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  1. Refurbed Speedlines in Gold, with New Tyres These have seen less than 500 miles since being refurbed in Subaru Gold (If I remember correctly) at Lepsons. Amazing finish, pictures just don't do them justice. The refurb alone cost over ?300. The tyres have seen the same mileage too, all with at least 7-7.5mm tread. 2 x Uniroyal Rainsport 2, 2 x Toyo Proxes T1-R. Centrecaps were painted a matt black by myself and aren't an amazing finish, but this can easily be rectified. Fully balanced and ready to be put on, more pictures available upon request. ?300 pickup from BA14, Wiltshire List Date: 1/27/2015 Location: Trowbridge, United Kingdom For more info, click here to view the original listing: Refurbed Speedlines in Gold, with New Tyres -------------------------------------- SOLD -------------------------------------- Mobile friendly version: Refurbed Speedlines in Gold, with New Tyres Go Mobile: Download the free Panjo iOS app now!
  2. I see...to be honest I've not had the seal fitted myself so wouldn't like to sell it incase it's not upto standard, but rather give it away with the trims.
  3. I haven't seen one around that cheap if I'm honest, but there are some for £160 delivered. I'll do it for £140 delivered if that's any good to you
  4. Sorry, I'm not entirely clued up on how this Panjo system works - it only let me put details in for one item when I was selling a few...and I know the forum doesn't want us creating multiple threads for each item. That's absolutely fine though, I'll PM you
  5. Various Items - Gold Speedlines, Vibra Technics Mounts, Spoiler Grill, Smoked Headlight Protectors, Polished Inlet I'm selling some various items I've collected throughout my ownership...collection preferred due to weight/fragility on most items. I work nights at the moment so timescale for posting/delivery may vary Gold Speedlines These have literally only seen The tyres have seen the same mileage too, all with at least 7-7.5mm tread. 2 x Uniroyal Rainsport 2, 2 x Toyo Proxes T1-R. Centrecaps were painted a matt black by myself and aren't an amazing finish, but this can easily be rectified - ?350 Eyebrow Spoiler Grill I bought this and never fitted it - comes with a red VR6 badge bonded onto the grill. - ?40 collection only Smoked Headlight Protectors These were manufactured by another forum member if I remember correctly. Great product, small slight scratches as you would expect but perfectly usable condition and won't be noticed when on. - ?30 posted Windscreen side trims These are in unused condition. Will throw in the used windscreen seal that came with them - ?50 + postage OE Unused VR6 N/S Wishbone Unused Nearside wishbone w/bushes, genuine item. - ?80 + postage Cobra Bonnet Bra Bought this off another member a while back, used it once hasn't seen the light of day since - ?30 posted Polished Inlet Manifold Bought this from another member but never fitted it. Believe it to be an OBD1 2.9 mani, part number 021 133 223 E - ?80 collected Vibra Technics Front Engine Mount VAG950M Road use engine mount, never fitted brand new. - ?140 + delivery (sorry camera ran out of battery before I could take a pic!) Vibra Technics Rear Engine Mount VAG885M Road use rear engine mount, never fitted brand new. ?75 + delivery List Date: 11/8/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Various Items - Gold Speedlines, Vibra Technics Mounts, Spoiler Grill, Smoked Headlight Protectors, Polished Inlet -------------------------------------- This item is no longer available. -------------------------------------- Mobile friendly version: Various Items - Gold Speedlines, Vibra Technics Mounts, Spoiler Grill, Smoked Headlight Protectors, Polished Inlet Go Mobile: Download the free Panjo iOS app now!
  6. I have a brand new VAG950M (front engine mount, road) and a VAG885M (rear engine mount, road) for sale if interested mate? £140 for the 950M (excl delivery) £70 for the 885M (excl delivery) Or both for £210 delivered by Parcelforce48
  7. Well, that's that then. Had someone finally come to view last weekend, negotiated price and then I drove it down on Friday to the South Coast to its new home. Was really fighting back the emotions as I left it with the new owner, and mass amounts of counter-selling thoughts the night before I drove it down. It's gone to a good home and will be getting the pampering it deserves, so I'm pleased with that. Already having thoughts of buying another at somepoint, but there is a definite V8 itch I need to scratch 1st... Final photo I took of my beautiful Corrado...he is already being missed like you wouldn't believe!!
  8. Was eyeing these up when looking for new wheels for my S3! Actually went down and picked up a set of alloys from this guy on Sunday, took a bit of work with communication at times but overall the sale process was fine, incase anyone was wondering :)
  9. Well, it's still in my possession and it flew through it's MOT again this week. Having driven it a bit more in this lovely sunshine we've had, the second thoughts of selling up are more prominent than ever! Had a fairly large amount of interest but no-one committing to come and view. All the while it just means I get to enjoy having a blast down the road :) I can still hear the sound of a V8 calling out to me though...
  10. Well, he's definitely for sale now :( Have absolutely loved this motor and will always cherish my memories in it, what awesome cars Corrado's are! Such a joy I've had, I don't think there's ever been a time I've walked past from it and not looked back. Several times. I've already made a change and bought an S3 for the time being as a work horse. I've had too much taste of V8 RWD so the mid/long term plan is to save enough cash up for something, most likely a Chimaera. And what an absolute beaut of a forum, you guys are all good mannered enthusiasts that are happy to help others in need. Countless hours I've spent here reading up, thanks everyone for that! Should have some goodies to sell when I've got through all my storage Link to the sale ad http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?t=85312 Peas and love x
  11. Afraid they aren't for sale separately I'd rather sell the car whole. Had a couple of offers on them already...if there is no interest in the car complete then they may be for sale at a later date! Mix up on the thread title, the "w/" means for sale "with" Recaros :)
  12. Buy my whole car if you're interested in a leather set Dan? Haha ;) http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?t=85312
  13. Hi everyone, Regrettably I have come to the final decision to sell on my much loved Corrado. I've been debating the decision for some time but unfortunately a lot of current life changes means it's probably for the best. Anyways, enough about me more about the car: - 1994 L reg VR6 in Dragon Green - 77,800 miles - MOT'd until 22/06/2015 - Tax'd until November 2014 - Black leather Recaro interior (good/very good condition) - Full service history up until 48,000 miles (When I bought the car) The 1st service under my ownership was at G-Werks, and a 2nd at DG. Since these I have carried out the services myself every year at a friends workshop using genuine filters and Quantum Synta (Silver). I have just had it serviced with Synta Silver and genuine filter, (21st March) and the book has been stamped accordingly. I have also cleaned and oiled the K&N air filter. I am the 4th owner, although the 1st and 2nd are the same person (car was originally the 1st owners company car, and then he bought it off the company) Below is a list of modifications and work the car has gone through in my possession nothing extreme or that can't be changed back: KW V1's (fitted 2009) 288mm brake upgrade from a late mk3 VR6 Mk4 rear calipers Goodridge hoses One of the few DG headlight looms that were made K&N air filter but original air box comes with it DDI clocks, with blue lights and inverted red LCD screens (modern VW/Audi feel) Interior switches changed to red LED's Hard brake lines have all been replaced (April 2012) New drop links, wishbones/R32 bushes, ball joints, handbrake cables (2010) Smoked/Red rear clusters from ARZ tuning Smoked side repeaters Front fogs/indicators have been lamin-x'd in dark smoke Debadged grill (original included) Momo Jet 320mm steering wheel Foxguard alarm Heko wind deflectors New battery in 2013 Currently on RH Cups, re-furbed last year and hardly seen any mileage since (There may be a couple of things I've missed) All the electrics are working as they should, bar the heaters. The directional control is broken, currently set to the windscreen - they work on numbers 1-4 fine though. In general, the paintwork is pretty good. There are however, a couple of tiny dings along the crease. There is a couple of light scratches, nothing a good polish wouldn't sort out I imagine. The rear bumper has some lacquer peel Rust wise, the n/s wing has a small amount of rust at the front near the headlight. The N/S/R arch has a couple of small rust bubbles just starting to surface Underside is very solid, sills are absolutely fine. The car has been kept in a garage when not being used the majority of it's recent life (3-4years) as I've been driving a company van to work. However, with one of the most recent changes in my life I had to move temporarily without a garage. From this, I've noticed there is a leak somewhere, possibly the doors as the carpets were slightly damp with all the bad weather in the South West a couple of months ago. Definitely not the heater matrix, as this has only happened since being outside in the weather. The car is now garaged and tucked away again. Trying to be brutally honest here with the negatives, I wouldn't want someone to come a long distance for something inaccurately described!! Really not an easy decision to make, but I'm hoping someone will take good care of him and love it as I have. Bottom line, it's a lovely low mileage example that with a few little jobs would be perfect. Happy to answer any questions or arrange viewings. Based at BA14, Wilts. I'm asking for £4,500
  14. guildmage, what's the song over the video footage please?
  15. Tempted to come along this year (again!!), will check to make sure nothing else is going on and get back to you Jake :)
  16. Possibly...depends on what goes on Saturday night haha!!
  17. How much is it going for? (sorry, not a member on edition)
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