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  1. Bump! Still need one if anyone has one?!
  2. voo51

    Carline cm6

    Hi I dont suppose anyone has any carline cm6 wheels in 5x100 fitment knocking around for sale?!
  3. Hiya! Hope you're ok. Bit of a long shot but I dont suppose you have a spare sunroof and/or motor knocking around thatsavailable to buy?!
  4. Hi guys I know this is a long shot, but..... Has anyone got a fully working corrado sunroof mech and/or motor available? Many thanks
  5. voo51


    Hi. Do you have a late drivers side electric window switch plus the little screw clip things that hold the inner tailgate lid trim in place? Thanks
  6. I agree with some of the other comments.... Everyone should be able to read only on the forum, however, if you want to post, look at the for sale or breaking section, or view the wiki then you should be a paying member. I've owned Corrados for 15 years now and this forum has been the first place I come to whenever I have had an issue or I need some information. I couldn't be without it!!! However, that being said..... I do miss the original wiki with all the detailed how to guides.
  7. voo51

    Door Half Hinges

    Fantastic!! Thankyou
  8. LMAO! I know! I'm scared to get her out the garage never mind actually drive her!
  9. Also, I've fixed the recline on the drivers seat, fitted a new sunroof mech that actually works! A new alarm, fitted one of the missing door pin and rods -worst job ever!!! I actually locked myself out of the car!! Also had bits of the engine polished by a chap at work and got a few shiny bits for the engine.
  10. Yes I've kept her ice violet grey as not only is it rare but I love the colour!! Unfortunately we lost a family member last year but my Mum has kindly gave me a present of a bit of inheritance. I wanted to treat myself so..... I've had the Corrado welding issues fixed... there was ALOT of welding to be done! I'll pop some pics on of the finished job in the next few days!
  11. Hello everyone! I've not posted on this thread in years as I've popped out 2 children since! As I'm now getting my life back I've started to get the Corrado ready. It's been a hectic few years with head gasket issues, sometyingtosteal my wheels, my wheel falling off and then a garage wrecking my clutch and brakes. Anyway...... I've been having a bit of work done ! I shall explain more once I figure out how fo post pics again!!
  12. Just had a skim through this thread. Im not on Facebook at all.... Just instagram. I love this forum. Always have. I think alot of people have just moved on from 10+ Years ago when it was nonstop on here. I've had 2 children since and just starting to get my life /time back. Hopefully it'll pick up again on here but I guess with less and less Corrados being out there maybe this will be a bit tricky. I tried taptalk.... was good for posting pics but I always reverted back to the proper site for reading and searching. Lovely that this forum is still going though :)
  13. Has anyone got one of these knocking around in good condition? Mine has bent horrifically on removal (not by me!)
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