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  1. Haha nice on Jake!! Lol someone posted this on my facebook earlier, contains BACON.
  2. Any clearer ones mate? Looks an alright job there but wanna be sure the quality of the tint is ok? How much posted?
  3. Hadn't heard of it either til someone posted this earlier, in the local town of Devizes!! Thought it was actually quite good!
  4. I was at 'Autochoice' a couple of weeks back and saw a nugget there - there was no one on hand to ask about information, think it was going for 2k
  5. Helicoil's could be an option to prevent stripping the thread maybe?
  6. Whereabouts exactly dude? Just wondering as I'm from Chepstow! Was there this wknd with the 'rado actually :)
  7. Ray Charles?! Lol!! Watched it t'other night, was alright nothing special. Plan B sounds like a right nonce when he speaks mind
  8. Guys, if anyone buys these - I've just bought 2 and u can save a couple of quid by looking at his other items, he sells them in 2's and it's a bit less than paying full price for 2 individuals :)
  9. $45 from Gruvenparts, bladdy hell!!
  10. The Heko wind deflectors is mine, or possibly the DDI dials with blue lights and inverted red LCD screens :)
  11. JVC KD-AVX2 DVD/CD 4x50w Headunit For Sale Mint condition, hasn't seen much use. Plays DVD's on 3.5inch wide screen LCD Fully boxed with instructions/loom and cage etc. Only 1 removal pin but these are pretty generic. Have the remote but currently on the hunt for it, should be able to find it!! Couple of *tiny* marks on the front panel but not noticeable. Had this from new, great HU. Looking for £120 plus postage
  12. Thought I'd share this, absolutely awesome!! :)
  13. Absolutely love Scimitars, and is on the list of project car next! Gotta be one of the SE5's or 6's though!! http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_gryRbyQ-ZYs/TD2j39RVF8I/AAAAAAAAAH0/SKJCkxy2OJQ/s1600/scimitar3.jpg
  14. Thanks, Andy :) Yeh I know, I absolutely adore this motor. As u say, I have a bit of time so will reflect upon this decision every day - trust me!! Yeh, always wanted a mk1 and mk2 though, what got me interested in VW's...but as I say this would be a project motor so could be a very cheap buy with a long-term goal of getting it built. In the meantime, considering a newer motor to not have to worry about so much when I'm away/driving in wet etc etc As for the V8, well after having driven a couple I think I'm addicted to the feel and the sound....bloody lovely!! Something RWD would do nicely :)
  15. Yeh most likely - hopefully I will be in a more financially stable position when that time comes!! Plan to have a project though as well as a newer motor, most likely a mk1/caddy/mk2 or something of the V8 flavour...
  16. NooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo indeed!! :( To be fair there is always a chance I'll change my mind, it has been known!! :lol:
  17. It is with deep sadness and definitely most likely regret, that I have come to a decision to sell my Corrado next year. I have been ummming and arrring about this decision for a good while now, but have always decided to go with keeping him :) I absolutely love this car, but have reason for making this decision. I have within the last week accepted a new job that starts early Jan, that means sacrificing my Summer - which means I won't get much nice dry roads to enjoy with him. I don't get to drive it as much as I'd like as it is, and will be even less so when this new job starts. I have always tried not to drive in wet conditions, especially within the last 2.5yrs when I've been using a company van all the time, so to potentially only have that option when I come back from working in the Summer seems to massively depress me!! Anyways, it's not 'for sale' right now but this is just a description of the car and what is included for any potential buyers there may be lurking around, who knows right? (I assume and hope this is ok, mods?) So, it's a late '94 L reg VR6 in Dragon Green Pearl. I am the 4th owner, although the 1st and 2nd are the same person (car was originally the 1st owners company car, and then he bought it off the company), and the 3rd owner had it less than a year Both keys present Mileage is 75,500 (but will change as it will be driven in the meantime, but am on 3,000 mile policy and certainly won't be too much higher) Black leather Recaro's, fully working heated and movement. KW V1's 288mm brake upgrade from a late mk3 VR6 Mk4 rear calipers One of the few DG headlight looms that were made K&N air filter but original air box comes with it (see parts list below) DDI clocks, with blue lights and inverted red LCD screens (modern VW/Audi feel, best mod I ever did!!) Interior switches changed to red LED's Hard brake lines have all been replaced recently New drop links, wishbones/R32 bushes, ball joints, handbrake cables in 2010 Smoked/Red rear clusters from ARZ tuning - in my opinion the best looking aftermarket rear clusters, I know Andy (CazzaVR) enjoys them too ;) (originals included) Smoked side repeaters Front fogs/indicators have been lamin-x'd in dark smoke Debadged grill (original included) Momo Jet 320mm steering wheel Foxguard alarm (very old, was installed recently after original purchase) Heko wind deflectors Currently on RH Cups, VERY recently re-furbed by Lepsons in Swindon to a bright dark chrome Set of Speedlines in gold which have probably only seen 2000 miles if that since re-furb, perfect coniditon again with pretty much brand new tyres Service history is pretty much all there up until I owned the car (will have to double check), and since the 1st service under my ownership at G-Werks, and a 2nd at DG early 2010, I have carried them out myself (mainly oil change/filter/plugs) All the electrics are working as they should, bar the heaters. I recently had the directional control go, have fiddled with the cables so it's directed onto the windscreen but this is something I intend to sort out before any sale, they work on numbers 1-4 fine though. The Corrado will be MOT'd sometime in April which is probably when I will be looking to sell, so will come with a fresh 11-12month MOT No doubt there is probably a lot I have missed out, including parts to go with the ol' boy. As said, this isn't a sale advert but a description of what to expect/what is included when I do come to sell. By all means if you are interested feel free to contact me with any questions!! Absolutely love this 'rado without a doubt, but I feel it needs to be enjoyed more than it currently does. And unless I put it into storage for sometime (which I can't afford) I can't justify keeping it :( Sad times indeed.
  18. Welcome!! Can't say I agree about the rims lol, I'm running RH Cups!! Are they 9's all around?
  19. Bizarre!! Those RH Cups in the photos on your 'rado are the ones now on mine!! Guy who sold me them used to own yours, evidently! :)
  20. U could use Lamin-x film to cover the fogs - it's quite thick and does provide a layer of protection!
  21. Cheeky git!! Well if it does fall through let me know, bound to know someone who would take them off your hands!! (Know of someone who was after some decks and a mixer recently too)
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