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Where does this connector go??

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Not sure where this is supposed to plug in, I didn't remove the dash so not even sure it's in the correct side of the car.


It's for the heater is as much as I can figure out. It has a yellow black cable with an extension coming off part of the same loom.




Can sort out better pics if needed.

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Nice one Sean/Hasan. Shover it back in at the weekend.


Nope, still chasing wiring on this, fook knows what previous owner was thinking.


Currently no heating, passenger window not rolling, water temp gauge not working and rad fan doesn't kick in.


Not to mention all the missing bits of loom inside the car.....turning me slightly grey but good to learn the ins and outs of ce2 wiring.

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From a distance the wiring looks daunting. When you separate it down into various looms its actually not too bad. Use the Bentley guide to chase wire colours. Post up if you need any input.

I shudder to think what newer cars' looms would be like....

Best of luck.

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