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  1. When Chris originally looked at this switch, he opened it and said a drop of black on the end of the led will dull the brightness if it was an issue.
  2. I've had a browse at some old threads when we looked at these switches in the beginning. Wow, it was 2011! Here is a link to the original thread where there is a lot of techy info to help newbies find out about them. Page 3 seems to be best for info. http://www.the-corrado.net/showthread.php?56755-What-would-the-interest-be-in-new-late-headlight-switches-Pricing-Update/page3
  3. Oh, BTW they won't cost £70 like VW Heritage!
  4. Good morning guys, bit early I know. Just thought I would let you all know that the headlight switch manufacturers have emailed me back nice and quickly from my enquiry the other day. Once I find some money to place an order, they expect a delivery date of mid to late Feb. I know some old hands around here know all about how good these switches are from previous years, there are people that don't know a thing about them. Later on I'll dig out some old info about them, so everyone can refresh if they want. Anyone wishing to buy one or more, please state below. No firm pricing as everything is going to cost me more to get these to your door. I won't ask for money until I have the switches in my possession. Thanks go to Jim for getting this going again.
  5. Email sent, sat with crossed fingers now! In the past, they have either replied quickly or I've not heard from them for weeks at a time. With the hols, I'm not expecting a swift reply.
  6. Hey guys, its been a while! Sorry about that, work has been nuts for months. As Jim has pointed out, I will try to make a re-order for a new batch of switches. I'll keep you updated as I find out news.
  7. I have headlight switches still available. Think I have a wing as well, rust free in primer. Give us a pm and we can sort out pics etc. Cheers.
  8. Pics are king here to assess the condition. You have to decide what you would be happy to receive. If someone offered £1k, what would your reaction be?
  9. Cheers mate. Worth doing to sell it? Or not spend the time & just sell as is?
  10. Hi guys, I have a K&N or similar aftermarket air filter for the 2.0 16v. Can these be cleaned out? Any thoughts on a secondhand value? Cheers.
  11. Many thanks for the love towards these switches, its very much appreciated. I would rather you forum guys buy them through the forum as they are a fair bit cheaper here, I have to pay eBay & Paypal fees on eBay. I try to get them sent out as quick as possible but it varies with work commitments from time to time.
  12. 8vMatt

    Headlight switch died

    Posted! How's that for service? 26 mins after the thread!
  13. 8vMatt

    Headlight switch died

    PM sent buddy and I have a switch ready to post today to help out.
  14. 8vMatt

    Headlight switch

    PM on its way buddy. Thanks again for the positive comments Cressa.
  15. Looking forward to seeing the finished result mate, going to be good.
  16. Hi Cressa Great to read such a happy post, cheers buddy. Down to the last couple of dozen switches left now. As these have stayed around for a long time now, it will be the last time they are ordered. Get one while they're still available.
  17. Wow, great story Neil. Sounds like an adventure you won't forget quickly.
  18. My buddy and I are thinking of taking part in one of those banger car rallies that drive through a bunch of countries in a few days or so next year. We are looking at a hairdressers MX5 for a bit of rwd fun. Has anyone taken part in one in the past? Stories and experiences are what I'm after here. It does look like a blast, any negatives the websites don't tell you? Thanks in advance.
  19. Same as previous post, the switches purchased this week have now been posted. Many thanks guys.
  20. Too right I'll come along. Can't guarantee about the sleeping bit though, might snore as well! Oh wait, you might get annoyed!!!
  21. Hi mate, been a while since we chatted. Hope you're well. Wow, these look awesome! Hope you've got lots, as it looks like they will sell by the truck load!
  22. Well done guys, looks like some hard work has been put in here. Sell like hot cakes springs to mind! Another niggle of Corrado ownership sorted out.
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