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  1. Audi seem to be poorest for classic car parts with VW slightly better but way behind Porsche , Mercedes and BMW
  2. looks a great car Never seen or was aware of those wheels
  3. And vendor says it will need a timing belt!! The vendor really knows a vr6
  4. Great work but that garage WOW
  5. Thanks Fendervg I have ordered the second one - yellow items and see what turns up On ebay thousands of items are listed and to be honest i just ordered one of the cheaper items as i only need to replace a couple of connectors Thanks again
  6. I am currently trying to repair a butchered wiring loom and need to remove terminals from conn blocks I bought a cheap key set off ebay and after approx 2 hrs i managed to remove 1 terminal Is there anything out there better?
  7. Great looking car - best of luck with it Is it a gen1 or gen 2 ? cant remember the date Great that it is a manual - to me all porsche should be manual I am surprised you did not keep your reg - it can all be done on line quickly. Again best of luck with it
  8. Hope it helps I have a G60 myself and the VAG tech that set my car up was a bit hesitant to undertake the work as it had been something like 15 years from he last worked on them but once he seen the car he started to remember on its set up and quickly had it running a lot better The booklet is real old school when vw sent hard paper copies to all dealerships Yes i have the full booklet an ebay purchase long time ago. Hope you get the car running and if you need any thing from the booklet just ask Gerard
  9. Hello Is this what you need? - its from a vw dealers workshop manual
  10. No problem at all just glad to help just glad to help keep these cars on the road I will post it at the weekend Gerard
  11. Free of charge Hasan - My good deed for the week - send me your details
  12. If it is the correct one PM me your address and i will cut it out and post it to you THanks Gerard
  13. Sorry for the delay in replying is this the connector you require
  14. Can you post a picture of what you want
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