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  1. I have a 95 VR6 that I need pull my finger out and to get around to selling as it is getting in the way, the paintwork is good but not perfect, we had it painted about ten years ago and about fifteen years ago we fitted a genuine new engine and it hasn’t done many miles since. The sadly now deceased previous owner (one of my favourite customers for decades) had the FULL custom light grey leather done a few years ago. It has a few mods such as InPro lights all round, 16” alloys, 288 front brakes, SuperSprint exhaust and Passat lockless door handles.
  2. We have gone over to G12 Evo mixed 60/40 with distilled water as that is the curent spec to TRY and stop MQB heater matrix's getting blocked; it is nearly that season again!
  3. Crasher

    Rear silencer

    I would use the Jetex J26-H7R but avoid the straight through version if you value your hearing, you should pay around £525.
  4. The only catch with Golf 4 (1J0 615 423 G and 1J0 615 424 H) calipers is corrosion of the banjo mounting face, using copper washers rather than ally seems to stop it happening. I fitted a pair of rebuilt 1H0 fists on the Scirocco in the picture and I am sure they don’t quite have the response of the 1J0 but it could be my imagination.
  5. I only fit the Sigma S30 for cat 1 installations or their Sterling immobiliser for cat 2, very reliable products.
  6. Could of been @Hutty on his way back from Heathrow?
  7. Worth a quick email to each of these people https://rrr.lt/en/used-part/jan21239-357927810-volkswagen-golf-iii-brake-booster https://www.proxyparts.com/car-parts-stock/information/part-number/357927810/part/speed-sensor/partid/14536020 https://shop.euroimpex.lt/en/dalis/377021/other-sensor https://sprzedajemy.pl/vw-passat-b4-golf-iii-czujnik-zawor-serva-357927810-debica-2-6bea9f-nr62843017
  8. Febi make a really good copy of that spindle, yes Topran parts can be pretty awful; we fitted a Golf 2 shift lever along with the ball, it melted like candle wax!
  9. That is the wrong way around and will destroy the wheel bearing seal...
  10. Yes KW do rebuild their older units. I am doing a similar job on a 95 S2 Avant over the winter and have made spreadsheets of all the parts I could possibly need using ETKA, right down to the last nut and bolt with the prices and details of where they are coming from and tick things off as they arrive. They are starting to come in now but certain parts are Audi Tradition only and these people are a complete PITA to deal with. Most of the parts you need would be Febi but front and rear back plates for me even down to the front back plates but the rear back plates would have to come from Heritage or someone like that. One big problem is the rear ABS rings, you have to use Golf 4 and these require matching grease cover rings from a Golf 3 1H0 501 639 and these are difficult to find.
  11. Standard 2 litre PD TDI engine (BKP in this case?) common failure, the tandem pump on the end of the head is allowing engine oil into the fuel system
  12. Yes, Zesty (which was non PS when we bought it) is in the lockup at the farm and Blitz is 7 feet up in the air in the unit across the car park at work along with two other modified Golf 1 GTI’s and if I get any done before I am dead I will be surprised, not that you can be surprised once dead! I wanted to get my 1302 LS (Adolf) done first (six feet behind my head for the last 27 years) but Mrs Crasher insists that Blitz should be first and sold to help fund Adolf… I think I should trade in Mrs Crasher!
  13. Setting the PG timing can be stressful and bloody hot work. Firstly you need to know the dizzy is free, all too often they are seized solid. The timing is set at 2200 rpm with the blue temp sender disconnected and after revving the engine three times over 3k. In this sort of heat the backwash from the rad can be appalling and having your head down there trying to view the flywheel marking is really unpleasant. I remember many decades ago going to set the timing on a Golf G60, I was tearing around as I was going to Germany the next day (Golf 5 launch) and the tech was being a whimp so I went in, unplugged the temp sender and before I knew it the sender hit me between the eyes, spaying my face with boiling coolant and putting me in A&E with burns. I found the cars owner had incorrectly secured the temp sender clip leaving a ticking bomb. I went to Germany with a red peeling face and a square dent between my eyes the shape of the sender top.
  14. I feel the same about power steering in the Golf 1, that it never had PS available right upto the end of Citi production in South Africa is unfathomable.
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