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  1. im not sure why it disappeared but will message toby & ask
  2. ive just checked with my m8 who sold them - they went for £1k last year so yeah i would agree that they are over priced out of interest, what kind of size spacers or bolt on adaptors would you use to get the size & offset to fit? ive got some 16" modena's in a 7j +41 & 8j +51 & need to figure out how to get them to fit
  3. the garage looks mega Keyo!! im still gutted the council wouldnt let me build one 😞 i may build the base anyway & then reapply as that looks the nuts
  4. damn - my friend sold a set of these only last year
  5. thanks for the input shaun im in no rush so will persevere
  6. im the same - i emailed them at the start of the Jan about some for the mini & still no reply i did speak to the receptionist or whoever it was & she said there was a wait of about 2 weeks for email enquiries - im not sure why they take so long but im going to call them again this week. they were certainly not like this when i brought the calipers for the VR6 & i am sharing the disappointment
  7. interesting!! do you think i would get it all in to a golf estate m8?
  8. ive checked old posts on my build thread & the signatures have gone from the old ones as well maybe it was a feature we couldnt carry over when the site went to the newer version & different servers, similar to how we lost old pics etc
  9. sounds good, i hope it goes as planned thanks, i understand the carbon hadnt gone as expect. i was lucky enough to grab an LWS design carbon bonnet which had never been fitted but i know they went through similar issues hmmm spoonfed - ok thanks - i have a niggle that they dont like shipping to the UK though. im pretty sure that company name has been floated around on here a fair few times. i may be wrong but i also dont want to say anything derogatory if he is a friend of yours
  10. we used to be able to add signature's but i cant find the option in profile edit settings
  11. hello m8 - good to see you back on here purchase looks great, hope you are happy with it 🙂 on a separate note, do you still operate Trimsport? if so, is there any plan to bring back the UK carbon rear number plate tubs?
  12. i will get some pics done when i fit the new intercooler - i might even do a little video as though it is not one of those horrible crackle maps the Miltek doesnt half pop & bang on throttle lift off 😄 ahhh so it is your VR from which i had a little mapping envy lol to explain, i recall seeing your mods & final stealth map gains & was a little jealous id not been able to have the SS exhaust on mine prior to remap, mine made just shy of 210bhp & 209ft/lb & i still think about a new stealth map to see if i could get the 220bhp you got now it is on good stats to know about the VSR & 263 comparison. im at the point now where the only other thing i may possibly like would be a VSR but they are way too strong money for me - ive never really been that big a fan of the recaro front seats if im honest nice to see yours on the rollers! & thanks for the console info
  13. great, that is good feedback & service. i will keep these in mind
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