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  1. My car came originally through R Robinson & Co Norwich - I believe still trading today First registered to an employee of Norwich Health authority Is it just me but do a lot of corrados have kept their paperwork where i find most mk2 golf gti owners have not!!
  2. Thanks Cressa Having read your post i can recall the tech that set my timing cursing like hell as the engine has to be up to temperature he was having to adjust the dizzy
  3. sorry please forgive me as it has been a long time since i set mine up Before i removed mine i marked the distributor body to the block with tipex From what i remember i set up the crank and camshaft to timing marks but the oil pump drive which is hidden behind the cambelt cover i had to remove the cover slacken the timing belt and move it several teeth until the rotor arm pointed at plug 1 It started and ran ok but it did require minor adjustments carried out by a VAG tech Hopefully someone else on here can confirm / correct this
  4. Looks great - cars and fashion of the 80's & 90's - i have visions of shell suits and mullets
  5. Sorry for the delay on this but attached is a picture of the distributor position with the crank pulley at tdc
  6. its been a while from i done mine - i will have a look but it may be tomorrow at the earliest From what i remember at tdc the distributor arm should point at spark plug 1? At least your not feeling any resistance rotating by hand The engine has to be run up to temperature before any timing adjustments via the distributor
  7. see photo below
  8. i will have a look tomorrow and let you know
  9. Great looking car Keyo My neice has just purchased a 17 tdi sline and i was surprised how good the finish is in these audis She had gone to buy a 4 series bmw but was disappointed by the interior and was taken by the audis interior finish. best of luck with it
  10. Thanks for the replies I will flush the system with a rad flush, increase the coolant content and see how it goes
  11. Yep flushed out every orifice - run until its clear
  12. despite my best efforts at flushing the coolant system on my g60 i still end up with this I have used vw coolant - cant remember the type its the purple one am i just not using enough coolant - roughly a 1/3 to water Car has had a new genuine radiator. valeo water pump etc - cant be doing these any good
  13. Love the dog 😀- beats any alarm
  14. As above great pics of a fantastic car Great advice on the locks
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