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  1. Pleased to report I’m still here despite the VR not wanting to start at the moment. I have been advised that new Lambda sensor will address the issue. Not a nice job to do on the drive.
  2. Three years ago or maybe longer I fitted a Johns fuel pump, swapping the VDO fuel sender and fuel tank lid. It is a perfect fit and works exactly how it should. Sorry I no longer have the details of where it was purchased or the part number. For £40 delivered at the time I would highly recommend the Johns pump which comes with a 2 year warranty.
  3. Boab was banned years ago for taking people’s money and not sending the goods. His mum kindly stepped in and ensured everyone was refunded.
  4. I usually check in to the forum a few times a week to see what’s happening. I must admit to not contributing recently, mainly due to the Corrado being garaged most of the time, Golf R ownership and checking out other VW Forums. I remember being the 50th forum member as Aqua Blue VR6 :)
  5. Still here too! Usually check the forum every couple of days to see what’s been happening. I think I was either the 50 or 51st member when the forum first started. I can’t remember exactly when but it must have been approx 20 years ago.
  6. I used to own a 16v when it was only a few years old. It came with the red badge on the grill.
  7. A link would be good. I saw the one in JMR a couple of years ago when my Golf was in for a service.
  8. I may be interested. How easy are they to fit?
  9. A new fuel pump has worked the trick and the Corrado is 100%. I only covered 58 miles since the MOT. Pleased to say it passed with no advisories again. Must attempt to do more miles this year.
  10. Metal hair clip for removing pins from electric connectors. I have the Laser tool and found the hair clip tip to be more effective. Nice guide on YouTube.
  11. 1979 Kawasaki Z1000 owned since 1982 and a ZZR600. Used to ride in all weathers now I’ve gone soft and only ride when the weather is good.
  12. Location and pics will greatly help. Good luck with the sale.
  13. I used one of the existing bolts on the tensioner to secure an L shaped bracket to the BMC bracket. No issues to report after fitting over 10 years ago.
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