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  1. It is in the same place but there is an RSJ looking strengthening beam over the top of the sender.
  2. 2023 e-tron GT headlight, £5132.40... mind that is a bargain compared to the £3102952 for the high voltage battery... On the TT2 cabrio, if the lift pump fails it is fuel tank out which is rear subframe exhaust down.
  3. Crasher

    92 VR6 engine ECU

    I will go and have a look now, I had forgotten.
  4. Crasher

    92 VR6 engine ECU

    Remind me tomorrow, they are in the unit next to the one I rent out to a motorbike chap and he doesn't do Mondays. He uses my spare compressor which is in the unit so goes in there every morning to fire it up so unlocking and turning the alarm off. I know I have one for a Corrado and one for a Golf 3 VR6 as we broke one of each to build the Golf 2... just not sure where they are, could be in the shipping container next to the unit but last time I went in there it was full of mould, a wasp nest and half a dozen bumble bees; the local feral cat population live under it.
  5. Crasher

    92 VR6 engine ECU

    I think I have one that belongs to a customer and forum member, I will check tomorrow
  6. To be able to do the job it was imperative that I was able to deal with Tradition which I have not been able to do since just over half the people who voted said leave…. 🙈. Eventually after jumping through many hoops of fire I have been able to get an account and some of the prices are less than what they were when available directly through VAG UK although the carriage charges are outrageous BUT we had no choice. I have another €500 of parts in my basket but my customer has bought himself another Audi to practice his DIY skills and he may need a few parts for that.
  7. We are just about to start a full front to back mechanical restoration of a 95 S2 Avant, getting all the parts together has been a trial and test of patience.
  8. I just checked and there is no UK stock... typical! So many people list the application incorrectly, some even clearly state the 4 Bar unit is replaced by the 3 Bar and we all know that makes them run lean. VW Classic have them genuine at €425 😲 I can possible get Huco for around £90 but it would take a few weeks and you know who in Berlin are cheaper
  9. I have used the thin 1/8” (3mm) Dynaliner from Dynamat which self adhesive but also the VAG foam used for door inner shower curtains but I would have to look the number up at work. Found it, 3A0 867 201 H £21.24 plus some aerosol web spray
  10. New hot wire AMM’s are impossible to find, I had one from a company in Lithuania and it was worse than the old one.
  11. Remember pre 95 VR6 Golf and Corrado are 4 Bar and post 95 Golf VR6 3Bar.
  12. The last one I had this on I could not get a used or new ECU, I sent it to BBA Reman and they sent it somewhere else and it came back fixed which is a rare thing with BBA... You can still get the EG and H suffix ECU's from VW Classic https://www.volkswagen-classic-parts.com/catalog/en_uk/search?q=037906023h
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