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  1. no mate, only part of the lock barrel is there, the rest is smashed to smithereens.
  2. Idle was fine mate, no problems whatsoever on that score. Never had any idle probs. Only little issue I had was occasional misfire under load but that was because the coil pack was cracked - took that off yesterday and our roads have less cracks in lol.
  3. will do mate, should get all the cable tie clips out tomorrow, exhaust hangers are all ok as well. cheers
  4. Yes mate they are available, pretty sure they are ok - will have to check driver side tomorrow as the driver pillar got shoved up so that one may have damage
  5. More parts will be added in the coming days,first few bits off my Late 1994 Corrado VR6 in Aqua Blue currently breaking (in breaking ads also) after being wrote off in accident just before Xmas (non fault, got car back from Insurance company) Can combine postage if someone wants more than 1 item. Radiator Expansion Bottle if shown at bottom is SOLD. Tried to remove it but pic stayed on here. Full lock set - ignition, both handles, boot lock with key. I bought these off here late 2012 and never got round to fitting, looking to get back what I paid £90 posted (£140+post on ebay currently) SOLD [ATTACH=CONFIG]77183[/ATTACH] VW Pierburg VR6 Throttle Body and securing bolts - left bit of accelerator cable in to keep the little clip that holds it secure. SOLD [ATTACH=CONFIG]77184[/ATTACH] Full set of Beru ZEF 1260 Ignition Leads - I only fitted these 3 months ago, still great condition SOLD [ATTACH=CONFIG]77185[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77186[/ATTACH] VR6 Exhaust Manifold Top Heat Shield Cover 021 253 037 B £8+post [ATTACH=CONFIG]77187[/ATTACH] Aqua Blue LC5U Fuel Filler Flap - pic taken indoors under a light so looks bright, superb condition, very very tiny dent (can you spot it?) £10+post [ATTACH=CONFIG]77188[/ATTACH] Heat Shield for ABS Pump 358 614 321 A £6+post [ATTACH=CONFIG]77189[/ATTACH] 4 Speed Heater Blower Motor - Valeo 536 819 021 - great condition, fully working £10+post SOLD [ATTACH=CONFIG]77190[/ATTACH] Radiator Cover Trim with Warning Stickers 535 121 343 C £5+post SOLD [ATTACH=CONFIG]77192[/ATTACH] Engine Cover Trim Ignition Lead Holder for leads 2,4+6 021 133 917 £5+post [ATTACH=CONFIG]77193[/ATTACH] Later Heater Control Panel Trim Cover - a couple of screwdriver marks to top edge but not seen when fitted £5+post [ATTACH=CONFIG]77194[/ATTACH] Late Passenger Footwell Kick Plate in Black 536 863 667 SOLD [ATTACH=CONFIG]77203[/ATTACH]
  6. Hi mate, looks like that clip is missing. Don't think I ever had it as the wires there were tied up with a cable tie rather than lost it in accident. Sorry
  7. NOW SOLD 3x Speedline 15" 5x100 Alloy wheels with tyres. These are from my VR6 currently breaking due to being written off just before Xmas. (see breaking adds) Only 3x as the drivers wheel got ripped off and shattered in the crash. I has these refurbed last year - not a Wicked Wheels back of a van job, sent away to Pristine so the whole rims were dipped and done properly and they are still in superb nick - no kerbing, scuffs etc (to faces or to front or rear edges) only 2x minor tiny tiny marks (1 mark on 2 wheels if you get what I mean - not 2x marks on each wheel) that a blind man will be glad to see. All 3x have the centre caps. All 3 have well legal tyres. 205/55/R15. 1x Accelera with 5-6mm of tread to legal marker, 1x Nexen CP641 with 3mm of tread to legal marker, 1x Roadstone Radial 2000 with 3mm of tread to legal marker. These tyres were on the car when I got it 22 months ago. £150 for the lot, may consider selling individually at £50 each but would rather sell together. Collection preferred from Kings Lynn, Norfolk or can ship if need be using Paisley Freight - or buyer could arrange their own collection and I can wrap if required. Hope the pics come out ok [ATTACH=CONFIG]77149[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77150[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77151[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77152[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77153[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77154[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77155[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77156[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77157[/ATTACH]
  8. Hi, parcel shelf straps are fine, but so is the shelf itself so don't know whether its better to sell as whole or seperate?
  9. I've got an Aqua Blue one, depends what you consider cheap lol
  10. I'll strip internals from door either today or tomorrow and make sure they are all ok - all working, just want to make sure no previous bodging by previous owners is present. You're added to my list lol
  11. PM sent to Moonlight VR6. Power steering parts for Goldie - I will check today as I'm pretty sure a power steering pipe got ripped off in the crash. PM sent to daves16v also about gearstick
  12. Quick update to parts available - 3x Refurbed very very close to if not mint 15" Speedline Alloys with centre caps and good tyres available as chap who was having them is now selling his Corrado and getting a motorbike (idiot) Does £50 each seem a fair price for that condition with tyres? Pics can follow tomorrow when daylight.
  13. 'I'll have a look under the car tomorrow to see if the fuel housing ok (presume it's under car near back wheel?) - was not near impact but a lot heavy **** was smashed off the car in that direction so may have taken a blow. I'll PM you tomorrow lilfuzzer
  14. Passenger wing provisionally sold, should be getting collected Sunday. If anything goes base up with that I'll let you know
  15. ah, missed that off didn't I. Sorry, had a BMC CDA on it, intake spout was damaged but sold it. Cheers
  16. Been taking some bits off. Items definitely NOT available are: Driver Side Front Wing, Front Bumper, Driver side headlight and door, Bonnet, Slam panel, Front Splitter, Trim that holds HT leads along top of engine, Driver side lower dash panels, Dashboard, Dash Surround, A pillar trim driver side, Driver door card - maybe window mech in driver door but cant get door open to have a look yet, Any trims of driver side, Driver side wheel/suspension/and anything to do with those, Airbox (had a CDA on, spout was damaged but sold it) Things available: All seats - black standard VR cloth pattern with centre hump to rear bench, passenger door which is very good apart from the trim on outside has a chunk out of it from recovery/accident, everything on door - trims and electric items, passenger side lower dash trim, steering column cowell, Leather steering wheel - is worn a bit, stalks, ECU, Engine and gearbox - sump dented where it hit floor, most under bonnet stuff, handbrake tunnel in black, Gear surround, Boot carpet, space saver wheel, jack and toolkit, Brand new 6 months ago standard suspension to rear and front pass side, rear calipers only done 4k, fuel tank, fuel pump, headlining in grey, electric sunroof and switch panel, most switches on dash, all dash vents, Dash clocks/speedo, pretty much everything from inside the car apart from driver corner. As above - 3x Speedline alloys available now as buyer is now selling his VR and getting a motorbike. Refurbed a year ago and still very very good or mint really, not a mark on them. Got good tyres on. I'll take quite a few good bits off and put them in Parts for Sale section if no one asks for anything
  17. Hi ,just a quick one, I'm a donator, posted quite a few things over last 20 odd months. Tried to put a breaking add for my now write off VR6 last night and it's still not appeared. Does it have to be looked at by moderators first? No problem and no panic for it to appear if that's the case, just wasn't sure or if I done something wrong or not.
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