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  1. mtc r32, gorgeous looking car there, very tempted with an r32 as my next car.had my vr6 for 5 years now and it may be time for a change, is there a big diff in power with the r32 over a vr6. only ive never been in a r32 so have no idea what they are like. do you prefer the r32 to drive over a vr6?
  2. That has to be one of the cleanest storms ive seen, nice to see my wheels went to a good home.hope your pleased with the result shaun i know i would be.
  3. Thanks Jim ill let you know what we think of it , DO you think its the right sort of money? 52 plate. reg sept 2002, import fromSweden, 1 previous owner,55k , full VW history, tax & mot till sept 06, climate and sunroof, 3 door, reflex silver 4x new pirrelli p7 tyres, its pretty much mint £9000 what do you reckon??
  4. OK so it looks like it is a 150 , which im glad. vw uk had no record of the car as its an import, AA said dont go by what they say to much as they get their info from DVLA and it could be wrong,said just to ring DVLA when i buy the car ,tell them the correct info and it will filter through to them. kinda makes you wonder wy do a check as they also didnt show on the repoert it was an import! good ah? BUT the dealer got back to me with the engine code and its ARL. also 110kw which both mean its a 150. hurray
  5. triggermyson they represent the different bhp models 115 130 150. ill have to wait now till tomoz to get the code and also ring vw, thanks again to jim and everyone for your help and ill let you know the results tommorrow. Dale
  6. update; been able to do the AA check now with the plate the car now has on it ,and it does still list it as a gt tdi(115). spoke to the dealer and he still claims its a 150. cant check with vw untill tommorrow but its strange why the aa think its a 115 if its not. he cant get me the engine code untill tommorrow or the kw number as he is away at the min. i do have the engine number which starts SGFM and ends in GE but is it possible to tell the bhp from that?
  7. the story is that he imported the car from new. he bought it in sweden and had it spected with a gti badge. he then sold the car to his sister inlaw a couple of months later. who has just recently px the car back with him. he claims its a 150 but without calling vw who will be closed tommorrow how can you tell? does it say any where on the v5? or is the only way of knowing down to vin and engine numbers in which case i will deff need to wait and check it out with vw, Jim its deff not an aniversary, how did you know for sure yous was actually a 115 when you bought it if you dont mind me asking? thanks for the help everyone much appreciated.
  8. cheers Jim hopped you might be able to help, its a 02 52 reg, goes like stink and id be amazed if its onli 115 brake but it is the only one ive driven. but it does build up quickly like you say? its not got the right badge on the boot it has a gti badge? starting to smell a rat!
  9. sorry its not corrado talk but it is still vw talk, any way ive just put a deposit down on mk4 golf gt tdi (150) with a private dealer. just went to do an aa car data check and they dont have the details to match the reg the car now has,so i put in the private plate reg no which has just been taken of the car and it lists it as a gt tdi(115) ????? How can i tell what the car is? does any one have one and know if it states the bhp on the log book? any advice is very much appreciated many thanks Dale.
  10. vw dubs i know Liam who runs the pub but he dosen't know my car, i own the bike shop in Torpoint (Cycle Action) so if your ever around pop in for a chat.
  11. hi vwdubs that must of been me you spotted in the carbeile car park, was it christmas eve and in Torpoint by any chance? dont get out in it very much so never thought id get spotted .
  12. yeah thats what i was thinking,paid 249 for my VRG plate on the corrado. it was just there is no R32 ones for sale on the dvla site thought they might of been rare but i geuss not.
  13. just been with my dad to buy a BMW compact .not my choice may i ad. buts its an r reg and its done a genuine 14 k from new and it is like brand new,any way when we pulled up delighted to see the reg was R32 ***. hope to own an r32 in the future so ive told my dad he will lose the plate if i do get one. what do you reckon the plates worth? done a search but cant find any cheers Dale
  14. Lippy, deffo were late ones with grey leather as i have a 96 vr6 with grey leather.so they are out there mate.
  15. so what ins group is the campaign then?
  16. am i right in saying the storms are 1 ins group higher than a std vr,im sure there group(19) if so i wonder why? Actually its prob incase you need to claim for a badge!
  17. there you go, thermal fuse. thats what i meant.
  18. triggermyson your problem is the same as what i have had. its all down to a little resistor type thing (dont know the correct name) in your fan which sits under your passenger side dash shelf.all you need to do is take the fan out ,its really easy pop it apart and solder in a new resistor.its happened on mine a couple of times over the years.there is a thread telling you all this somewhere im sure. if you like ive got a spare one if you pm me your address ill send you one in the post mate.
  19. I think it would of been a nice touch to have numbered the storms like many ltd editions. personally i like the whole storm idea. ive got 2 really nice vr6s, 1 modified , and 1low milleage standard with leather but id still love a low milleage storm and would prob pay silly money for one. each to thier own tho ah!
  20. thanks but two is enough ,think three would be a bit to much, its now sitting on origional speedlines and thats all ive had chance to do. can someone tell me if ive posted just the one pic up. and is it the right size as im not able to view pics at the min even tho im sighned in. Its the first time ive done an attatchment thats all.
  21. some pics of my new vr6 only washed it so far.
  22. Many thanks ,Glad i asked now thanks for the advice cheers mate
  23. HI, bit of a simple question if you have these wheels but having just bought a car with a set on i dont want to damage them. just need to know if the centre caps are threaded on, or do they just pop of with the carefull use of a screwdriver? many thanks dale.
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