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  1. And.... They're gone! Thanks for all the support with these over the years.
  2. So pleased you're happy Will, thanks for your feedback. Guys, I am doing a postage run tomorrow so if you want a quick switch, then please let me know. Getting towards single figures left now, I think about 12.
  3. All posted now, didn't get home til 8pm yesterday. I will be away next week but I will be more organised to take switches with me to post quickly if anyone is in a rush for one.
  4. Thanks for the payments sent through guys. I'll be home tomorrow to do the postage run. Now 17 available.
  5. Good evening everyone, I have 24 switches left to sell, this may decrease as they are being sold on eBay. Once they are gone, I'm not going to be able to get anymore from the manufacturers. If you need or want a spare, please give me a shout. Price remains the same reduced £25 each posted in UK, multiples can have a further reduction to assist. Thanks.
  6. Posted for you guys, many thanks for buying. I'm off work this week and can post switches at short notice if needed.
  7. If anyone needs a switch quickly, providing I can get your payment in by tomorrow morning, I will be able to post it tomorrow for you.
  8. Hello guys, I have been able to reduce the price of my switches for you. I can now offer them at £25 including tracked postage within the UK. Worldwide postage would still cost more though, I can advise of price once I know the country to post to. Thanks for your continued support.
  9. Thanks for the pm's and buying switches guys. I do have more available and I'm doing another postal run in the next couple of days if anyone needs one quickly. Thanks for your support over the years.
  10. I think I need to go this test drive Rob!
  11. Hi guys Wow, it's been a while judging by my last post. Work is slowly getting better and not as busy. I can give you guys more attention now. I do have some switches as I've not been selling with work etc. Let me know if I can help you out.
  12. Hi Bunny Sorry for late reply, work has been hectic. I do have switches available for you and anyone else who might be up for needing one or spares with these dark mornings & evenings. I will pm you now. All the best, Matt.
  13. Hi Simon, posted for you now today. Many thanks. Stock available guys and I'm working close to a PO, so I can do quick deliveries if needed.
  14. 8vMatt

    G60 Headlight Switch

    Hi Jaybo Hopefully someone will have a good early design switch for you. If not, you can't get new ones in the early design anymore but I sell the late design switch. All functions work the same and will fit early cars. I understand if you want to keep the early looking correct. Cheers.
  15. Hi Simon I will contact you tomorrow about the switch, just back from hols. I do have switches available if anyone needs a spare.
  16. Thanks for such good feedback guys, so glad you're happy. Worldwide shipping is no problem here!
  17. Hi Scott Switches are selling well but I do have some available. I'll pm details now. Many thanks Matt
  18. Hi LesPaul71 Your switch has now been posted to the US of A sir, many thanks.
  19. Hi LesPaul71, Paypal received buddy, thanks. I will post tomorrow for you and send on the tracking details for you. Thanks again.
  20. Hi there I sent you a private message when you posted. Let me know and I'll get a switch sent out to you.
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