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  1. I actually had a late red 944 S2 about 5 years ago. It handled exceptionally well and was a lovely drivers car it was a real head turner and the appreciation of the car I got was unreal. As with most sports cars with heritage the initial buying cost isn't the problem, mine cost £2700 and was in mint condition and well maintained by the previous owner, fsh, no expense spared etc. The maintenance side of things was a the main issue. Although reasonably practical to work on, I felt it deserved to be maintained to the same standard as the previous owner. Plenty of highly recommended independent places charge good prices however parts are expensive and they are unfortunately difficult to avoid paying. Driving it put a smile on my face every time and I found myself using it more often than the weekends because I couldn't walk past it on the driveway. The only thing to note is that although brilliant fun on the roads when dry, they can be a right handful in the wet/very slightly damp. I am obviously far happier to be sat in the corrado when the roads are damp. After sadly writing mine off, I was glad to have owned it but went to the Corrado as I felt it was slightly more refined and versatile than the 944. I too have noticed the prices creep up since and often wonder what mine would have been worth now, at a guess the price of mine probably would have doubled but I would have easily spent that rise and some on maintaining and keeping it on the road. The insurance was reasonable and tax also fair, it was just the requirement of those specialist garage charges that would have eventually taken their toll In summary; > Nice drive (in dry) although wouldn't say better than the Corrado. > High maintenance fees easily compete with the higher pedigree 911 and more expensive than the Corrado. > Less refined and versatile than the Corrado. > I may get stick for this, but in my opinion the Corrado is my preferred option.
  2. Thought you guys would appreciate this..... Its the birthday cake my better half arranged for my 30th on Saturday, the cake lady commented 'What a classic' as did the barman!
  3. Not mine but spotted on eBay. Interesting if you're after a rare feature. http://item.mobileweb.ebay.co.uk/viewitem?sbk=1&nav=SEARCH&itemId=161170339081
  4. He seems to have pulled the original ad early and then relisted....clearly wasn't happy with the bids he was getting!
  5. I will take them if the above pulls out
  6. The Bentley manual clearly shows the procedure for the pre-tension with diagrams, as does the Lindsay manual, I double checked before lending him it. Its not complicated as said, but slightly more involved than stated above
  7. If this is you Nick, Mark is borrowing my manual tomorrow to bring with him, should give you everything you need.
  8. BMC CDA filter arrived Tuesday and picked up from post office today. All good. Thanks for the rapid and honest service.
  9. Paid via paypal as requested for CDA. Address with payment. Many thanks
  10. CDA Carbon air box with flexible hose and shiny Jubilee clips, very good condition- £80 I will take this please if you are willing to post? Thanks, Chris
  11. I will try and get you a photo tomorrow. All you need to do is follow the washer tubing from the front jets to the bottle and then you will notice another heading towards the back of the car, obviously this is for the rear washer jet. Disconnect this one at the motor and plug the rubber connector.
  12. I also removed mine recently, I disconnected the in the engine bay and then plugged it with a screw. No chance water in the boot at all then!
  13. I will take the drivers side and can collect. Drop me a PM if job705 doesn't take up your offer. cheers Chris
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