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  1. Iv'e got a pair of these Audioscape pods and often thought about seeing if i can reproduce them, (i work in the woodworking trade) so wouldn't be too hard i reckon. I may re visit this idea!!
  2. What kind of money do you want for them and do they have tires?
  3. Looking for a set of alloys for my vr6, 16” minimum. What’s anyone got?
  4. Wesleyvr6

    VR6 cams

    I’ll take them, how much do you want for them?
  5. Wesleyvr6

    VR6 cams

    Thanks pal, I’d be interested in a set.
  6. Wesleyvr6

    VR6 cams

    Who is SP buddy?
  7. Wesleyvr6

    VR6 cams

    I’d be interested in a set of 263’s or 268’s if I ever get round to fitting my schrick.
  8. Hi Mark, is it the same as this one? https://www.vwheritage.com/535837911a-door-aperture-seal-left-or-right-vw-spare
  9. Hi Mark, did see yours but a bit more than i wanted to pay, would be happy with a good second hand one. I did see them on vw heritage for £88 new. But thanks anyway. Are you open to offers?
  10. Anybody got a decent drivers side door seal with no rips for sale?
  11. Wesleyvr6

    VR6 Coilpack

    Got mine from these, been on a year and still perfect.
  12. I'm sure i've got a mint one, Can't remember if its a obd1 or 2 though. Can check at some point this week. Was professionally polished when i bought it so looks good.
  13. Excuse my ignorance but what the heck are knee bars?
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