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  1. I can get cheap van hire so could possibly deliver if you covered costs - let me know!
  2. Now that we don't have a Corrado anymore, the last remaining parts from the '93 Flash Red valver we broke are up for sale: Bodywork Driver's door, complete with everything except door cards/speakers/inner handles, very minor paint bubbling at bottom, no dents or scratches - £60 Passenger door, complete with everything except door cards/speakers/inner handles, no dents, rust or scratches - £80 Driver's wing, no dents or scratches, complete with side repeater and rubber strip, small area of bubbling paint at front of arch - £30 Passenger wing, no dents, scratches or rust, complete with side repeater and rubber strip - £45 Late bonnet, very good condition, few tiny marks, £50 Tailgate, small area of rust at corner of glass, no wiper motor or spoiler - £20 Early rear bumper in Tornado Red - perfect for a respray/smoothing - £20 Slam panel, good condition - £40 Sunroof panel, good condition - £25 Door and boot seals, good condition - £15 each or £35 for all three Spoiler, badly painted white - £10 Interior Black bench rear seat with red/green flecks, good condition - £20 Late black door cards - £30 Headlining, few marks, no cracks - £15 Central Locking pump - £10 Black main carpet, bit grubby but not holed - £20 Various B/C pillar trims in black - £10 3x sunroofs: one with good chassis and motor but broken arms, one with bent chassis and no motor but good arms, one with no motor and broken arms but good chassis - £40 for all 3 Steering column plus key - £25 Oily Bits Front subframe inc. wishbones, ARB and rear engine mounts - £30 Front subframe inc. front engine mount - £20 PAS rack, no apparent leaks - £20 9A inlet manifold upper+lower, inc. injectors/pipes, bit tatty - £20 Fuel pump/filter assembly - £15 Exhaust front pipe/silencer - £10 Engine bay wiring loom, 90% complete, good for connectors etc - £15 Audi S2 exhaust manifold, perfect for turbo conversion (chop off 5th cylinder) - £40 Downpipe - £10 Washer bottle - £10 Magnecor Red silicon ignition leads - £30 ISV - £10 KR Inlet cam - £15 8v Mk2 Golf front hubs/carriers - £10 256mm front discs/pads, surface corrosion but barely used - £10 Prices are for collection from GU24 postcode (Woking, Surrey), postage available for post-able stuff. Alternatively, as I'd like to get rid of all of it, if someone would like to come down with £350 cash and a van, you can have everything Corrado-related that I can find (there's more besides this)! To be honest, I'd prefer to do this, so willing to wait a few days to see if anyone wants this deal. You could easily make £2-300 profit selling it all separately. Cheers!
  3. I have a pair in Flash Red but am in Surrey...
  4. I have a flash red late bonnet in fairly decent condition - PM'd.
  5. Looks nice - whereabouts in the 'boro are you? Don't recall seeing you around...
  6. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: Goofy's not the only one coming home ;)
  7. Well, the Golf's up for sale as we need funds for this, and although it might take a while :lol: watch this space...
  8. Jim, I stand corrected then as I've only ever seen 1.8s on a J-plate...! Fwiw, all 1.8 16Vs are early body/early interior, and all 2.0 16Vs are late body but can be late or early interior (changed on a K-plate I believe).
  9. J-reg is early spec... 2.0 valvers with late body/early interior came out on a K-plate...
  10. Cheers mate - think they'll get done black soon... Your Mk2 makes mine look a state though, yours is in rather better condition!
  11. All in good time...! :lol: Couple of pics on the new wheels and with the lighting sorted... Really need to buy a proper digicam soon though! And give the car a polish... :oops:
  12. 2nd hand off Ed38 classifieds... They pop up on the 'bay from time to time, usually go for about £30 a set for original Hellas... Mine are the std 16V top-smoked ones.
  13. All suspension bushes Lupo wipers Headlight loom 288mm front brakes with braided hoses f&r Then start thinking about mods... ;) Oh, but keep some money back for when the heater matrix goes (it will).
  14. Yup, nice enough car but the engine sound is laaaaaaaaamo... :lol: Spend the £6k difference on the C...!
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