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  1. mine is in classifieds section on this forum went on panjo lastnight (me and the bf can not work out how to get it listed in the for sale section, think my bf is going to pm jim at some point today)
  2. thanks daves16v my bf sorted the lock pin surround and gave me his original ones :thumbleft: also we forgot that we ordered 3 pairs of the 3d binnacle covers that were avaliable last year lol but thanks for the kind offer
  3. hi guys this may well be a long shot but does anyone have a spare binnacle cover (i think that is what it is called) got one missing on left side and also the round plastic surround thingy that sits around the top of the door lock pin, it goes into the leather to keep it all tidy??? the binnacle covers are on ebay i know but thought id try here first, the door lock surround well...... unicorn poo is easier to get hold of lol thanks in advance guys
  4. me and my lovely bf have been like busy little bees this last few weeks, spending hours treating my girl and pampering her, shes a beautiful lady anyway but OMG she looks truly stunning with the whole treatment from autoglym and the interior is as stunning as the exterior, my bf lovingly recond the steering wheel and gear knob and they now look like they did 20 yrs ago, she also had her headlining professionally fitted on weds this week and wow what a difference, i hadnt realised how awful she looked without it!!! shame on u emma :shrug:!! whilst we have been working away i have had several people stop and comment how stunnig she is, which apart from making me smile, makes me think its all been worth it to get her ready to put in the spotlight when i sell her. few more bits to do and i promise you, you will be able to eat your dinner of my engine bay after this weekend :dance: i will get my bf to put up some pics
  5. yay!!!!!! so glad it feels better and that your happy with her again..... all lovely ready for me to drive for a while lol, i am a very lucky girl :dance:
  6. welcome chetan :thumbleft:
  7. ha ha actually we have THREE!!!!!! the valver, the vr6 and my storm, they all give you a completely different driving experience, and talk to you in different ways, you really do have to tune in to these beauties as they will respond to this, IMHO tho out the 2 (the valver and the vr6) i would choose to floor the vr6 around a track over the valver any day, but then id choose my bf's vr6 over mine for cornering as his handles better due to the suspension, ha ha ha its ace having a choice of three to drive :thumbleft::smug:
  8. no nor me, im watching the market like a hawk at the moment so that i price mine as fairly as i can, it was still advertised on ebay yesterday but its not this morning lol good programme and im really quite pleased that they didnt even bat an eye lid regarding the chains despite the neglected looking engine and incomplete service history would love to take mine out on that go kart track for one last spin tho
  9. only 15 mins to go its got 3 bids on up to £6,300 BUT reserve not been met as yet the stealth conversion one with the shrick cams and total engine rebuild failed to sell at 4750 its now been relisted and has bids on and is on 1750 when i last checked, a lovely car with all that doe spent on it, :scratch:
  10. indeed im v excited about the show, tho im more interested in their reasoning behind not doing the chains and tensioner as i believe they havent done so?
  11. yup defo on at 9pm on discovery the write up on the info is as below "mike is ecstatic when he snaps up a vw corrado coupe with only one previous owner for a bargain price. but with cheap cars come expensive surprises........." oooo dear
  12. hi no mines an electric sunroof and its the cable inside mechanisim that snapped, (its the cable that pulls it back in once you have slid sunroof) thats fab for the mirror and ABS light not sure what to do about the sunroof really, i was going to try and get hold of the cables and let them go with the car, im selling her so trying to get a few spare parts to go with her for next owner to use, how much for the whole sunroof and mechanisim? thanks em:o
  13. job well done there soooo glad mine is perfect lol, one less job to do! :smug:
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