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  1. do they have the thin black "lines" going across them?
  2. Hi all, Just thought I would share this head unit that I have seen on a few classsic Porsche's. https://www.porsche.com/uk/accessoriesandservice/classic/genuineparts/producthighlights/navi/ single din, bluetooth, and navigation.
  3. any chance of a photo with the spoiler down? would love to see how it looks on a green car, as that is what mine is!
  4. 26 owned mine for 6 years...and had it on the road for one year...
  5. Looks lovely although I am not sold on the aftermarket lights I'm afraid. Still the best colour though and I love the LM's on it!
  6. I am waiting to buy one :)
  7. There's £3,250 of all Golf's (apart form estate) as you said stock clearing before the 7.5 is released, we (VW Dealer in Surrey) have had a steady supply of returned lease cars coming from VWFS, virtually all of them have been standard cars in 5 door DSG form.
  8. I would have been, but I already have a spare bumper in pearl green, so I think another would be excessive. have you posted it on facebook?
  9. woops: http://www.madmotors.co.uk/body-kits/vw/vw-corrado/ntc-vw-corrado-door-cards.html
  10. Hi all, not sure if anyone has ever seen these before, but they look like an affordable option to audioscape which lets face it are rarer than hens teeth now! looks like they will only fit the early interior which is shame.
  11. i can only hope, 12345 are just some numbers, while they do more research?
  12. please put me down for a pair!
  13. people make custom ones don't they? a place down in Portsmouth?
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