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  1. How can it be the true heir to one of the greatest fwd cars ever, when the Golf R is 4wd?
  2. This could be any number of things but best to start with the basics. 1. Make sure there are no air leaks, there are lots of little pipes in and around the inlet manifold that could messing up the running. 2. Set the car up properly using the digifant setup instructions that can be searched for on here or on the net. 3. Check the wiring to the injectors, they can become brittle and expose the core of the wires possibly causing you to flood your engine and hence why it won't start for an hour. Take a plug out immediately after you have the issues and see if any of them are soaked with fuel.
  3. Great to see so many long termers, if it were not for my Mk2 Golf I would have been answering 7 or 8 years. Mk2 Golf now stands at 15 years and I would never sell it, however a Corrado engine and Corrado Recaro seats live on within it.
  4. I have always done this with my Mk2 Golf and Mk1 Cabby, always did it with my Corrado. I always did it with our Alfa 159 Ti as well - that was such a lovely looking car. On the second point - I agree to a point, again the Alfa was always a lovely place to be, our A5 is also pretty lovely as well. Neither were/are as nice to drive, from an involvement point of view, as a Corrado.
  5. Specifically I stopped being a Corrado driver and am still an enthusiast - I am just trying to work out how to get another without selling all the VWs I currently have.
  6. I agree on the good basis for a track car - to rip out the running gear and drop into a Mk2 Golf ;)
  7. You will probably know the answer by now, but I was also going to say exhaust manifold. Had a cast factory one crack on my G60 - made it sound like tappets were worn. Replacement sorted the issue out.
  8. I think this can be repaired, I have seen displacers that are filled and then the apex seals are cut a little shorter. JMR is often on the forum so I am sure he will cast his expert eyes over your photo.
  9. Ah, now I understand - horses for courses. Good to hear about the Mk2 destroying the rest - mine is the same in the sense that a VR would need to be supercharged to offer the same power to weight ratio.
  10. You want to get your VR looked at. There is no way that your GT D should be quicker through the revs, however I do agree if you are talking about torque at low revs. Handling wise you are probably right, however electric steering does not give much feedback - that is my only complaint about my Leon Fr which is essentially the same car underneath as yours. I do like my Leon a lot - much more fun to drive than the A5.
  11. I have seen some Mk7 Golfs in the GT spec in 3 door. I am not sure what your budget is but I can recommend the Leon in FR spec. I have the 1.4 Tsi with the cylinder on demand tech. It really is a great car and the spec is massive for the price. Plus it is the later underpinnings than the Scirocco you looked at. It is not really quick but nice for normal day to day driving, with 45 mpg (actual measured) from a petrol there is no need for dirty diesel.
  12. So are you offering this potentially for spares only? The reason I say that is that if you can't test it then there is a huge risk for a potential buyer looking for a running ECU. I would suggest you need to put a price on it.
  13. So to bring back those Estorils back to factory finish they will need diamond cutting, I have had a price local to me of £75 a wheel. If you are just wanting them painted then would suggest something in the region of £40-£50 a wheel.
  14. Swap the oil temp sensor, they can go wrong - I had similar issues on my G60 which was fixed by popping and sensor in.
  15. I miss my old VR6 that you borrowed for a bit. Get yourself a build thread going in the relevant section!!
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