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  1. No waaaaaaaay! Congrats mate, that's amazing. Cheers to you!
  2. Well, I ended up buying a Gamma III. it's period correct, the buttons have the same "dimples" as the late style dash. I personally think it fits right in the Corrado. But that's me and everyone has different tastes. One like this https://www.ebay.com/itm/VW-Gamma-3-Philips-CC-Radio-player-Mk2-Golf-Jetta-2-GTI-Passat-Corrado-Scirocco/154399514244?hash=item23f2ed9e84:g:Y-4AAOSwIaJgZy2p
  3. I second Cressa's suggestion mate, while you're at it upgrade to MK4 calipers. You have to use the Corrado Carriers and pads so that's a bonus. You just need the rear stainless brake lines which are cheap to buy and a good upgrade and the calipers which are also cheap. No more seize after winterizing too...
  4. Ya, that garage mate is really nice, congrats! I'm also not progressing as fast as I would like with my fixer upper house... I really like that lift you bought too, I should invest in one of those! Cheers!!
  5. ABV-VR6

    Chip Tuning?

    Oh ya, Schimmel might be a good option, I'll contact him thanks! The thing is, I already contacted the major chip makers here but they are all mapped for a AAA engine not the ABV and no one can help me here. At this point I'm leaning towards 3 options. 1) No chip at all and I may just not unleash the potential of my setup. 2) Ask Vince if he can do something remotely 3) Going stand alone which is something I'm starting to lean towards... Thanks to you all, I'll report back when I know more! Cheers
  6. ABV-VR6

    Chip Tuning?

    Thanks to all of you! Bruno, it is an Euro ECU as I imported the car here. That's why after reaching out around me and realizing no NA chip would work out that I found myself in this situation... I wonder if Vince at stealth could do something if I was sending him out my ECU? I can't do dyno obviously but like it was mentioned, it could be adjusted on the cautious side. So does everyone goes to Stealth or there's also a brand of chips that's renown in Europe that you can solder yourself just like the ones you can get here? Cheers
  7. ABV-VR6

    Chip Tuning?

    Hello mates, I recently made the purchase of 268 cams and will be upgrading to a MK4 head gasket which will slightly change the compression. Here in Canada, no companies make a chip for the ABV engine. What do you guys run for chip tuning to maximize your setup? Cheers!
  8. Looks fabulous mate! Love the new wheels, that white Corrado I got attached to it it's the first contact with this forum for me! Take care and good continuation, cheers
  9. That intake is very unique and stunning, good thinking outside the box! It's looking real good!
  10. A beautiful site mate, absolutely gorgeous. Happy for you!
  11. Yes that's the list! Not that hard to be honest. Accelerator cable is the same, the auto as a plug to it for the transmission computer. You can change it or not. All those parts are somewhat cheap to find. I got most of my conversions off a Passat B3 VR6, pedal cluster, transmission, motor mount brackets. All the clutch related stuff is worth buying new OEM and not that expensive. All the shifter components, while you're at it just do a 02J conversions, better, cheaper, readily available, it's a win-win Interior trim piece = eBay Reverse switch, use a 020 they are cheap and straight bolt on. Cheers!
  12. Yes, they are going to the outer rim which would explain why they would clear a larger brake setup, very nice!
  13. I'm curious to know the ET because my wheels, the schmidt modernline also in 16 7.5 with ET25 I don't clear the DE brakes, I had to shave off the metal plate behind the pads to make them barely fit. So if I had opted for ET35, I would have at least a 10mm spacer. So I'm wondering if it's the design of the schmidts that makes them like this? Because you said your rims were designed to clear a 6 spots caliper.
  14. Very nice! Well looks like you are well taken care of with Vince! And what is the ET on the wheels? That silver golf MK3 is amazing!
  15. Wow wow wow Keyo! I really like the way you are going with this! I don't know how you pulled that off, I'm impressed! I like the wheels, what is the dimensions on those? You guys are so lucky to be in Europe and have access to all of that, I'm jealous! Can't wait to see all of these on your car mate, cheers!
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