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  1. It's happening! Order paid for this morning, gulp! Been told it should upto 5 working days to clear the money and approx 6 weeks to arrive. Thanks for your Patience guys!
  2. Hi guys! I'm back! Its been a long old slog to get back posting again. I changed jobs that has consumed so much of my time I had to put this to one side and not get distracted. I have made contact again with the manufacturers and have their details to finally make the payment to order the next batch. Once ordered, they advise me that we are looking at a rough 6 weeks production and shipping time. I realise there have been so many delays in getting these, that I won't actively make a list up until I have them delivered. Cheers everyone.
  3. Hi guys, Thanks for the continued interest whilst I've not been around much. Work has been busy again. I am in a position to order the switches, once ordered I will be able to advise on delivery timescales. I'll have a look at my inbox to clear it up a bit for new messages.
  4. Haha, good pic there with a couple of handsome chaps in the background!!! I really enjoyed the day, lots of variety in cars, hot day, a couple of beers walking around. I'm glad people are giving Rob such good comments about his car, I don't think he believes us when we say the same! A really good day folks.
  5. Hi guys, Been a little while since I've been able to do any meaningful posts. Corradoless and the Karmann Ghia has turned out to be a worse rusty wreck than anticipated! So, after a couple of months of not being able to contact my switch company, they get back to me with an invoice for another batch of switches. Turns out they were very busy and things have calmed down to allocate me a production slot. Remember this is a major Chinese manufacturer who produce products in the thousands, so my order is a very little order for them (lots of £ for me though!). If you are not familiar with these switches, they are a Chinese made item that has proved to be a better version than the VW item. There is loads of info about them on the forum. The only thing that needs to be stated is if you have changed your dash lights, for some reason the new switch will not light up the dash when switched on. It works the headlights fine. Please list your name & number of switches required and I will keep you all updated on the build and delivery to me. I won't ask for any money until I have the switches in my possession. Again, for the newbies or those unfamiliar with these switches, hundreds of switches have been sold and many people can vouch for me and the effort put in by me to make this work. I have received lots of pm's about these, I will contact these and add them to the list. Due to increased postage costs (that I have absorbed the last year) and production costs, I need to put the price at £24 each posted. Any questions, please ask away. Many thanks, Matt.
  6. Good news bud, not been out in this for what feels like years!
  7. We really need to have a beer and sit down to have a chat about cars mate. I won't let you rush into any rash decisions! Most new cars are so boring and soulless.
  8. Hi guys, I've been having a chat to my mate and we both liked the idea of taking part in the rally from a starting point of Reims, to a finish line in Venice next year. It follows some of the locations from Bond films and sounds amazing. I want to have adventures in my life and I certainly think this qualifies for that! One of the rules of the rally is the car must cost a max of £200! I'm sure we could stretch it a little if needed but it needs to look like it costs £200!!! No flash Ferrari's taking part here like the posh nobs in the Gumball Rally! I really would like to get either a Corrado or mk2 Golf, its going to be hard to get a road legal car at the time of the rally (July), and it needs to have European insurance cover. Has anyone been on one of these type trips or something similar? I would love to hear of your stories. We are also looking to do this trip for charity, its not been decided on which one yet. So, I'm thinking that nearer the time, I'll be trying to tap you guys up for sponsorship! :thumbleft: I have also thought about selling advertising space on the car to companies. Is this a feasible idea? Any other ideas to increase the money coming in are very gratefully received. Here is a link to have a look at the rally and see the route- http://www.crumballrally.com/thundercrawl2014.php Wish us luck and any contributions are great to read :cheers::bonk:.
  9. I'm now back in this world! Replied to your pm. I also understand your frustration at not having a reply quicker. Apologies for that. Its proving to be hard to make contact with the manufacturers about a new batch but I remember it being hard at this time of year last time. I will perservere with it though. Thanks for all the interest guys.
  10. Remember the days when you had to pay £40-50 for a secondhand one? Haha, they're all coming out of the woodwork now I'm in between batches! Haha, no worries guys.
  11. Very nice daily. One question though, is it poss to find out if your steering wheel has been changed or is that the standard one? Only thinking as it looks like something similar to a mk5 Golf one rather than a mk6 Golf wheel. As in it looks like an older design to the age of the car.
  12. Hi Bullfinch, Sorry to report to you and everyone that I have now run out of the switches from this batch. I am working on talking to the manufacturers about doing a new batch for a new year delivery, So if you do need/ want a switch and are not in a rush for them, either comment on here, or pm me and I will have a record of your needs to remind me when they do come in. And of course, a big thankyou to everyone on here in supporting me with buying them!
  13. Sounds a bit steep to me. I've helped to fit a few liners and wood burners. An average liner would prob cost about £300.
  14. Nice, saw this advertised also and thought it was a great price. What are you planning on doing with the rear arch? If you go the whole hog and cut it out to cure the rust, I have a cut off arch that could be used. Look forward to seeing how this progresses. Like this colour lots.
  15. 8vMatt

    VR6 Airbox

    That will be mine then! I'll dig out some pics & pm you details bud.
  16. Yep, cheers for that. Very helpful!
  17. List now updated with sold items.
  18. Rob, I've always believed that giving them an ultrasonic clean is a good alternative to new. Langers might know somewhere to get them done. When you come round in the week, remind me about my injectors to take with you.
  19. I won't charge any extra to get to Belfast. Unless you need or want recorded delivery.
  20. Hi Robert (Vagstuff) Wow, thanks for spending the time and effort to put such a good endorsment of these switches. It is humbling to know how well they have been recieved and feedback like this helps the newbies who haven't seen the early threads to make an informed decision on them. I'm now getting to the last few of this batch (5). I will try to organise a new batch for the new year but this can't be guaranteed yet. I have to see what their production is first.
  21. I'm open to offers or multiple buy discounts to help people get the bits they need. Let us know if you think I got any prices wrong. Cheers guys.
  22. Don't let your C hear you talking like that you bad man! A golf engine would cost bugger all to use as a base unit.
  23. Cough "R32" Cough!!! Or look out for a low mileage Golf 2.8 VR, then get it bored to 2.9 or even 3.0 with new pistons and associated parts.
  24. Very good condition foamy rubber headlight gaskets. I think they came from late lights but I wouldn't think there is much difference to early. £14 posted.
  25. I don't know where this fits but thought I'd list the part no to help identify it. Very good condition, no corrosion. £15 posted.
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