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  1. Always good to see more G60's - Did you do the G60 16v or purchase it already done?
  2. I got one of these kits from dave recently - although i have not fitted it yet as my car has been put away for winter It looks a well engineered modification to the original mechanism And for the money well worth it
  3. ger040

    ABF cams

    Hello Ado1379. Thanks for the reply very interested in the cams please can you forward part numbers / pictures etc Sorry VEDUBBED
  4. Still usually look in everyday - but corrado quiet at the moment Just got my car motd again with less than 150miles from the previous year
  5. ger040

    ABF cams

    As above looking a set of ABF cams if anyone has any Must be willing to post - Thankyou
  6. From what i remember these parts fit either side of the rear bench base just below the carpets As above they are sound deadening foams If you look at etka / vagcat it will give you an idea of where they go
  7. The second picture is part of the rear seat sound absorber The first i can not see the part number
  8. I will have 2 pairs and one with the circlips please just to add my ever growing list of spares Thanks
  9. I have had messages direct from those names offering me a starter motor - i actually replied but told them another member had offered but if he does not come through i will be in contact to purchase it - thanks for the info SCUMBAGS
  10. ger040

    vr6 starter motor

    sent you an email thanks
  11. ger040

    vr6 starter motor

    sent you a PM thanks
  12. ger040

    vr6 starter motor

    I have removed the starter will call to a local auto spark to test it Ignition switch - forgot about that one !
  13. ger040

    vr6 starter motor

    Yes one of the first things i done
  14. ger040

    vr6 starter motor

    Thanks for the reply - to be honest its for a car that i dont know if its worth saving (almost 200k) - just want something to get it moving again Fitted a battery only to hear a series of clicks Bloody hell there is some amount of crap on ebay I think ridex is auto docs own brand ?? - seems to be everywhere on its site
  15. ger040

    vr6 starter motor

    as above looking for a vr6 starter motor - ends with part number H (manual car) Must be willing to post to belfast - thanks
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