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  1. Pendine Sands! No wonder they rusted away!
  2. I can't wait to see it finished. Did you find any rust or damage to the under sealant?
  3. The text in the blue bar above the first message tells you when it was posted. I can see that you posted your message above 1 Hour Ago.
  4. https://ebay.us/9XbllQ However it is in rare factory white.
  5. You can't tell from the advert what condition the car is in. If the car wasn't so far away I'd offer to clean it, get a MOT and produce an imformative advert with a few photos.
  6. Never let the facts get in the way of a good story - the car in the photos is little used and doesn’t even have a current MOT.
  7. More appreciation https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/magazine/driving-the-wedge-in-corrado-vr6/
  8. MarkR


    Unfortunately, this is the going rate for a proper job with lights, windows and trims removed. If anyone is offering a respray for substantial less you will need to look very carefully at the scope of work.
  9. I had my tailgate repainted by JMR in Littlehampton. Their windscreen guy removed the seal and the rear screen and put it all back together after a small amount on welding a full respray. This was a first class job and certainly not a bodge.
  10. MarkR

    Sony XR5509

    In 1989 I had a Golf GTI as a company car, this came fitted with a Panasonic radio cassette. The company I worked for paid for this to be upgraded to a removable one to prevent theft. This still didn't stop Croydon's Oiks from smashing the windows on a regular basis. After a couple of Rovers with cd changers under the passenger seat, I ordered a Golf GTI 16v in 1995. I upgraded the standard Sony radio cassette to a radio cd. This car came with an alarm, but it didn't stop the oiks from trying to steal the radio. I don't think they ever got away with the radio but my neighbours were fed up with the constant alarms.
  11. MarkR

    Sony XR5509

    Back in the day, VW dealers offered an upgrade service. A lot of people would have opted for radio cd player as even in the mid-1990s cassettes were a seriously dated format.
  12. MarkR

    Ceramic coating

    Personally I would avoid any of the packages offered by a dealer and go to a specialist. This firm is local to me and offers a good saving on the £1k you have been quoted. https://www.kdskeltec.co.uk/price-menu/protection-detail-packages/g-techniq
  13. Hi Jon, I the late bonnet foam still avaiable? Thx
  14. I believe this company will carry out a new install. Vehvac - sorry the forum doesn't allow me to post a link. I spoke to them a few years ago when I had plans to use the Corrado as a daily.
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