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  1. Now for the signals, that's another story... I ordered the lenses for the signals from the same person in Germany. The quality is very nice, lenses are super clear. But what I don't like at all is that his lenses don't have that lip around, they're just flat. I asked him if he had sent me the wrong ones? No, he said in his experience, 9 out of 10 lenses when removed, the lip on the frame brakes so his asking to grind it off in order to install his lenses. Well, I guess I'm in the 1 of 10 because my frames are not broken at all. And they are a good 5mm thinner so they will not fit flush with the rest. Picture shows his on the left and oem on the right side. Maybe it's more explanatory than me describing... So I'm giving it a shot with CFP. Got a set but unfortunately one is twisted and can't be installed. But he has amazing service, sending me another pair at the moment. What I can say for now is they have the lip like OEM's and the plastic looks way more sturdy than even the original ones. I'm impressed so far, just need to have a set of straight ones so I can install and have my final words on them.
  2. Since there's been a lot of discussions about these, I went to snap a few pictures. The glass fog lenses from that Sprinter guy in Germany are perfect. They even have that little tab in the glass to install them the right way. I believe they are heat treated to be shatter proof as well unlike the OEM ones. They may be a tad more money but they fit 100% perfect without the needs of modifications. I'm totally satisfied with those. Looking at them closely, I can read VXT on the lenses. I'm assuming they are the same as VXTuning in the USA. So if you want those, pick the cheapest option I guess?
  3. Sorry, maybe I expressed myself wrongly, it happens when I communicate in English sometimes lol. By clean I meant a I cleaned the housing really well... I broke the fog lenses with a hammer. The signals just pried off easy. That said there's that guy here on YouTube who removes them without breaking them. I think you need patience. But I do remember reading about a trick that I though to myself I would do if I wanted to save the lenses. And that was to use a fine steak knife or a fish filet knife. You heat up the tip, once real hot you bend the tip like 8mm to a 90 degree angle. That way you can slide it under the lense and cut clean the silicone.
  4. Right, I haven't though of this. Here in Canada only pre-facelift for the G60 model. Yes, an extra set is a good idea. The guy I ordered the signal lenses from has them in orange late specs as well. https://corradofarmparts.com/products/vr6-late-model-turn-signal-lenses?variant=37628563521715
  5. That's right, it may just look good! I'll post some pictures once I'm further into the process. Do you want me to check locally if I can find you some early G60 fog blanks mate?
  6. I agree, I like those BMW blanks. Will look especially good on the silver car. I always liked the look of the early G60 Canadian Corrado with its blanks (prefer black than color coded) and orange signals. I know it's not appropriate to the VR6 but I tackled the idea of orange signals with a smoke tinted film on top, it ties the orange within these, the side markers and the tail lights. But with yellow French e-codes it's too much colors for my taste. I've been refurbishing a set of fogs and signals as well. I have a new set of each that I'll keep as a spare. So it was like an experiment at first but in the end I think it will look pretty good. I got a set of glass fog lenses from that Sprinter guy in Germany and I have to say, fit and quality is excellent. They were not cheap though. Not as impressed by the signal lenses unfortunately. So I'm trying with a guy in the US to see what kind of quality I'll get. So far, I have removed all four lenses. Cleaned really well. Waiting on the signal lenses before putting it all back. Keep us posted with the next steps. Cheers!
  7. Looked like a hell of a job, beers must have been good after this! Those braided lines looks the nuts. Did you reused the same constant tension clamps or? Good job as usual, cheers!
  8. That looks like a real pain to do mate! Those Mocal hoses, good thing you're replacing them before they fracture... Looks like they're close to do so. Cheers!
  9. Thanks mate, yes caps are spoonfed as well. They are not interchangeable LHD/RHD but I know he makes them for both. Kind if odd if he makes them RHD but won't ship them? Wasn't Heritage selling his product?
  10. Sorry Keyo, I didn't mean to high jack your thread! Cheers mate
  11. Thanks Hasan! Yes that brake servo, I spent quite some time making the brake lines going to it. I do like the strut caps, it's a nice touch. Here's a better pic of it all. Cheers!
  12. It's the Spoonfed Tuning in hex weave carbon fiber mate. You can keep the original cowl trim with it. He offers those in one piece but I've heard of fitment issues. Anyways, it has a lip going up where it meets the cowl, it's secured with rubber seal.
  13. I agree with Shaun, save up until you can afford it. It also hides the wiper motor, ECU... If you don't like carbon fiber, they make them in black as well.
  14. ABV-VR6

    ISV/IAC valve

    Unfortunately Hasan, no updates. It's been back online for about a year now, you can read all the posts but no one went back to it... The disappointment is that most DIY links do not work, most pics are gone so its not what it used to be. Still helpful in some ways, proof is with this part I found this reading A LOT of threads, I think it was like this one was 13 years old...
  15. ABV-VR6

    ISV/IAC valve

    You're too humble mate, take some credits! The other guy was about to toss away a brand new part before you intervened. You guided him in the right direction. Problem is fixed. That's why this forum is my favorite by far, guys here are nice, helpful and knowledgeable. I don't know RW1 but the way you talk about him makes me think of Dennis here in Canada.
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