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  1. Both sides ideally, but mainly drivers side. Cheers
  2. Some badge info here http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?6237-Changes-to-the-Corrado-over-the-years
  3. Cheers fella. I’ll bear this in mind :-)
  4. I’ve ordered one. We’ll see how I get on.
  5. I managed to remove the grill. I could then pull the cable to release the passenger side. I had to burst through the drivers side plastic radiator air guide and manually pull the drivers side catch. Got it open. Right, Heritage do the cables, but they’re just under 60 quid, any other more recently priced alternatives out there? I’ve read something about using Audi 100 cables, anyone done this?
  6. Just gone to open my bonnet and the cable has snapped. So, how do I open the bonnet to sort it? I’ve done a search, and several posts seem to link to a ‘how to’, but when I click the link, the page say ‘404 not found’. Can some one post a working link, or give me a run through? Cheers
  7. Text message sent. Cheers
  8. Do you have the red ‘16v’ grill badge?
  9. It’s the same gearknob on a mk1 Golf Sportline.
  10. smig

    Upgraded light loom

    I’d be interested to know what you think of it. Let us know.
  11. smig

    Upgraded light loom

    I don’t think Rayne Automotive do them anymore. They aren't listed on their website either. I’m also interested if any are available.
  12. Go to your fuse box and check fuse 15
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