuff about to clear old dust and muck of painted parts ... i did all the door shuts and all areas the lights cover ... quite satisfying knowing its all clean inside and out ... was gonna wax oil it all up as well before refitted bumpers and stuff and i might not refit the door bump strips as i think the lines are ace with out .. .
  11. ahh cheers mate i am so glad i got hold of you ... i have just sourced a deck the same as yours ... and i think its more keeping with the car ... i plan on having the car in a good state by the end of next week but then i thought whilst i got it in bits i am gonna do the old wax oil job everywhere as well ... our colours are very similar ..yogi and rupes vr6 is the same colour as well .... roof strips are next on the shopping list .. i dont know if i enjoy the cars as much as the shopping for bits.
  12. good idea .... be nice for him to grow up with the same car in the pictures on the drive .
  13. i ll get some up soon.... any idea what can be done with the roof strips mine have gone hard on the rubbers ..... i have managed to source some new door rubbers as well as some original wheel centres ..i think i enjoy the hunting for parts as much as fixing them too the car
  14. well brand new wheel centres and brand new mats .... the list is slowly being ticked off...the painter is lead filling the parking dents .... thats what happens when an old boy with too much time has a car to paint
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