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Exhaust Line Hangers

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Well I've spent quite some times under the car washing the undercarriage and this morning I removed the rest of the exhaust line (after the cat).
Looking at the exhaust middle bracket, the one with the double arms, I noticed the P/O installed a metal collar on one side where the black rubber is (rubber still there BTW).
So, I'm assuming the rubber may have stretched a bit too much and that was the solution at the time... I figured, well I'll just order two new ones and call it a day!
The part number for those rubber bushings on the middle bracket is:1H0-253-147-C. And then I thought to myself, may as well changing all of them, the two rears ones are 1H0-253-147-B.
I emailed my dealership to get those and the manager told me the 147-C has now been replaced by 147-B...
After being told that I wanted to look at them again before ordering and the ones from the middle bracket look definitely longer than the two rear ones...
Long story short: Are the 147-C a longer model than the 147-B and the dealer mislead me OR the 147-C I have right now are the original ones and they are so old they're sagging which makes them look longer compared to the rear ones?
Anybody knows? Thanks in advance!

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