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  1. Thanks mate, I actually just pulled them off! I used grease like you said, à little bit of heat from a hair dryer to soften them up a little and used a medium size pry bar. So glad I could save them! Cheers
  2. So I'm getting another round of parts for powder coating ready. This morning, I tackled the front engine carrier. There's 4 bushings that I will need to remove to get the job done. I know I could cut them off and call it a day but they are in very good condition and are NLA... Is there any way to remove them without breaking them or they go one way and once placed there's no coming back? Thanks as usual, cheers!
  3. Yes I think so Bruno, once removed I'll take care of it! Thanks again.
  4. Ya that ebay post is hard to follow. I bought a kit like this from these guys in the USA. But it looks like they only have front and rear kits with either mk3 or MK4 rears option. Not just the front ones... https://techtonicstuning.com/main/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2_28_180&products_id=285&zenid=kucs1k1d8ifu4cuvevvn48sb63
  5. Way to go mate! Glad to hear it went smoothly for you. -I wonder too why the SKF came so tight? Would be curious to find out... -My inner came out that way as well, I had a ball bearing popping out of the cage. -wishbone bushing, time to upgrade to the R32 ones! They're cheap and not too bad to install. -I would wait to sort out those bushings before going for an alignment! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! Cheers
  6. Ya sometimes and the right thing to do, take a step back and let the frustration cool down, sometimes you get back at things a little rested and new ways to do it come up. Take it easy!
  7. This guy really helped me understand when I did mine. He talks about the clip I'm talking about
  8. Mate, did you noticed a kind of snap ring that's holding the outer cv. It's just like a ring, if you compress it with a small flat screwdriver, the cv will pop off. Sorry you had a bad day and good luck with it!
  9. Ya... Thanks to all of you for pitching in. I won't risk it and live with it I think.... Cheers!
  10. Ummm with tonedef comment, I'm not sure I want to give it go now! I'm pretty sure the windscreen I have is the original one. It's just the two side border strips that have a couple of cracks in each. Maybe I should just let it be...
  11. Alright! Thank you very much. So there's not really a way to find out until I try to pull it off then. I'll order both sides and give it a try. Cheers!
  12. So I cleaned up several mm of dust over my windscreen, looked pretty sad! I noticed on those border strips, the side ones, there's a couple of cracks in them. I'm wondering if it's something that can be simply removed and replaced because it's just a "tight fit" or if those borders are glued down and the only time you can change them is when a new windscreen is fitted? Thanks a lot!
  13. Dox, can you educate me more about those late rotors please? Until I read your comment, I never knew or read anything about that? So early MK3 need spacers but not late? Why is that and from what year is considered late MK3? Thank you!!
  14. Just read the brake part of it. I do think 288 calipers is a must and can be considered OEM+. Better brake, still same fit that's pretty good! Yes, the other components are getting old so you can't expect today's car braking but it's a simple upgrade and not really costly which is rare on a Corrado. I would upgrade to stainless hoses for I slightly better braking. Rubber hoses absorb some of the brake fluid pressure by somewhat inflating. With stainless it goes straight to the piston for maximum pressure. it's not night and day difference but I'll take anything that adds up to a better braking system. Keyo, since you like oem parts. Did the MK3 GTI in UK came with front oem red calipers? Here yes, sometimes a see sets of brand new old ones going for $400 cad = £240 Just a thought! Cheers
  15. Thank you very much, that's all I needed to understand how to remove them. It's always stressful to improvise on the Corrado!
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