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  1. If there's a centre-cap, it's yours. I'll find a local home for the wheels, I'm sure.
  2. Well, that's closer than I was expecting! I'm leaving the country in a month so I was hoping to use the centre-cap as a way to get shot of the wheels without having to scrap them. Seems like such a waste. The wheels are in a pile at the back of a shed. I'll dig them out and make sure there's a centre-cap. If there is one I'll post it to you. No promises though - I haven't seen them for a while.
  3. 3k...but that's for my Leon, which just so happens to be for sale.
  4. Where are you? I've got two Sebrings that, I believe, have centre caps you can have if you can collect.
  5. Sounds to me like you've answered your own question. If it turned over before the heater matrix job and hasn't since, then that dash might have to come out again.
  6. A modified G60 and a stock VR6 are going to give dramatically different ownership experiences. Only you know which one of those you're looking for. Personally, my nod would be towards a nice VR6.
  7. Sporty Teens 10...not much of a storyline and the ending was a bit predictable but not bad - 7/10
  8. I believe you can use any Mk2 tailgate. You just have to swap the GTI glass over if you want to retain the spoiler. Then there's the issue of the black window-surround sticker.
  9. I'm not sure why, but that does absolutely nothing for me at all.
  10. Something about bum love I would expect. I'm slightly concerned that's the first thing I thought of after reading the thread title! No...make that VERY concerned.
  11. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volkswagen_Golf_Mk3#European_tour_editions
  12. A guy I work with has a standard '06 ST3 that has been reliable enough but he's lucky to get 24mpg. My Leon makes more power and I can top 30mpg easily.
  13. I know a guy that has a '58-plate ST. He traded his '03 Civic Type-R in and regrets it. It has a great engine but the ST is poorly built with an interior that is falling apart. It's just come back from the main dealer he got it from having had the gearbox replaced. The car has done 24k miles.
  14. Amazing car but, like Jim, I can't really condone his choice of test track. I reckon a video like that would more than likely end up in a prosecution in the UK.
  15. Rep added easypops...just 'because' :D
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