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Camshaft part numbers

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I have 3 sets of vr6 cams, after checking all the part numbers they all finish with a B or N depending on which cam, after a little research these part codes relate to 2.8 motors and the 2.9 cams end with A or M, all my blocks I have had are ABV 2.9, so am I looking at the wrong code?

have I been unlucky and every single block some how has had a head change with a 2.8 including cams? This would include my car which I have had for 11 years.

also are there are changes between euro and American markets?

i have some 268 cams so it’s not the end of the world but I’m curious to know if I have been running the wrong cam for over a decade.


cheers Ben

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There is no difference in lift or duration for any of the VR6 cams, the top end is effectively the same with only difference throughout being the cam pickup between early (dizzy) and late (coilpack). The bottom end is where the difference lays, ands it's only in displacement with the 2.9 being marginally bigger bore. The inlet manifolds differ and obviously management, and this is more to do with emissions and mapping. 

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Just found this nugget from 10 years back on the gti forum . Suggest there are different cam part codes but maybe still the same . Have also seen a post from the br6oc that the duration is different .

from other sources I was under the impression they are all the same.

The ABV (2.9) was also offered in the Golf 3/Passat Syncro with a M3.8.1 ECU, with the Passat/Corrado using the early M2.9.1 varient.
Both engines for Golf 3 and Corrado and the different controls were homologated to 190PS@5800rpm (184PS for Passat) and 181lbft@4200rpm on 98RON. Passat reduced peak power output is due to calibration (ECU part number different).

The cams for all 2.9 engines are the same :-

Cam for Zylinders 1, 3 and 5 = 021109101M
Cam for Zylinders 2, 4 and 6 = 021109102A

The AAA (2.8) engine was fitted to Golf FWD, Sharan and Passat from 92>98. Controllers used were M2.7w/Dizzy and LH MAF, M2.9.1 w/6 pole coilpack, 5 wire MAF and M3.8.1 w/motorised adaptable throttle for idle, HFM5 MAF, and lambda adaptation.
The cams regardless of control system are:-

Zyl 1, 3 and 5 021109101N
Zyl 2, 4 and 6 021109102B.

This engine was homologated at 174PS@5800 rpm and 175lbft@4200rpm on 95 RON.
US spec engines that run OBD1 and 2 emission monitoring stds and 91 RON have slightly reduced output at 172PS. The loss in output is due to calibration.

The AES (2.8) was fitted to the Tranporter and is rated 140PS@4800rpm and 180lbft@3200rpm on 95 RON. The controller is a Bosch M3.8.1. The performance for the engine is due to calibration, intake/aircharge system and change in cams to enhance low down torque.

The cams for the engine are identifed as:-

Zyl 1, 3 and 5 021109101Q
Zyl 2, 4 and 6 021109102D

AES and ABV are European engines. AAA was more of a global engine.
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