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  1. I organised a group buy for these a couple of years ago, a 2-3 weeks is what it took to be delivered I guess - even then the email contact wasn't great and they were receiving a lot of money from us!!
  2. Looks mint on the B's Neil!! Always enjoyed your motor and seeing the interior mods!! Top work :)
  3. Looks great mate!! £900 all in, that's not a bad price? They went through the insurance in the end did they? Whereabouts is that then mate, Newbury?
  4. Yeh the needles - I see, I might do the same then!
  5. Hiya mate, Was just wondering - did your MPH and Rev counter gauges both come with the little tab to keep the needle in place? Mind didn't...
  6. I'll take this off you mate, how much delivered?
  7. I will definitely have a late RHD Blue V2.0, as and when the time comes! :)
  8. I'm out DJ'ing at a mates event on Sat - my DJ name is Digital Jester - I bought this outfit a couple of years ago for a previous Halloween http://img.thinktanktoys.com/images/vendors/funworld/130452-Child-Twisted-Jester-Costume-main.jpg I'm currently in the process of (attempting) to sew some neon wire around the seams to create a Digital Jester :lol: I say the middle finger one, or this haha!! http://www.lastnightoffreedom.co.uk/i/shop/1/penis-costume-1.jpg
  9. Agreed!! RE1, 2 and Nemesis - the amount of time I spent playing them.....!! Ever watched 'Spaced' with Simon Pegg? There's a zombie episode with him playing RE2
  10. Yeh I've never really agreed with aftermarket bumpers or skirts, but that last set don't look too bad - must be something to do with the OEM style texturing!!
  11. Not quite in the same manner mate lol, I didn't poo my pants at the original Dooms!
  12. It's a remastered version of Doom 3 and the add on, plus the original Doom 1 & 2 I believe!! Well worth the buy, I personally loved Doom 3 and properly crapped myself playing it in the dark - think it was one of the 1st games to use your environment around you to scare you ****less ie. things falling off walls, lights flickering etc!! What I will say is if and when you play it, ensure you collect all the PDA's and listen/read them, it completely adds to the the nightmarish storyline as u get deeper into Hell!! I remember when it's dark you can't hold both the torch and a gun, or have a gun with a torch (bizarrely - guess it's purposely done to add **** in your pants!!) and it takes a second or 2 to switch back to the gun - enjoy that haaha!!! :)
  13. Just wondering, did the rear demister 'lines' work on this perfectly? Which side of Worcester is it please mate?
  14. Apologies for hacking the thread!! But John, I may well be interested in bringing mine down in the future? Would it be possible to PM you for further info? Cheers, Chris
  15. I've had a mk1 hankering for a while now, and everytime I've decided to actually get a for sale ad up for my Corrado, I go for a drive. Then I decide I'm not gonna sell!! :lol: Have you got an ad up for ur mk1 by anychance?
  16. Who on earth actually bought a pair??!
  17. As titled, I'm selling my CDJ 900's - Come with all original boxes, packaging, manuals, cables and software. They are in mint if not immaculate condition, have been lovingly looked after and never played in a club or party atmosphere. They have literally sat in the same place since bought and when not in use have been covered up with Decksavers (included in price, which retail around £35 each) as can be seen on photo. The CD drives are practically untouched, used a handful of times as majority of my DJ'ing has been thorugh means of USB Genuine reason for selling as I've upgraded. Be assured these have been very well looked after!! Viewing and trying is welcomed, 20mins from Bath. £1550 ono
  18. Looking mighty fine these days pal with the lights and speedies - went past him earlier twice!!
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