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  1. I had a conversation with someone over the weekend at Harewood which I happen to agree with. We are the ones who keep the prices low. We are forever complaining at the price of the vehicles when advertised, and some, are selling at the higher prices. But as long as we are negative about the prices on here - the main forum for the Corrado - which prospective buyers will view, then of course the prices will not rise. I am led to believe cars of a similar age but massively more manufactured are selling at higher prices. It really is time - there was some more positive threads about the rising prices, surely its what everyone wants of their cherished Corrado's ? !! Lets be serious we are not the ones who are buying - so why would we not want them to gain as much money as is possible.
  2. Super Weekend chaps. Nice to see so many Corrado's - largest in a few years. Shame we did not make the 80 odd that were booked and that I left the hot sunny weather at home. The company and camping did make up for it though. I did feel rough for most of Sunday mind -I think it might have been the Sloe Gin !! Thanks Fuzz. Darren (Harrier) - that was a good one - sort of thing I would do - but never admit !! MicVR - You are Head Chef next time !!! Southerner88- such an embarrassment to us all !!!!! (Not !! - Great fun!) What next ?? !!
  3. I was wondering the same, Do we have a list of those attending ?
  4. Yes, but only troublesome Corrado ones surely ?? !!!
  5. I am with VAG-hag !! Besides You will have no friends if you leave us !!!! :-)
  6. Yeah !!! Do not expect good Fuel economy !!! :-) I don't think Toad is joining us - else you could have sold your body to him !! Have you any old Corrado parts you could bring along - in hope of selling ? I presume you are bringing food with you - to keep out of pocket expenses to a minimum. Little short of going around your neighbours and offering to cut grass, clean cars - I am afraid I am out of ideas. If I think of anything I will give a shout. Are you coming up with Jake ? (Think that was your friend's name from Stonor) - apologies if that is wrong.
  7. Hi, I am travelling up on the Friday, I am in Banbury with MrBaldHead from Reading way joining me. What route are you taking North ? So, we should be able to orgainise a meet up. I note from mine to Harewood it 2.5 hours approx. I was thinking of M40, M69, M1. I/We can meet in Banbury or further north if there are others to collect higher up.
  8. I am booked into Camping and Paid !!!! Look forward to catching up with everyone. See everyone Friday. What kind of time are folk arriving ?
  9. Harrier - A few of us are meeting up at 1pm beside my car /The Corrado Stand - so please join us - anyone else that is goingwelcome to join us. The weather forecast is brilliant. !!!!!!!!!!
  10. Yes, me. There are a few ex Corrado's owners going to. Might be only my car on the stand - we are all meeting at 1pm beside my car/The Corrado Stand - for 1pm. I will have picnic blankets etc - join us
  11. Shame on you James. Enjoy the Gig - can't believe you are taking Sam !!! :-) Hopefully catch up soon
  12. There are a few others going too. Ian - a young chap who I took for a spin in my Corrado last year- who I think may have a Corrado now !! lol John Munyard may make it. Ex Corrado owner. None will be on the Club Stand - think I have that to myself !!! :-) There is no phone signal at Stonor, so will try and arrange a get together - will keep you posted.
  13. I enjoyed it on the whole. But then I turned off from Top Gear years ago as I could not stand to watch Clarkson. I agree Evans is a bit shouty but not as bad as I was expecting. I think a huge opportunity has been missed here by the BBC to change the Show. I was quite shocked that the same format was kept. It was actually nice to have some good eye candy - Matt Le Blanc - shame about his accent mind !! lol
  14. Update. Guy Hartley and Steve Gooding are both going. They both used to own Corrado's. Guy among other cars has a Karman Ghia. WEndy
  15. So, come on chaps - Who is Going ? I have had my Stand Pass for ages now as it is my fav event. Last time I looked I was going to be on my own on the Club Stand :-( - If no - one is going I might give it a miss and go to Coventry Motofest instead on the Saturday. Remember no Mobile phone signal at Stonor - so any meet ups need arranging beforehand. Wendy
  16. Works for me, even I only usually add on an hour for you. :-) I need to call Miles back - so he may be here too
  17. Fuzz - we are too !! Could you fake an illness that can only be cured by a car trip south ??? lol
  18. Miles - What time you heading over ? Coffee at mine first ? Matt and Chris - What time you heading down ? Just two man convoy or more ? Matt - of course I will take you for a spin in the 350z. You might need earplugs !! lol Going for late lunch after RR day - Want to join us (Jim and me) bound to be others too.
  19. So ..............which shall I appear in. ??? !!!! Newly painted Corrado or.......350Z. So disguised and elegant or loud and in your face !!! lol
  20. Only just seen this, not been on here for ages. Shame on you lilfuzzer !! I will come along to spectate. Actually interested to see how one or two cars perform too !!! :-)
  21. I think we only have to serioulsy worry if Toad decides to join in !!!!
  22. Be sure to let us know when as I am sure we will be able to arrange a mini meet too. :-)
  23. Are you (Philuk) suggesting to buy tickets now too ?
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