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  1. Bit of a sad one this, as some of you may know who replied I had some toss pot fall asleep driving and hit me in my VR6 just before Xmas resulting in me having a broken leg. (police think he was asleep) Anyway, I've had the payout and been given the car for free by my insurance company (more hassle for them to scrap it) and I got it back today. The car was standard and superb bodywork wise as I had all that done last year, everything worked - spoiler, sunroof, windows etc. 3x Refurbed very very close to if not mint 15" Speedline Alloys with centre caps and good tyres available as chap who was having them is now selling his Corrado and getting a motorbike (idiot) Does £50 each seem a fair price for that condition with tyres? As you can see from pic there's not a lot on driver side front to salvage as it's Cat B and has pushed the floor a foot into the car, ripped wheel and suspension off. The rest of it has some good bits to salvage, passenger side wing and door are fine, tailgate fine, few marks on rear bumper from recovery but nothing to bad from what I can see. Rear lights ok - passenger side has tiny crack but not a problem. Passenger headlight is fine I believe. Dashboard may be knackered as it was bent on impact but may be fine if I can get it out. Engine, although done 212,000, had been rebuilt with chains done etc about 80k miles ago at Stealth - I have all this in car history folder. Big stuff ideally I want collected like doors, tailgate etc or you can arrange collection. Could wrap those and sent with Paisley Freight at a push but will be at buyers risk. Cant fill page up with what is good, best thing is to message me what you want and I can say 'yay or nay'.I will test things to see if they work, wash the car in case there are more marks from the recovery etc. The spoiler does work as that went down after the car stopped after the crash. I have the original 1st aid kit and triangle, I may decide to keep them and a few little bits in case I get another Corrado but if someone wants them that bad maybe I will let them go. I am in Kings Lynn, Norfolk. If anyone wants to come and have a look by all means come along. http://i1264.photobucket.com/albums/jj482/vwpleb/IMG_4988_zps4192c6e6.jpg
  2. Crikey, only just read this. Seems like you and your family had a lucky escape. Good to see that the idiot got a decent penalty. Just now starting the whole process you went through after some idiot hit me and wiped my corrado out just before xmas (apologies if you replied to my post when mine happened and mentioned it, had a lot of replies), was it the Traffic Justice Department that decided if he was being prosecuted? Police in my case think the other driver will be done for careless driving but say it's Traffic Justice Dept that decide although the police confirmed his blame for the accident - w*nker appears to have nodded off, swerved across road and pole axed me head on and swiped the car following me. Also have you been compensated for injuries and everything yet? Be nice to know if it drags on a bit, I've got broken leg, crush injuries to upper body. Luckily just me in the car unlike in your case. Hope you and they are getting on ok
  3. Cheers Stonejag. Spoke to Police today and they had him in between Xmas and New Year for questioning. They think he fell asleep at the wheel. Likely to be done for Careless Driving but not a Police decision anymore - all findings go to Traffic Justice Department for whatever Constabulary and they decide if anyone is prosecuted and fault etc, although in this case the impact was my side of road so he hasn't got a leg to stand on ha ha.
  4. Cheers for advice given on Insurance and buying my Corrado back - had Insurance company on today, they are paying put the full whack for the Corrado and if I want it I can have car back for FREE! Just got to pay someone to cart it back from Wisbech to Kings Lynn 15 miles. So watch out for a breaking add coming to this forum soon. Aqua Blue VR6, most of interior ok apart from drivers door area and that corner of dash, passenger wing and door elec window mechs, spoiler, elec sunroof all working prior accident, engine done 212,000 but with rebuild 70k ago, gearbox sweet, whatever from the exterior is salvageable.
  5. I went to Sports Direct to get some tracksuit bottoms as jeans won't go over the brace - other driver was in there laughing and jumping about. I went to check it was him and what injuries he had and, he said 'hello mate' and offered a handshake which I refused, wanted to leave it at that, he saw my leg then it all turned on it's head when he knew it was serious I reckon, started telling me accident was my fault as I hit his wheel he spun in that direction - if he had hit my wheel he would have gone the other way - what a load of **** as it clearly don't matter (and later confirmation the impact was on my side of road) Asked if I was going to work at the time, yes, so to him that made me in a rush automatically - when I was in line of traffic and he had already told me in A+E he was trying to get home to see his kids. I told him with some colorful language what I thought of him and his bull**** excuses. Told him I hadn't yet seen police - he said as he was the first to see them he was in the clear?? Looked a bit shocked I hadn't seen them or been breath tested. Thought they had gone then heard them behind me in other aisle 'I'll bust his other ****in' leg innit' I heard him say so I shouted 'I'm still ****ing here you prick!' which then led his mate to kick off with 'what's you problem?what's your problem?' er look at my leg dickhead I thought but said 'obvious don't you think?' Staff then broke it up which led his mate to start shouting 'Why you only talking to us, is it cos we got dreadlocks?' usual **** from lowlife's like that. Police called, they were threw out, driver came back in accusing me of trying to kill him etc, yeah,yeah, blah, blah think yourself lucky you're walking pal. Probably told his mate a load of crap about the accident? Police threw them out again and that was that. You think he would have known then he was in the wrong along with in the wrong carrigeway and apologised? I know I would have
  6. like your thinking borders, laptop was in car - was watching porn at time of crash ha ha.
  7. Had Police round - at last - bit ****ed off that I am the last one they speak to who was involved and it took them 2.5 days to do it. They confirmed the impact was on my side of the road - due to the deep gouge left in the road and what witnesses said. It appears that the other driver was not ****ed or anything, the police thought - before I told them what he told me about not having any sleep - that he fell asleep at the wheel. His window was down 3 inches as well. The police give all their findings to the Traffic Justice Department and they decide what happens next regarding fault etc but Police are expecting him to be charged with 'Driving without due care and attention'. Now going to go for everything I deserve from him or his insurance company as he is an absolute c*nt - confirmed by the altercation I had with him 2 days after the crash in Sports Direct - buying loose tracksuit bottoms to get over leg brace he made me have fitted. I'm leaving no stone unturned with insurance claim - he's getting a shock at next years insurance renewal premium!
  8. Many thanks again guys for the good wishes. Had leg brace fitted today for 4-6 weeks (can take it off for bathing etc). Just been to recovery yard where the car is and the damage is far worse than I thought yesterday. The floor has been shoved up into the footwell and past the pedals - hence how my leg got snapped - bulkhead has come into car,steering column was lifted up and outwards so that accounts for the whack on the chest as it was right in front of seat. The A pillar up drivers side window has snapped at roof height, the roof has been pushed up, engine hanging out - whats not already been wrenched out from underneath and there is damage to passenger side when I got spun round into other carrigeway and hit another car what I didn't know about really. I may well look into the buying car back if I can get it for £34 like one of you did as that's a no brainer but not as many salvageable parts as I first thought - even the dash air vents are fooked where dash has been compressed. I also saw the chap who was following me and also got hit at the yard, doing same as me getting stuff out of his car, he was interviewed by police last night and was told the driver who hit us has had toxicology tests that will take a month to get the results for, so looks like he is in deep **** up to his neck.
  9. Yes mate, the noise was bloody horrendous to be honest and bugger me I am sore this morning. Cheers for all good wishes everyone. You're right VAG-hag about getting it back from insurance - I'm with Footman James and was intending on completing the agreed value form in the New Year by taking it to a specialist to value/check it out but was going to do it with the Mk2 Golf as well, the value they had was my over estimate of £1500 when I bought it as it needed some work but will only get what they deem it to be worth now I suppose, then again I only paid £1k for it. May not get to much anyway due to the mileage but only average of 12k a year? Corrado was mint bodywork (although caked in road **** from using it from work) and had done 212,000 miles. Was supposed to be fitting new coil pack today as that had been sparking causing misfire under load, I'll be sending that back. I'll see what I get offered as to if it's worth buying it back as there are a few good bits on there although the whole body is twisted after the impact, don't know if they just don't pay out and give you it or whether you do have to buy it?
  10. Cheers all, I'll survive. Might revisit Corrado ownership next year, will have to make do with Mk2 Golf 16v (out of action with knackered gearbox) and Golf 4motion when I get back driving next year. (Footman James classic multi car insurance makes it worthwhile having 3 cars) Was only using Corrado for work as my van has been off the road having engine rebuilt - sods law it's due back to me this week.
  11. The other driver told me he flew in from Africa at 12:30am this morning, spent the night in Crawley, and then set out on the road to Kings Lynn at 5:30am - so not much of a fecking nights kip was it? - I would assume he may have nodded off, unless he was ****ed, on something to keep him awake or lacking in some licence etc. Whatever it was the Police had him in all day after taking him from hospital. They didn't even breathalise me or see me in hospital, supposed to be seeing me on Friday which may speak volumes as to who was to blame. Had to call them to find out where car was and insurance details etc. Citroen Picasso driver following me also got clipped after he hit me and spun round, he told me that the other car just veered over. Police will sort it out no doubt - won't they?
  12. Bid a fond farewell this morning to my trusty steed the VR6 Aqua Blue - we were in head on collision with a ****ty Vectra, police estimate the impact at 120mph. Vectra driver drifted into my lane and KABOOM!! Have attached a few pics as reassurance that Corrado's hold up pretty well although it was 'corner to corner' impact - another foot across and I wouldn't be sat here writing this. Pics are of my front wheel ripped off and split in 2 with tyre off as well, inside car where I was trapped with broken leg, the carnage strewn across the road which was 20-30m from car although pic doesn't reflect that to well, and the tit's car who hit me. RIP old friend. http://i1264.photobucket.com/albums/jj482/vwpleb/IMG_4857_zps2e6186ee.jpg http://i1264.photobucket.com/albums/jj482/vwpleb/IMG_4850_zps3566caff.jpg http://i1264.photobucket.com/albums/jj482/vwpleb/IMG_4852_zps1ab213dc.jpg http://i1264.photobucket.com/albums/jj482/vwpleb/IMG_4853_zpse8c3a378.jpg http://i1264.photobucket.com/albums/jj482/vwpleb/IMG_4857_zps2e6186ee.jpg
  13. If you have them jack_t I may well be interested. Pics if you can?
  14. cheers diarmaid, looks like they are mk4 golf/leon fitment - already measured those on my mk4 and won't fit corrado. Cheers anyway
  15. Hi, Anyone selling the TT or Lupo GTi wiper conversion arms - and blades preferably - getting p*ssed off now with bending standard arms and I have done the mod grinding off the bit on the standard arms, the passenger side doesn't to sod all now. I'll hang on a day or 2 in the hope of someone on here selling some but need this sorted asap so will look around - maybe at stealers - for some arms as well. Can ring me or text 07930 273025 if easier for anyone who has some
  16. Hi, Sale of the century for someone here - I'm after one of the door knob pin surrounds for late VR, the little round black plastic surround. Will take 2x if someone doesn't want to split a pair. Will take a pair of knobs as well if someone wants to sell both knobs and surrounds
  17. posting next saturday fine with me, send me you paypal via PM and I will sort you out
  18. I'll take these mate, my mate is after some for his late VR. Paypal?? PM me details if still available, cheers
  19. I'll take these if dumptyboy sale doesn't happen
  20. cheers for the reply, that's the problem with mine - the swines in bodyshop bust 2 out of the 3 off. I have a spare with tabs missing, if I had the tabs on a broken grill i've got some quick bond resin repair I could swap the tabs over and stick with. Having said that I have pile of spares for mk2 golfs - i'm sure the tabs off mk2 grill would be same as corrado grill??
  21. Hi, After late Corrado front grill with centre vw badge (doesn't have to have badge in) with ALL fixing tabs intact and not cracked,split,damaged in any way. Had some bodywork done on mine last 2 weeks and looks like tits in bodyshop may have broke grill although I can't prove it. Also need Cat back or just the large square-ish box before rear silencer - standard VR6 exhaust or maybe a stainless one that will fit and that doesn't hang down like some (prefer standard). Standard exhaust needs to be rust free (big ask maybe, mine looks a state) or very close to rust free. Cheers
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