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  1. The blasting process took away petty much all of the pitting, it looks pretty much brand new as the epoxy is ultra smooth. It shouldn't chip either like powder coating can. In all honestly I did it for the longevity, but as a side effect it looks pukker :D As it can be sprayed on too it will have better coverage than hammerite, so you won't miss bits. I'm chuffed to bits with how it's come out. Picking up service items soon so I can flush out 2 year old oil and fuel!
  2. Thanks Odub, I'll let you know! Thank you Jim! She is a corrado nonetheless! I'll report back once I've done the service and 4 wheel alignment, it's been over a year since I last drove it.
  3. Thanks gents, I'm chuffed with the work he's done, hopefully it'll last another 20 odd years!! Thanks Odub, appreciate it. All I'll need eventually is a drivers door and possibly drivers wing. I am after a lupo/TT wiper conversion however
  4. Right, sad I know but it's actually taken a full year to get anything done! As previously said, it needed a full underside resto, that's what it got! See pics below. Before: After!: We have new brakes, braided lines, load actuator, full suspension bushes all of which are standard stuff rather than poly. Engine mounts, gearbox mount... Eibach anti roll bars of course. Front and rear subframes blasted and epoxy painted, and a stainless decat exhaust to finish it all off. All that's needed now is a full service and 4 wheel alignment. Then I can finally drive the bloody thing!
  5. Lol, only 5 hours from me! I'll pass thanks buddy, glws!
  6. Thanks mate, hopefully one day it'll look even nicer!
  7. There are a fair few Corrados around this neck of the woods! Very nice indeed.
  8. Thanks buddy! It'll look much nicer once I'm finished. I plan to, once the drivability stuff is done, to customise tastefully. It'll be a long slog but hopefully worth it!
  9. Good evening all, I have been lurking here for a while but seeing as I have actually started work on the old girl I thought I would be worth putting starting a thread here. About me: James, 24 from Ipswich, currently working at Ipswich Volkswagen. I have always had a soft spot for the Corrado so as soon as the opportunity arose... About the car: It's a 1994 2.0 16v in Ice Grey Violey Pearl Effect, with a full (some dealer) service history and only 96k. I have a stack of paperwork with it showing it originated from Scotland and the previous owner had it for 11 years. Most of the usual bad points (sunroof and spoiler etc) are working perfectly, but I have my work cut out elsewhere... Plans...!: If I'm honest, the driving experience is somewhat... awful. It essentially needs a full front and rear suspension (bar the shocks) and brake rebuild. I'm going to do some subtle upgrades along the way, but the big stuff like anti roll bars can wait. I have a lot of parts ready to go, so I will document these things as they happen. Eventually a full re spray will be needed too, but overall there is minimal rust. For now, it's had a clean and is up on axle stands ready for the off, watch this space! Pics below. The day I collected: After today's clean, note the new wheels! And up on the stands:
  10. Had my Valver since May this year, so just over 2 months lol! Previous owner had it since 2004, so 11 years with them!
  11. It will indeed mate, as far as I know it's a fairly solid example. Looking forward to seeing it progress! Where abouts are you based?
  12. Welcome mate, is this the car that was for sale on DubGen? I recognise your username on your photobucket account, so I think it is! I really pondered over this car, the only thing that stopped me was the fact I couldn't drive it home, but luckily managed to get another one. With the photos, you need to copy the IMG coded link not the URL, iirc.
  13. Looks great mate, I thought you would be on the forum. I was the chuftie who collared you At Stowmarket Tescos the other day for a chat. I'll say this car looks amazing in the flesh, the pics do it justice but damn it's a clean corrado. Who did the paintwork etc? I'm looking to get mine sorted sooner and just need the right people to get it moving. Hope to see you around mate! James
  14. Thanks bud, just glad it's something simple I no longer have to worry about (except the clips). She's nearly ready for the road, so a few pics will arise soon in the members gallery
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