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  1. sold the Burgundy one after getting it through MOT, mine is a Cat B so not possible to save it unfortunately - insurance company did let me have it for nothing though after they paid me out. Awaiting settlement from the tit that hit me now - may enable me to get another Corrado
  2. exhaust mounts gone but to have the passenger door card top trim
  3. Hi there, I think you came round to mine by North Lynn Ind Estate a while back. May have passed you on bypass as well, the Aqua Blue one - was. You may have passed me in my Mk2 Golf as well.
  4. not the whole thing mate, got the light aperture - the circuit board from inside was broke in the accident, don't ask - I have no idea how lol.
  5. yes I have one, maybe 2 as I had a spare that came with some door cards. May not have the metal clips from side but you can use the ones from yours if you have them. £13 posted?? (would be Royal Mail small parcel I would think) thanks Adrian
  6. Late VR6 Black cloth Passenger Front and Driver Side Rear Door Cards plus Black Cloth seat fabric, bits I was keeping for spares - no longer needed. Passenger Side Front Door Card - Late VR6 black cloth - very good, slight lift of plastic on top edge but easily sorted. £10+post? [ATTACH=CONFIG]77637[/ATTACH] Driver Side Rear Door Card - Late VR6 black cloth - again all intact and good - small area where fabric has lifted approx 50p size see pic £10+post? [ATTACH=CONFIG]77638[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77639[/ATTACH] Bottom Centre Seat Base cover and foam (foam 535 881 375) Very good, very firm, just a tiny tiny pluck to fabric £20+post? [ATTACH=CONFIG]77631[/ATTACH] Passenger Seat Back Rest Cover and centre padding Again very good and clean, no plucks etc £20+post? [ATTACH=CONFIG]77632[/ATTACH] 2x Left Hand Base Side Bolster Covers, 1x Right Hand Base Side Bolster Cover - not sure if they are driver or passenger seat covers but pics show where holes are on the sides. £10+post each?? ALL BOLSTERS SOLD [ATTACH=CONFIG]77633[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77634[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77636[/ATTACH]
  7. ALL SOLD Few more bits from my Late VR6 I am breaking Both Driver and Passenger side Sun Visors, Small centre Sun Visor that clips to Sunroof switch surround, Sunroof Switch Surround and Sunroof trim for Headlining. All £10 each + post? Can combine post if someone buys 2 or more items, maybe do a deal on price as well. ALL SOLD [ATTACH=CONFIG]77614[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77615[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77616[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77617[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77618[/ATTACH]
  8. Few more bits from my Late VR6 Pair of Roof Gutter Trims - very good, original foam still intact. What are these worth? £20+post? SOLD [ATTACH=CONFIG]77518[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77519[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77520[/ATTACH] Genuine Front Wiper Motor 536 955 113 A £10+post [ATTACH=CONFIG]77521[/ATTACH] Windscreen Washer Bottle 535 955 453 £5+post [ATTACH=CONFIG]77522[/ATTACH]
  9. Kings Lynn in Norfolk, about 10 miles from Lincolnshire border with Norfolk
  10. is this question for real? A Corrado in Kenya? Love to see a pic of it doing a sprint from traffic lights in Nairobi. Apologies if it is a serious question, shipping would be a horrendous cost - its £23 to Scottish Highlands alone, that's without a journey by plane or boat!
  11. Sorry, forgot to put my location, Kings Lynn in Norfolk. I would rather have it collected but will post if need be. Quote by Paisley Freight - see their website to confirm - Postage to Cornwall is £15 and anywhere else in mainland UK- Scottish Highlands is extra £8. I would bubble wrap the panel with large bubble wrap, thick cardboard around it with some support in between the legs. Fragile tape all over the outside. Insurance is £5 per kilo and sunroof weighs 10kg (9.3kg 'naked' but will be 10kg when cardboard etc added) so will be £15 short of the value. Extra insurance up to £100 is £6.99 (see Paisley Freight website) - for those that don't want to pay the insurance I will post it at your risk, if it gets crushed - I will only be able to claim £50 max.
  12. NOW SOLD Sorry to put another thread up to the other 2 parts for sale threads - just this to see if anyone wants it before it goes on ebay with 'tax' added. Complete Tilt and Slide Sunroof Mechanism including the inner panel in light grey and outer panel in Aqua Blue LC5U. Working 100% open/close, tilt and slide. Taken from my late Corrado VR6 currently breaking (some may have seen pics when it got smashed), Sunroof not affected in accident and tested fully before removal. Outer panel has no scratches, rust or marks (reflections on the panel are clouds and my car aerial I think) and is in great condition - as is the rest of it. Looking for £65 collected (better than the £140 someone got on ebay for theirs recently) - can post if need be, will quote using Paisley Freight unless anyone knows of a cheaper option. I'll give it a few days on here and if no takers it will go to fleabay. Sods law that when I get another Corrado in a few months I'll need it and the other bits I've sold.... [ATTACH=CONFIG]77455[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77456[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77457[/ATTACH]
  13. Paisley Freight have quoted - they have a calculator on their website that I didn't know about (duh). £14.99 and I even added 2kg and some size to estimated parcel size and still came out at £14.99 so should be that really, bit of an arse to wrap lol.
  14. is it one of the rebuilt gearboxes from that seller on ebay - in West Midlands - that you have presently? My gearbox gone on my Mk2 Golf 16v and was thinking of using him to get an exchange unit, same price as Corrado gearbox. May think otherwise now if they don't last long, having said that it will take me a few years to rack up 10k in that thing.
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