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  1. Boost monkey, what does DBP mean..... haha and VW_owner for the time being i managed to find 4 black rubber gromits that fit the holes exactly, of-coarse in the future this will happen, but it may just have to wait till the re-spray...... :) ---------- Post added at 01:24 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:23 PM ---------- you can see the 4 tiny gromits in the last picture
  2. what size wheels u running?
  3. Right then, i am a month or so new to the forum, i had my Corrado about 3 weeks now, brought her from a bloke in Clevedon, she was on the road and running fine, but last Friday 25-11-11, she started showing a few symptoms of a head gasket on its way out, so i sniff tested her and its either the head or the gasket, as there wear exhaust fumes coming out the coolant reservation, so thats a bad start to the Corrado ownership,.......... OR IS IT? so now this has happened i have put her in my garage, and its time to "Que the music" as i am no Defeatist and am going to use this misfortune to my advantage, while the heads of and getting the pressure tested/skimmed, it is all hands on deck! and i have got all sorts of mods and tweaks going on these next few weeks, So here is the Build as it started when i purchased her about 3 weeks back, already fitted was a stainless steal cat-back exaust sytem wich runs at the same Db as the standard system, brand unknown, also a Carbon fibre induction kit and coilovers, all bran unknown but it all seems to be low budget cheap mods, so these will all be gone and up-spec'd as soon as she is back and bruising! First thing achieved is a Re-forced sump, due to a spare welder some free time and some steel sheeting, me and a friend cut out the Existing "sump bottom" and re-welded in a 6mm steel plate, water tested it, after this we then welded an extra 4mm plate over the top of that,... in short.... i have a habit of getting through sumps like toilet paper! Then it was time to head down to Oxford and mine's favourite Audio shop to get my salvaged full JL Audio system fitted and wired in, i would do it myself like usual, but didnt want to break anything getting door cards of etc... so i had a bit of a helping hand, also whilst in there work shop, i De-wipered the rear window, and de-badged her, all neatly done, wont see no Barry Boy shizz in this thread! also in my spare time i run a Detailing company, so i gave it the full Extreme Clean.co paint renovation and detail (CHECK-IT http://www.facebook.com/EXtremeClean.Co) .. no offence to the last few hundred people who owned this car but my standard of clean and other peoples are very far apart, so this little paintwork TLC session was madly needed! Then of we went to our first VW meet, the local Oxfordshire main meet, (Dub Club Oxford "DCO")... few of the present Camera boffins had a go at finding her best side, one things for sure though, DAM! Corrado's look nice from behind! at the meet the overall opinion was very impressed, and a brilliant car for the money (obviously couldn't foresee future events). SO,........ overall I F***ing love owning a Coraddo, weather its on the road or in the garage, I love it! i been on the VW scene a while now and have the fortune of making all previous mistakes with previous cars, so i no what to and not to do this time around, my overall look inspiration is something that looks nasty, but doesn't stand out, something quite, but packing a huge punch, there isn't enough time in the day for me to list all i have planned for this, but generally it will be a fun ownership and i am looking forward to getting to know a few of you and really get into the scene, there will be a lot going on these next few months so ill keep you all updated! I hope my thread amused you for a few minutes, and please please share your opinions and comments, good or bad..... thanks for your time,
  4. EJ Taylor


    why cant i post on any of the for sale sections? can a moderator or similar please explain? ---------- Post added at 10:45 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:39 AM ---------- loads of stuff has pictures of chains on it..... do i have to complete a certain amount of posts's or sumthing?
  5. i understand what you are on about mate and by no means do i disagree! but i think u have not understood me correctly or i havnt explained myself! i am well aware i wont find a bargain of a Rado "on my doorstep" however as i have no car my dad has been doin all of the driving to the ones i have looked at so far! we agreed a 150 mile radius, and i have looked from bristol to southampton to sussex, all over the midlands, however the location of this one is over 180 miles from me, and as im aware these are not common and am in no way disagreeing this is a truly lovely car, i am also aware that other ones do exist on patients is a virtue, although i have not completely written this car of in my head, i will just see how it plays out...... hope u catch my drift buddy :) sound!
  6. yer i just got off the phone to him, he is the other side of the country, so would cost me over £150 in petrol there and, however ill have a think as the journey may be worth it. looks beautiful though!
  7. chers for that mate, was really helpful, after taking your advice i decided not to get the car, going to look at another one tonight though. one of the last ones made in 1996, with all the trimmings, and everything working. just hope its what i think it is!
  8. Hello!, Basically i have been on the VW scene for a while now and recently sold my much loved bug, she entered in stoner park last year and a few others, however, didnt have the balls to enter in E38 after realising what i was up against! have attached a Photo just so you lot know what my styling is all about! as i know no car enthusiast wants some Saxo body-kit loving, Halford loyalty card holding, neon light loving chav joining there scene, Anyway! long story short, as much as i love the style of the bug and where i had gone with it i was just fed up of driving a car slower than pretty much every thing (2.0 ltr 8v). So i thought i would branch out and see what other options i had, obviously wanting to stay VAG! At first i started looking at mk2 Scirocco's but soon realised the only "fast" mk2 they made was the 16valve and they imported such a small amount of these into the uk that its not even worth looking without having 10k so then i thought AH! the Corrado.. so i have been looking at a few for a couple of weeks now, and went too look at a lovely one in Southampton this Saturday just gone, it all seemed kosher and despite the sunroof not working (heard this is common in Rado's) and minor rust on one of the arches it seemed like a pretty good buy, IN SHORT! Full VW service history 111k miles full respray on one side so Paintwork wise is lovely (midnight blue) and an agreed price under 2.7k so basically i put a deposit down, and am collecting the car this coming Saturday as the guy is tax'in and mot'in the Car this week for me, ALL I WANT FROM YOU BUSY PEOPLE IS YOUR OPINIONS! Does this sound like a good buy?............. Things i should keep on eye out for?.......... listen out for?......... SO ON SO FORTH!......................... here is the link! >>>>>>>>>>>>>> http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-CORRADO-2-9L-VR6-FVWSH-LOW-MILES-EXCELLENT-COND-DEPOSIT-TAKEN-/280760243455?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item415e9d54ff would really appreciate any kind of help, or any helpful comments! check the link and let me know what you think, and/or things you would look out for! Thank-you for your time, and looking forward to getting involved! Charlie, in Oxford looking forward to hearing back from you all and looking forward to getting on the Rado Hype :)
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