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  1. Easypops - Added you to Facebook Group - you should be able to see the Route etc from there. I have managed it !!! lol Coullstar - Dave (otherwise known as Toothy) should send you over a route in a day or two latest. Shout me if not received. I have warned those already commited - there is half a chance you might ammend the route ! But, this was to our advantage !! TanVR6, Fuzz - emails sent Fuzz, Goldie, G60Podd and Easypops - added to Facebook group Just Billzeebub needs to contact me. So hopefully everyone can join us - if you would let me know, days, dates and for how long that would be superb. Before 14th April as I will be cancelling any spare rooms that weekend. Billzeebub - is the only one I have had no contact from. Shout if you need any more info. Wendy
  2. Chaps hi, Routes and mapping all done. I will get my PA to forward them !!!!!!! Seriously one of the chaps kindly assisted with this and has it all saved on his Google Maps Still need emails for Coulstar, Easypops and Billzeebub PLEASE. All others should get routes this weekend. Billzeebub - I can forward all my plans so you can see the type of trip, Hotels booked etc etc etc - Need you email address please. OR (EVERYONE)- Friend request me on Facebook. I have set up a Facebook Page for the trip Wendy Duckett - you should find me - as I have loads of Corrado friends (including Lilfuzzer, Goldie !! Cheers WEndy
  3. Billzeebub - Just letting you know, no PM received. Onto Tour Route planning tomorrow !! :-)
  4. Yeah - Porsche to replace the Corrado !!! A nice 911 GT3 hey ? !! That would consol me too !!
  5. Wendy

    Purple Bricks

    Thanks for the comments chaps. Bristolbaron - you have just highlighted my fears. A house is for Sale in the village - too cheap - with Purple Bricks. I kinda got the impression Purple Bricks were encouraging a price war - through the exact way you suggest. Interestingly my meeting with the Purple Bricks Agent last Friday was a little surprisng too. 1/Took 10 days before he could visit. 2/Had done no homework and could not value my house stating he did not know the area well enough. 3/ Probably most importantly - did not once say he liked my house. Perhaps proving the Sale is through the Internet sites with little imput from the Agent encouraging people suppossedly on their books to visit. 4/ A week later - heard nothing, despite knowing I want to get moving !!! I had a long conversation with Chris (Vag-hag) last night. He made a very good point through his experience in his work. Many many many people are still not using the Internet, scared of it, don't have a PC, Laptop etc and would rather use a person in a local agent. This made me think about people i work with and including my own brother (5 years younger than me ) - loadds of them use a PC for specific items they have been taught for their work and Nothing Else. !!! Although this seems really alien to me and probably most on here I think it is a very valid point. I had wondered who the hell still used local Travel Agents - my last time was probably 20 years ago if not longer, but then there are still 2 in my local town. I think this adds credance to Chris's point. So annoying as sadly the price difference is quite large, the down side of living in the south. But at least I have a Gravel drive and Wood burning stove !!!! Fuzz, Vag Hag, Matty !!!! :-) For now !!!
  6. Wendy

    Purple Bricks

    Umm !! I have been advised if completing my own viewings - to not crowd them !! :-)
  7. Hi all, Has anyone any experience with either Selling or Purchasing through Purple Bricks and able to offer their views. I am down sizing so ideally spending the minimum on a house sale, but as the £849 price is lost if not sold, I am interested in others experience. Also would you view a house that is on the market with Purple Bricks or prefer to go through a local agent with attending viewings and negotiaters ? Thanks in advance Wendy
  8. Ron, I feel for you !! Unless you actually have a Forum buyer about to buy,I would actually consider taking it off the market for a month or two, or, as you say at least put it on Ebay for a higher price. Unless of course you get a good trade in price. If you finances allow, I would even consider keeping it. The market does appear to be moving in the right direction. There was a great write up recently on Pistonheads. 911 - way to go - hopefully I will be joining that club too within the next 12 months !!!!!!!!! Good Luck whatever you decide.
  9. I don't know about shows in Wales or nearer. I think there are some Bristol way. You could have a look on the Corrado Club website calendar. Would be a good drive out mind to join the ones I mentioned. I know there are more folk who might be able to point you in the right direction for more local shows though.
  10. 209750 miles and running beautifully still. Just started her this morning, not having turned the engine for at least 3 months. Started on the button - she is a darling !! Left her running for 20 minutes (complaints from neighbours will no doubt follow in the day !!! :-) ) Ran her up and down the drive. Can't wait to drive her now again. Fan was noisy when turned the engine off though. What's your miles Chris ?
  11. Fuzz & Vag Hag - should have known you would be on here !! I wanted to get an idea of price related to mileage etc etc, although Vince is under instruction mine WILL see 300k plus miles !! he he
  12. Wow !! Stunning, even if it is Pink !!! (Ask Liffuzzer ! ) I too believe this will go very quickly. I have not looked at ones for sale for ages, I would have thought a possible 2.5k more though in asking price ? Or, is this unrealistic ? That car is in excellent order and condition. Think I would rather buy it (despite being Pink !! ) - then let it go to a trader. Jim - you tempted ?? !!!!! Ha ha !!!!!
  13. She is looking in great condition. Nice story of background. Did your Dad buy her new ? Many of us have dropped the ride height, just 30mm makes a mass of difference. Come along to some of the Shows. Stamford Hall and Harewood House are usually popular with Corrado's Attending and Showing.
  14. Yeah tell me - took me about 2 and half hours to complete too !!!!!! I think I answered everything !! lol Leaving PC now........... Should have rang you earlier like I was thinking.
  15. I have just checked we could be joined for a few days on Thurs 22nd June returning south From West Midlands that would be a max of 7 hours drive to get to this point (Excluding traffic !! lol ) From the Wirral 6 hours max We hit the road each day at 9.30am. So obviously this could be less time if met at lunchtime or after. I have not finished my route yet and it takes an age, as I will incorporate/allow for meeting up with folk, trips to castles, beaches and other things I think of or folk suggest. I do limit this to a max of 3 a day, otherwise I would never finish. lol. For accommodation, I am requesting £100 each deposit. It just means I am not out of pocket should anyone not show after committing. Don't worry if you don't know me - way too many know where I live. !! Wendy
  16. Chaps hi, Great to see so much interest and so quickly. So you all know, I will not be posting a route on here for the whole world to see. The trip departs the Midlands on Friday 16th June returning Sat 24th - no accommodation booked for the Sat 24th evening. We will be 30 miles, one hour south of Edinburgh Friday evening 16th June. Coullstar- the Route is not complete yet however we will be around your area the Sat/Sun. Fuzz !!!!!! Go on join us for a few days - you know you want to !!! Glasgow folks - we will be around Glasgow ish on Fri 23rd June, I have not decided which way around or through Trossach/Queen Elizabeth Park We will be staying approx. 45 minutes east of Edinburgh that evening. Jim - can I set up a Private Group on here ? If so, How please Or is everyone OK with Facebook ? if not suggest something please. TanVR - hi - Bearing in mind where you are based. For a few days I would prob. suggest the first weekend, Fri to Sun. It's a proper long way north right around the north Coast 500. Google it - you will see what I mean. !! Would you be bringing a friend/partner ? g60podd/John - hello - A G60 hey ?? Is it reliable ?? (Do Excuse me - most know me on here and I have a VR6 !! lol) What sort of further detail are you after ? Would you be wanting to join for a few days too possibly ? If it helps Driving is expected to be around 4 hours per day and hopefully good/decent accommodation. Rooms varying to around £130 (Averaging)for a twin/double per room. They vary hugely in these parts. I am unlikely to be around for a few days - busy times at work - all on PC, so eyes get massively sore these days, will update at the weekend worst case. Catch up soon - mega excited now. !! :-) Getting excited. Now which car ?? !!! lol !!!
  17. Thanks Jim. Kind of you to say. Coullstar - that would be brilliant. So enjoyed when you met and drove out with us last time. I will get the rough plan of drive over to you - by pm (later).
  18. Hi Everyone, I am running a trip mid June for 8 days from the Midlands north to Scotland and back. Trip includes most of the North Coast 500 trip. I have 2 places remaining for the accommodation I have booked (twins/doubles. I was thinking perhaps if the Northern/Scottish folk would like to join us whether for a meet up (dinner) or join the trip for a day or two. Currently the trip has 5 cars, 2 x 350z's,(maybe one and a Corrado (mine), 1 x 370z, 1 Lexus thingy and one Alfa thingy !! This is with 8 people - all who I have travelled on a tour before and genuinely nice easy going folk. Ages ranging from 28 to 50's, singles and couples. Last year they arrived - We discussed driving styles etc. Some admitted to be a tad slow - this made it easy for everyone to accommodate the trip for all to enjoy. By Day 3, the faster ones of us had taught/encouraged/provided confidence etc - so we ended up all being faster !!! The trip includes visiting said Castles, walks on beaches etc etc etc. So open to any car types (Less chance of being stopped !!! (and so you know my Corraado is faster then the 350z !!) Incase you don't know me - I have done lots of road trips for the Corrado Club/Forum, inc le Mans (4 times and Scotland. We will be in the areas of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ullapool, Aberdeen, Kyle of Lochash and right into the Highlands. If you are interested, have questions - give me a shout. Wendy
  19. This is sooooooooo Tempting !!! he he So my first reaction..... YOU TIT !!! Sounds fun though.
  20. Arh how lovely you two are - being so sweet to each other. !! I nearly offered you both a room !! :-) We really do need a Like Thread on this forum. Sure folk will have seen them elsewhere. You read a thread you like and have the ability to Tick that you Liked it ! Saves repeating the same words as others so much.
  21. I opened the garage door today and checked she was still there. She was, looking good barr the light covering of dust. Looking forward to getting her back on the road.
  22. It's a distance for me, let alone you chaps. !! Excellent venue mind. Had some good Track time here. Best ever for Truck Racing or DTM !!!
  23. Just open the window a tad Chris. !! Stops it every time. Not like you use your car in Winter and need to keep warm. Easy, cheap Fix !!! :-)
  24. Traitor !!! This is just outrageous Jim !! Think we should start a Secret Betting Scheme - How long before he is back ? Sure he would buy the right one - like mine if I ever sold it !!! We must do a Dinner Meet soon. :-)
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