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  1. Looks amazing Michael. If I ever win the lottery ill be in touch to buy it back lol.
  2. Absolutely amazing work bud! Expect an offer if I ever win the lottery!
  3. Absolute stunner. Not many left like this now!
  4. I bet this is the best unseen VR on the forum! More pictures please Adrian once its out!
  5. Heres a pic from when I owned it. Think this was just after id painted the bonnet and bumper.
  6. Get someone to armourfend the bonnet leading edge. They are nigh on invisible nowadays.
  7. Good luck with the car buddy. I often wish I hadnt sold it.
  8. WRD Mesh/Chevron racing. Very expensive new. Venon were the UK importer.
  9. They all go on the sill there. When I owned OSV that exact area needed welding.
  10. Theres a grey one on PH with 89,000 miles.
  11. Not a fan. Absolutely done to death. Not on Corrados mind you.
  12. I don't blame you for wanting to. The chains can be very quiet but it's usually the tensioners that wear. Fit a new clutch and flywheel while it's all apart.
  13. What a minter. Looks so fresh still. Whereabouts in Brum are you? I only live just off the A45 by Wheelmania myself.
  14. I sent him a load of questions on PH asking about rust in all the usual places. Never got a reply!
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