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  1. yes i'll accept 40+5 to cover postage. i tried to acknowledge via panjo but maybe it didnt work :) do you want to just paypal me direct instead of the newfangled panjo thingy? pm me and i'll send my paypal email address. cheers!
  2. VR6 ABS Pedal Sensor I bought this ABS Pedal Sensor for my L reg VR6 Corrado some 4 years ago in a group buy for some astronomical price like 80. The car is long gone and I'm enjoying a 944 Turbo these days.... Who wants to make me an offer and take this off my hands? New, unused, still in electrostatic bag. List Date: 9/28/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: VR6 ABS Pedal Sensor -------------------------------------- SOLD -------------------------------------- Mobile friendly version: VR6 ABS Pedal Sensor Go Mobile: Download the free Panjo iOS app now!
  3. A 1.8 16v KR engine shouldn't burn more than about a litre of oil per 1000 miles, worst case (in my experience). Certainly more than that would worry me, personally :)
  4. VR6 | Candy White | Nottingham Price: £4000 ovno Description: [PRICE DROP: the BBS RC wheels have been sold, so I've dropped the price by £500] Hi Folks, It's time for me to sell up as I've fallen in love with the 944 Turbo! The full advert is up on Pistonheads http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/volkswagen/corrado/volkswagen-corrado-vr6-1993/1375755 For Forum and CCGB Members I am happy to discuss doing a deal. Yes the price is higher than most for a "standard" (albeit massively restored) car, but once you see the full list of everything that's been done, I'm sure you'll agree it's reasonable. I feel it's better to buy my car than risking a less well documented VR6 for circa £3k and then unearthing all of the miriad niggles - unless of course you want a project, in which case feel free to keep on walking :) OK, here's the blurb (full history also available on request) Cheers, Chris ======================== For Sale: VR6 Corrado 1993, L reg 141k miles approx, 30k approx miles by me Candy White paint, Black cloth interior. I’ve spared no expense in maintaining and improving this car over the 4 years of ownership. I have been a keen member of the CCGB and the-corrado.net forum and have been fastidious in resolving any niggles, as and when they’ve occurred, usually at great expense. I am selling it because there is nothing left to fix and because I want a new toy. I find myself contemplating significant modifications which I feel is a bad thing to do, a waste of money and will actually reduce the quality of what is (in my eyes) a really genuine unmolested car. This leaves a very standard and much cared for car in very good condition for someone else to enjoy. The fully researched and validated history is available to review on request, alongside DVLA confirmation of previous owners and Volkswagen’s own history of all official garage visits, in addition to the usual stamped service book. I have receipts totalling in excess of £10k will be available to view when you come to see the car. Key features: Engine & Gearbox ● Timing chains, rocker cover, clutch and clutch master cylinder all replaced at approx 111k miles by C&R Enterprises, Nottingham. ● New Idle Control Valve and rocker cover Pressure Control Valve fitted at approx 111k miles. ● New Mass Airflow Sensor fitted at approx 120k miles ● New genuine mild steel exhaust back and centre sections fitted approx 123k miles. Not a noisy stainless after-market alternative. The back box alone cost circa £500 (yes, I know I’m crazy). ● Sparkplugs and HT leads replaced ● Gearbox recently refilled with Redline MT90 gear oil. ● Engine oil is 5w-40 fully synthetic Motul 8100 X-cess ● Recent fuel filter. ● K&N air filter in the standard airbox, regularly cleaned and retreated. Cooling system ● New main coolant pump, new after-run electric coolant pump, thermostat, housing, all three stat sensors, rad sensor, fan control box (relay & switch unit near expansion tank) and heat exchanger all fitted in recent years. ● Recently refilled with G12++ and water-wetter. Chassis ● New OEM dampers, top mounts, bump stops, brake disks and pads all round in last 3 years. Brands include Febi, Mahle, Sachs etc. ● New OEM wishbones, ARP bushes, Ball joints, rear trailing arm bushes have also been fitted in recent years. ● When the rear trailing arm was removed, the brake load compensatory was carefully refitted along with various solid brake pipes. ● The front engine mount has been upgraded with a Vibratechnics mount, and the rear and gearbox mounts have been replaced with new OEM rubber units. Body ● The underside has been stripped of all wax and sealant back to factory paint, small areas of corrosion removed, repaired, repainted. ● Arches and sills have been comprehensively cleaned, repaired and repainted. ● The underside, wings, rear quarters, sills and arches have all been resprayed and sealed with underseal and a coating of Dynitrol wax. Interior ● Good condition standard black cloth interior ● Very slight sagging on the drivers seat (as would be expected on a 20 year old car) but with no damage to the fabric itself. ● New pristine genuine “Corrado” 4 piece matt set fitted. ● No problems with the heater matrix ● New heater fan recently fitted (no rumbling noise!). Other good bits to note ● Spoiler working correctly. Cables recently lubricated. ● Sunroof working correctly. Cables & guides recently lubricated. ● Windows working correctly. ● Recent new St Gobain windscreen. ● 4 good Rainsport2 tyres with 6mm+ of tread Room for improvement ● The bonnet had a scratch which has been aggressively buffed. It isn’t hugely noticeable but it would be nice to respray the bonnet to make it perfect. ● Both front indicators are hazy due to the front facing plastic lens getting a beating from stones over the last 20 years. Both are perfectly functional so this is purely superficial. ● One of the front fogs has a crack but is water tight and fully functional. Again this is due to being front facing and 20 years old. No need to replace. ● There is a slight chip on the edge of the bonnet and top of the offside wing that has been touched up. No work required. ● There is a small amount of paint damage on the near side of the (plastic) front bumper. Probably from a low speed “nudge” and the paint hasn’t flexed as well as the plastic. Again, very superficial. I have recently cleaned this up and used some genuine VW rattle-can paint to give a tidy finish. See photos. ● Slight sagging of the driver’s seat bolster but now I’m being picky! ● The original Speedline alloys are a little crusty and chipped in some areas. There are no problems with pressure but a refurb would be nice to match the quality of the bodywork. ● The foam under the bonnet is falling apart but it's just superficial. You can buy an unused set privately for over £100 (it's obsolete at VAG), you could strip it off and leave painted metal, or just leave it (as I have done). As you will see, the car is not concourse-condition nor a museum piece. It is a loved, very reliable “real” car that has had no expense spared, practically in every area to make it mechanically very sound, while retaining the factory standard look (bar the black 16v Mk2 Golf "VW" grill badge!), handling and performance. Just so that you’re aware: The one-piece dashboard clock & dial cluster has been replaced due to incorrect oil and coolant readings. The computer reads approx 45k miles over the real mileage (the clocks say ~186k, but the car has only done ~141k). All receipts and official DVLA and VW records prior to my ownership back up the genuine mileage, which I have meticulously documented with each piece of work on the car. I have informed my Insurer of the change and recent MOTs carry the new +45k mileage readings, so it would be more trouble than it is worth to try to rectify by adjusting the clocks. Extras: The advertised price of the car includes all of the items below. If you want the car cheaper that advertised, I’ll happily put it back on it’s standard Speedline alloys (with very good RainSport2 tyres) and then sell the items below separately. Price with everything = £4,000 Price with none of the below = £3,800 (established Forum or CCGB members are welcome to discuss a discount on either scenario - just ask!) ● All parts needed for a Front Brake upgrade to larger 288mm. Disks and pads are used but plenty of life left in them. This modification gives only a small diameter improvement but a huge pad area improvement and is a common, well documented upgrade. - I paid £80. ● Replacement roller set for the electric windows. Cures any slight glass rattle that may develop. - £10 ● New genuine ABS pedal sensor. Obsolete, bought as a spare - circa £90. ● Uncut parcel shelf if you don’t like the 90s Kenwood speakers that have been fitted. - £40. ● Standard second hand spare exhaust manifold - £10 ● Standard second hand catalytic converter - £20 ● A set of refurbished H&R Sport (green) 30mm lowering springs are available. New these are about £180 for the set. I’ve had them shot blasted and powder coated satin black. - i paid £70. ● A full set of new unused (packaged) OEM spring buffers, top mounts, boots and bumps stops are available. This bundle of parts cost me just over £100 new and is everything you need to fit the H&R spring kit with confidence. Total value of the extras (if I was to sell separately) = £420 approx
  5. They have a certain charm, I think ;) You might not be able to see form the low res pic, that it has a yellow VW grill badge and yellow eyebrow spoiler. I think it was a valver.
  6. 11am yesterday (Wed 13th March) I spotted this rather forlorn looking nugget on the M1 south bound near Watford Gap ish. G*** DVC Anyone on here? [ATTACH=CONFIG]72856[/ATTACH]
  7. i don't seem to be able to edit on an Android Tablet as it always dumps me in google maps mobile edition. could someone please move me from Kettering back to central Nottingham? very bizarrely someone seems to have moved me! cheers :)
  8. With your history of classic rear engine VWs, surely you would be more at home with a more classic 911, like a 930 or 964. A pucker VR6 is akin to a 944 from a handling point of view, but the only connection between a 911 and. 944 is the porker badge.
  9. I'm glad I held back on this thread last night and others have waded in with this discussion. It's such a crying shame that we have this schism in the Corrado community. It really is amazing that this single make and model has such a great, if divided, community here in the UK. It is very telling that CCGB gets a good dialogue going on, but that it's here on the Corrado Forum. This is by no means a criticism of the CCGB forum but it really is more sensible to bring the traditional CCGB discussions to the forum. I would love to see a CCGB sub section, if some agreement could be made between both parties. Some CCGB discussions should be public and there will probably be content that the Club might want to keep private, such as minutes of the AGMs etc. Our esteemed CCGB Membership Secretary would presumably need to manage access and rental should reasonably be agreed for the service and use of the Forum. To avoid any confusion, I think it should be clearly stated that it is a rental agreement, so the club does it's own thing (raising money, conducting events, producing merchandise etc) and so the Corrado Forum people don't need to invest any more because of the CCGB's use of the space. We need to acknowledge that some people will want a free / donations only forum and others, I included, will prefer a traditional paid for club with the other benefits and extras that comes with it. Is there any reason why these can't operate together? I strongly suspect that a venn diagram of CCGB and Corrado Forum members would have pretty much all CCGB members also using the Corrado Forum. As shown earlier in this thread, the CCGB will likely benefit from casual Forum members deciding to pay up and join, to get some of the added benefits. Is it that surprising that our beloved paper magazine, the Sprinter, runs out of content when the forum is awash with "how to" guides and the like? When I was brain storming for article ideas last night, I was just coming up with post-event reviews, readers rides, mod how-to guides and the like. I love getting a paper mag in the post. Maybe i'll get off my arse and write something one day. Now seems like a really good time to have this dialogue about bring CCGB and The Corrado Forum (back?) together. I don't know anything about past history and I apologise if i've trodden on anyone's toes. Hopefully saying the above won't make me (any more) unpopular ;) I am happy to pay £15 a year to CCGB and i'd be pleased if a bit of that went to buying-in to using the Corrado Forum as official our online hang out. A £5 increase sounds very insignificant to me. If we're worried about people feeling they don't get value, then we simply need to spell out the benefits. As mentioned, it was reduced a few years ago so it's simply going back to what it was. £5 is a drop in the ocean for a Corrado owner. I think £6k in the bank for the CCGB to put on some pucker members events and to buy promotional material is perfect. Quibling over the numbers we're discussing does seem a bit trivial in context of the Porsche club that Eric mentioned. The 2012 National Day was a brilliant way to give back to the members, so let's have more of that. The committee do a *great* job as ambassadors for the club and in their own specialist roles. I just wish the online presence was less divorced from where most of us already hang out for advice and inspiration...
  10. G-Lad


    around When I first got mine I had the full mix of face to face chats and chufties at the petrol station and within minutes there were people chasing me and cutting me up. It's weird how polarised the public can be. I agree with previous posters about it being jealousy. Not specific "i want that cool Corrado" but more "i hate that b@stard who thinks he's cool, i'm going to teach him a lesson" type jealousy. I also concur that anyone who actually knows what it is generally loves it, waves or stares or joins in the chufties! I don't generally get trouble from true petrol head cars (perhaps because I don't try to engage or bother the many Porsches, Ferraris, hot Audis and BMWs etc around Nottingham), only from those who are trying to prove themselves by showing off that their uninteresting turbo van or modern hatchback is quick off the lights. The Focus STs always win of course but it's funny how they always must prove it to themselves against my stock VR6 in a straight line race! My most recent case in point was rather disappointingly a 90s Polo! I was a bit sad that my VW brethren tried to run me off the road :( ...at the end of the day, I fear a lot of people recognise a sporty looking car and perceive it is out to prove something just by its existence. Therefore many people rise to what they see as someone who needs knocking down a peg or two. The trick is to not engage. Sure, enjoy your car when it's safe to do so, but don't over take or behave aggressively around someone who may feel the need to respond. in short: a corrado is a red rag to a bull for those not mature enough to just let someone enjoy their own cool car.
  11. Give it to me straight folks! I've read a load of comments on this thread and now i'm worried... I had all of the suspension on my VR6 replaced about three years ago. New Febi and Mahle parts all round except for Sachs Advantage dampers and retaining the factory springs. New standard wishbones and bushes, new rear bushes, new ARB bushes etc. since fitting a set of 16 x 7.5 BBS RCs the ride looks silly but the car is amazingly stable at high speed. i've picked up a set of second hand H&R green springs and have just splashed out on £100 worth of top mounts, bump stops, lower spring mounts and boots etc. would I be totally nuts to fit these spring to get slight lowering purely for aesthetic reasons? i'd like things to be a bit stiffer but i'm worried i'll totally spoil the geometry and make the car handle really badly. i'm also paranoid about making the rear really crashy after having a set of orange H&R springs and Boge Turbo Gas dampers to my Mk2 Golf 16v. I eventually ditched the golf rears and fitted genuine 5 door rears. I am not going to buy all new dampers too since the Sachs one are only 3 years old. I'm more likely to just sell the H&R springs and new rubber bits (and then feel gutted!). hit me with the hard advice folks!!! chris
  12. Why is my account not permitted to post replies in Cars for Sale? Other people seem to be able to. It's not like I've only just signed up or haven't posted much before. Confused! Thanks Chris ---------- Post added at 3:12 PM ---------- Previous post was at 3:08 PM ---------- Hey, forget it - i see it's just moderators with idle chit chat! http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?77259-Flash-Red-VR6-for-%A32295-in-Gloucester
  13. Blue L*** RPE (i think) VR6 spotted on Castle Boulevard in Nottingham yesterday morning at about 9am.
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