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  1. With my reservoir, I ended up brushing it with that creamy product hair dresser uses to color hair, it's 40% volume. You brush that on, wrap it in plastic wrap and leave it in the sun all day. It's not like new but it got 50% whiter I'll say. I'll do it again to see how white it gets... Just putting it out there as it seems there's an interest and we are not all lucky like Martin and have a new one in a box from somewhere. lol. Cheers!
  2. Oh nice and so did I! I bought the last 2 Audi wiper arms in NA a few weeks ago! Not installed yet though. What size wipers did you ended up buying? I got both in 19". It looks really good on your car, can't wait to install them now! Did you keep your original caps? One of mine is cracked and the new ones are not totally the same. I've read you need to remove a washer or something? Anyway, looks really nice! Modernized oem looking.
  3. The white VR6 are so rare and yours is just stunning! Looks like a new car. You must be busy with those 3 cars now 😉 Cheers mate
  4. Thanks for documenting all that work you've done with the MK4 rear calipers. It's further down in my list of things to do... That camber tool is very cool, never seen that before and I'm going to buy one! Keep up the good work and thanks for all those pictures. Cheers mate
  5. I agree, me if I have to downshift from 2nd to 1st, I always wait for the car to be at a complete stop before doing so. MT-90 is what you guys uses for the gearbox? I'm debating between this and the Amsoil manual gearbox oil... Great fix on your ABS by the way, I've learn something new. Good job!
  6. Very nice progress indeed! I understand your "stress" after doing so many changes, I feel the same way. You know, if you've done all of this work so far, I don't see why you couldn't figure out the issue if one present itself... Everything will get sorted out one by one. That fire damaged car sure is a real treasure, good for you! I too will be modifying my gearbox with a Wavetrac. I also sourced a R&P 3.94 and a 5th from a diesel, should make a nice combo. Keep up the good work! Cheers
  7. I could have never done it without your help mate and I'm very thankful to you and your time with this. Sincerely appreciate it! Take care! JF
  8. Thank you, much appreciated! You know at first I went to the junk yard and pulled a 02J from an MK4. But when you take in consideration that the case is no good nor the "L" shape lever. Then may as well upgrade to new bushings while you're there... In the end, I checked with my local VW price wise, I had all my list of parts (bushings, screws, clips, tower)... It wasn't that bad! Yes there's lots like 20 something bags but they are all readily available parts and cheap. It was a no brainer! So I'm using only the two shift cables from the one I pulled finally as these are expensive! Cheers
  9. You know mate, in my case it make sense to do it now since I have to remove the auto stick anyways... May as well doing it right the first time! There's seems to be a general consensus that the 02A shifter is not super precise/sloppy/row boat feeling and the 02J conversion makes it short & tight and "modern". Other thing too, I personally like that the shift lever sits a tad more rearwards and is taller too, I think it's more ergonomic with this setup in a Corrado. I also ordered the Sigma5 short shift kit from dieselgeek and apparently it's night and day! Plus you lose the big shift weight tower from the 02J that bumps into the coolant hoses... Cheers!
  10. Alright mates, I had a few days off between contracts and I made some progress! -Electrical from auto to manual is sorted out, a HUGE thanks to Hassan for all the links and help! -ABS unit and wiring is out ready for my non-ABS swap. -A/C hole in the firewall blocked with an OEM MK2 plate that I finished with POR15 -While the fuse box was out, I decided to swap my bonnet cable. No issues but I know these break and I call it preventive maintenance. It's a heavy duty gauge wire and the trumpets are aluminum and huge! -The manual pedal cluster that I sprayed with POR15 and news pedal pads is installed, woohoo! -Started to put together my 02J shifter with the Polo box, all new everything. Waiting for my order from dieselgeek to finish it off. A special thanks to Fendervg and gurby28 for sharing info and electrical diagrams. Now I have pdf of everything ABV 95 related. Just need to learn German lol. That community is awesome! Cheers mates
  11. Thank you so much Hasan, that's super nice of you! I can't download what you posted on my phone but as soon as I get home I will be looking at it! Very thankful! Cheers JF
  12. Thanks mate, really appreciate this! I know you've done the conversion as well. That's what I'm trying to figure out if I can just remove it or need to swap for another relay? Cheers!
  13. Thanks Fla! Do you know when a car is manual what number relay it would be? Or there's just no relay at all for a manual? Thank you!
  14. Ok so today I'm trying to figure out one of my issue which is knowing for sure what's what in my fuse box. I compared what I have with the Bentley 94+. Anyone who has a clue to help me out, please pitch in! Any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers! 1)A/C relay, I'm surprise there's nothing there because the car has A/C? 2)rear window wiper (72) this is correct. 3)ECM power relay, Bentley says should be #32 or 30 but I have 109? 4)load reduction, Bentley says #18 but I have 100? 5)engine coolant level (43) surprised to see nothing there? 6)emergency flasher (21) this is correct 7)headlight washer (33) ok, I don't have that 8)washer & wiper front (#19 or 99) that's correct 9)seat belt warning for Canada (4)ok, I don't have that 10)fog light relay (53) that's correct. 11)dual horn (53) that's correct. 12)fuel pump (67) I have 167 that should be right? 14)im not sure but in the Bentley the only #150 is for park/neutral. This is one thing that I'm wondering about? First, am I right? But second is the #150 universal for auto and manual? 15) is a #53 and I have no idea what it is. In the Bentley non of the relay from 13 to 24 have a #53. Only thing I could speculate is my airbags? Not even sure they have a relay tbh. 16) the fuse #20 at this position I speculate that it must be the back up light fuse for the auto transmission?
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