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  1. I have got the the fog light surrounds now so bumper is all good with them back in I am enjoying It will be deffinetly a well sorted car when you have finished have you tried the other rims on yet
  2. Why don't you go the full hog when you pull engine back out in winter and turbo it or super charge it the engine note is addictive Gladly the discovery is not written off its been repaired by insurance lucky for me was devastated
  3. Watching this in amazement the lengths you are going to with the car is amazing you did say everything you have has to be proper mint and also im sure you are thoroughly going to enjoy it Also it's lucky to be still on the road and not wrote off as the discovery had a running with a class 1 Arctic while parked up at work and dragged it down lane for me if it had been corrado it would have been destroyed by it so at minute driving round in a 64 plate merc e class
  4. Will post pictures tomorrow of item
  5. As above stainless pipe for vr6 no longer needed looking for £25 collected
  6. I have a working heater control panel in really good condition all it needs is directional dial but there is nothing wrong with it at all I had this as a spare looking for £55 collected
  7. Are these still available went to open my drivers door and it didn't open only opens from inside now
  8. Seen a blue raddo last night in mexborough while in my blackberry raddo at tea time thumbs up
  9. I thought was going to be mine in mexborough as mine is around there everyday of week but not got crystal lights
  10. Why would you think to do this is behind me http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/321441889734
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