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  1. Cool cool man, my mate goes up frequently in his black mk4 Polo gti. When I've sorted mine out i'll definately come up!!
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    :luvlove: :luvlove: :luvlove: Im really lovin' this thread - just read it from start to finish! The arches and those 9's look soooooooperb!! :D I think the Borbet's are nice, like someone said maybe get some flat caps? I like them as they are, but you might like em more if u get flats? Maybe paint them black to set them off? Love it mate bet you can't wait to get in it and drive - it looks well tasty can't wait to see it finished!! :salute:
  3. Well Andy, we do live local to one another :lol: How's it going mate? I was told Id be getting her back today, but they're keeping it in 1 more day now! :( Never mind tho, should get some nice pix over the wknd of the speedies for you, and I need to phone up G-Werks and get me booked in for Monday for them KW's!! :D
  4. :luvlove: That is well tidy mate, lovin' it!! Lovin' them wheels man, what are they? Can I ask you what you put ur German plates on with? I've got some pressure tape from work, only problem is if I use it, those plates ain't ever comin' back off again without buying a new bumper!! :lol: Im not too sure what the federalés are like with these plates so might need to take them off 'now and then'? :lcop: :camp: Mint car mate, good work! :thumb right:
  5. Is that ur cat gettin' a piece of the sebrings's? :lol: They all ur Dub's in the pic? :salute:
  6. Thanks man! Yeh mine's electric too, haven't treated them yet Im trying to find out what people use, what did you use and would you recommend it?
  7. Hey all! :wave: So I bought myself my 1st 'rado last month, 25th March. :D Spec as follows: - '94 plate Dragon Green VR6 - black leather recaro interior - 52k on the clock - FSH - bodywork is great other than a couple of little dings on the crease of the passenger door - completely standard apart from a Foxguard alarm and Sony HU - all electrics work apart from the spoiler doesn't go up automatically This is what she looked like: stromlaufplan_gamma4.pdfIMG_2875.JPG[/attachment:1jweya6a] And the following day, my FIRST day of owning her, this happens: ETKA Corrado.pdfDSC01612.JPG[/attachment:1jweya6a] As you can imagine, I wasn't best pleased. :bad-words: Some guy's door had swung open in the wind and battered my door in! Luckily I found the culrpit who was a visitor at my workplace. So anyways, not off to a good start right? Here's a pic from the non-dented side after Id ownerd her a day or 2, bit dirty from my 'testing' the capabilites tho :camp: stromlaufplan_gamma4.pdfDSC01622.JPG[/attachment:1jweya6a] And one of the interior: Corrado92.pdfDSC01623.JPG[/attachment:1jweya6a] So in the meantime of waiting for the INS claim to go through, I started adding some little touches to the 'rado. Here's a couple of pix, 2 are next to my mates Cupra 225 passat climatronic wiring diags.pdfDSC01654.JPG[/attachment:1jweya6a] climatronic wiring-Golf from May 01.pdfDSC01664.JPG[/attachment:1jweya6a] 2.8l 24v Climatronic system.pdfDSC01660.JPG[/attachment:1jweya6a] I've got some new plates to smarten the car up a little, and had the speedies powder-coated a real deep gun-metal. Put the wheels on last wknd, and the car FINALLY :wink: got picked up for the repairs on Monday!! So no pix with the fresh rims just yet, Im just grateful to soon be driving the car in the condition it was in when I bought it!!! :epicfail: The estimate for car-return is nxt Tuesday, I can't wait!!! :D :D :D In the meantime tho, I've been supplied with this as a courtesy, could do a lot worse eh? DSC01684.JPG[/attachment:1jweya6a] So that's it, for now!! I've bought some KW V1's that were supposed to be going on tomoz (courtesy of G-Werks) incl top mounts, and a full service but that kinda went out the window when my car was taken in for repairs! :lol: So hopefully, a week Monday they should be on!! Thanks for reading 8)
  8. Oh great!! My gf has just read this with me and now I KNOW she's gonna be doin' the same!! :bad-words: LOL! Spotted a nugget valver (i think) saturday in the Trowbridge area in Wiltshire...?
  9. Hey dude i share exactly the same problem!! Mine works fine manually and comes down automatically, but doesn't go up! Have you managed to sort your problem out? My blue/white wire is snipped just before the headunit loom and is not connected to anything lol?!
  10. Hey dude, Bought me a VR in March, lovin it! Seems we share some of the same problems!! Checked out the last advisory online, (due to it not coming with the MOT certificate :bad-words: ) and it also has underbody brake line corrosion! Gonna sort this out next wknd as the MOT is due end of May. Replaced the front discs and pads for standard, the corrosion on them was extreme!! Tried gettin' some of the sh1t off the calipers too, but looks like that's another job for another time!! Was gonna change the rear's too along with the bearings, until I realised Id been supplied with the wrong discs!!! And the corrosion on the rears were worse goddammit!! :mad2: Also, I share the annoyance of your spoiler problem!! Does yours come down automatically? Mine works with the switch, both ways, comes down automatically but doesn't go up!! Ive checked the wiring behind my head unit, this blue/white wire spoken of on mine, has just been snipped before the connector which fits into the headunit loom!! Have you had any luck with yours? Nice 'rado tho mate, looks nice in that colour and hope your next few thousand miles of driving it are less problematic!! :clap: Cheers, Chris
  11. Dude Ive just read through your entire thread...for the 1st time... Firstly, mate you have a frikkin' sweet 'rado. Like, absolutely mint!! Secondly, I love the effort and blatant love you've poured into it. Thirdly, I dare ask how much you're after!!!
  12. Ha that's weird!! Mine works with the manual switch, goes down automatically but does not go up on its own...could this be the same problem?? :confused4: Bear in mind im not the most electrically-engineered individual :lol:
  13. Niiiiiiice!! Went to see em at the CIA on Sunday mate, wellllll good!!! :D :D :D Did you get the security email tho from the Prodigy mailing list?! - Loads of pickpocketers about they're advising to look after your valuables more carefully!
  14. Oh and regarding the new Prodigy album... A lot of my mates disregard it, yet i think if you dont like it initially then its a grower! The 2 singles are awesome IMO, and track number 6 "Warrior's Dance" is one of my faves atm. For a fiver or thereabouts as an mp3 album off Amazon its well worth it!! Although i bought the hard copy coz I think it'd be rude not to!! :) And those who like their D&B, but not any of that crashy sh*te, try Hospital Records. Cyantific are pretty shit hot! :notworthy:
  15. Hell yeh guy's the line up looks pretty swish IMO!! Purchased my ticket as soon as the lineup was announced!! :D Prodigy, Orbital, Plump DJ's, Stanton Warriors, Scratch Perverts, High Contrast, Tidy Boys, Shapeshifters (which i wasn't too keen on til i seen em live there last yr!!), Yoda, Whitby, Rusko, Caspa, Alex Kidd, Pin Up, Sub Focus, Kutski ARGHHHHH theres too many, its gonna be IMMENSE!!! *explodes* :D :D :D
  16. I've seen them lights before... Can you post the link to the actual lights on the ARZ website please?? :) How much did you have to pay incl p&p, and how long was the wait?
  17. Lol you serious?? You can buy 2 of each from a couple o' websites. When're you thinking of getting them? I literally bought my 'rado on Weds (check out my post in the newbie section for the spec!), and Ive gotta organise my expenditure for mods...1st of all its getting a full service, having some KW V1's put on and having the tracking done by Stealth!
  18. Down and out - having the V-Dub slammed on some wide deep dish rims i think is generally what it means! Looks nice tho mate, Im tempted to get me some 16 x 9j Borbet A's myself, however may opt for the 7.5's at the front purely for the rubbing factor...let me know how you get on!
  19. What alarm did everyone go for from Andy @ Trimwizard.co.uk ? Im gonna give him a call soon, hopefully he'll come to Wiltshire 8)
  20. Sean and Critical - how much did you pay for your V1's? And did you get them fitted somewhere or do them yourself? Im picking up my 1st 'rado VR nxt Friday if all goes to plan, and was looking at getting some V1's fitted. Wherebouts in the Oxford area are you Sean? Im in Wiltshire... Thanks!
  21. Nice one 3corsameal, appreciate that mate. 8) However the quote they gave me was £675, plus £100 fitted. How long ago did you buy ur set?? Did they set up the tracking/camber adjustment for u afterwards? Ive found that JKM Performance do a 10% discount on all KW products, and provide a tracking/camber adj after fitting also so i might take a cheeky visit down there instead. Oh, and what does "iirc" mean? :confused4:
  22. Ok cheers guys, appreciated. Where from 3corsameal? The only thing is Id like to get them fitted down G-Werks and would feel like Ive 'cheated' them a little if i gave them a set-up to fit that they sell already!! :wink: Again, thanks!!
  23. Hi guys! Im completely new to the forum, Im goin' to be picking up my very 1st 'rado soonish! (i hope!!) :mad2: Been lookin' at getting a new Dub for a while, but now insurance permits, im all over getting me a VR!! Ive got a bit of 'spare' :lol: cash after the sale, and im definately looking to drop the car 40mm ish. Ive spent dedicated hours reading the entirety of this thread, viewing all of your opinions. I want a set of coilovers because Ive always wanted to adjust the height of the car, and have a budget of around 600, so I will probs be going for the KW V1's. From what Ive seen G-Werks seems to be the mutz nutz for installin' new set ups? (bearing in mind i dont know a great deal about suspension so need professionals to sort me out!!) So would everyone whos been recommend? Im also thinking (into the future, a little) of getting some rims, im thinking 16" coz Ive always liked the Borbet A's. Again, not too much knowledge in this area (i know its the wrong topic!) but what does the 7.5 or 9.0 mean? And does anyone have experience with both these size rims with the ride lowered around 40mm?? Sorry for my lack of car knowledge lol!! :confused4: Thanks for all help and advice!! :D Chris
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