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  1. recently purchased my first corrado.. needless too say the poor thing has been neglected for many years and im working to bring her back to the beautiful car i know she is! howeverr... i need help deciding a color scheme.. i picked up a complete blue dot interior.. just cant decide what color....... :scratch:
  2. haha this is true.. its sad that the corrado didnt get as popular in america :shrug:
  3. you from europe ?... i love fear and loathing in las vegas by the way :cheers:
  4. am i the only enthusiast from America ?? haha :afro:
  5. good find.. i picked up my g60 project for $500.. pretty good deal.. keep us updated
  6. im lovin your rims.. could you put a name to them for me? just purchased my first g60 need some mod ideas

  7. im diggin those rims man.. can you put a name too them for me? i recently purchased my first g60 project.. needing some seasoned guidance

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