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  1. Ive managed to sort it, fuse 16 knocked out everything i mentioned, due to spoiler being stuck in the runners, found the manual control and it went bang when i released it, greased it up and manual moved it till as smooth as should be, new fuse and perfect. The smell was fuse 16 melting thr plastic of the fuse itself. Thanks all for advice
  2. The smell is near the fusebox, not up from it, i hope its something i can cut out and rewire :'(
  3. No i cant move it on the button, but a couple of people ive spoke to say cluster
  4. Hey all, really need help, i was driving to work and fuel, speed and revs went to nothing, mfa, and odometer still work with the rest of the lights, i thought id have a look at fuse box and 3 relays were part out so pushed them into place, number 18 and 30 were HOT and i mean HOT to touch on the top row and 08/80 on bottom was warm, pushed them in (as they were the loose ones) and still nothing. I pushed the wires on the back of the fuse box amd heard something click into place. I looked out the rear window and my spoiler was half stuck down, and then i could amell burning in the dash so i disconnected battery, help?
  5. https://www.bks-tuning.com/ or the metal ones are from http://www.tdnparts.com/ but you have to do weird things with the account to get them shipped
  6. hey all, i've searched for a few hours regarding the vertical headlamp adjustment screw 535941297 i've found 2 websites that do them (so ordered the cheaper oem one) my question is how the hell do i fit it, there is a socket the balljoint sits in (which this kit comes with) the screw/rod that sits in the ball joint and then the adjusting knob, how do i take the ball joint cup out?
  7. I have seen bits, there is a guy who specalises in classic vws near me, mainly campers etc and ive seen his work, but he has said he can do the side which has torn but didnt ask about the foam base at the time, might get a quote for repair on drivers and a refresh on the passangers
  8. Hey all, i am on vagcat and vw classic parts, im trying to find the part numbers for the front drivers leather black back rest cover and the seat padding, it doesnt make it very clear on both, and doesnt tell me colours other than grey and beige. Please help?
  9. Hey all, just looked at the wheel calculators for my 91 g60, from what i can see with the wheel and tyre package im getting should fit, its 16" lenso bsx's front 7.5j with a 195/45 et25, rear is 9j 215/40 and et20, i have a 40mm drop all round, should they fit without rubbing? Fronts i feel should be good, rears im worried about
  10. I did and thats why i am here cos google wasnt being my friend. But what is the point of telling someone to google it when the whole point of a forum is to help each other out?
  11. My golf was crap till i fitted new linkage, how do i adjust the cables? I had a wiggle of one of the cables and there was abit of play, the other is solid
  12. Oil hasnt been changed, and its cable so no linkage apart from whats on the gearbox itself
  13. Ive got the circlip, but no shift weight on mine, dunno if i could put one on?
  14. Ive got the circlip, but no shift weight on mine, dunno if i could put one on?
  15. Hey all, i have a 1991 g60 and the shifting doesnt feel great, i struggle to get first from neutrol, i have to go 3rd, 2nd then 1st to get it to go in, is there a repair kit i can get? It is a cabled gearbox, if it was linkages like my golf i would know what to do, cable wise not a clue. Thanks in advance.
  16. cheers, i've been going mad trying to find a link, but sadly that don't help, cos it's just the indicator i want to swap, and i don't want to swap the fogs, as it's only the driver side indicator thats cracked
  17. hey all, i know i can't get new front drivers indicator for my car :( i've heard people retro fit later spec ones in it's place, what is involved as im not a fan of having to do a "bodge" to get something to fit
  18. I didnt drive it with a heavey foot when it went bang, oil feed line had dried up and caused it to go bang
  19. Ivegot a powerflow exhaust, and ive been looking into charge cooling, it looks cool and is a bit different
  20. Hey all, i want my power from my lump, its got a rallye outlet and a kn pannel filter, i dont want to put a small pully on as the charger isnt even a year old as my last one went bang, im trying to stay as close to factory for looks i dont want to start cutting my bumper or taking lights out.
  21. hey all, got a 91 g60, i've got the part number for my indicator lens 535953142, but all i can find is 535953142B is that a late/VR part number? only reason im asking is mine is cracked on the back and letting moisture in and causing it to fog badly and want to replace with brand new (is possible)
  22. Right ladies and gents, just stuck it up in the air had a real good play, clunk is the passanger side wheel i can push the wheel down and the top mount pulls away from the strut tower, but wiggle the spring and it makes the noise ive been hearing had a good look up and the tip of the spring has snapped off at the top mount, driver side the spring has gone soft and the last coil is nearly sat inside the next one down and a good hit would make them collide, so top mounts and springs are in order :/
  23. I went round all mu bushes and speayed with gt85 and it quietened down, but can still feel it int the steering wheel or when going slow and turning, ive got power flex wishbone bushes front and i think standard 20+ one on the rear
  24. On the original top plates i only had top plate and then top mount, then nut, so new one i assumed was like that, so put top plate on, then bearing then nut on top and been fine for about year with no issues, only started after tracking was done
  25. Checked the nuts on the top mounts/plates tighter than a badgers arse, but undid and retightned, but im tempted to get spax lowering springs from work as they are a bargain,
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