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  1. My car I'm breaking has 212,000 miles - I challenge anyone to top that lol. Gearbox working fine, no crunches, all smooth. Would have thought someone would have a lower mileage one than mine although I don't know if mine has ever been replaced/overhauled?
  2. I have one in Kings Lynn, Norfolk if you don't have the one from Purple Tom (he's closer than me), no issues with mine either - came from my own car,will end up being a 'fleabay punt' at some point if no one on here has it when I take it out lol.
  3. Hi, do have some thick cardboard that is fairly stiff and maybe some polystyrene to support it where it may curve (if its flat laying on front and maybe not on back like near sunroof switch area) May be harder to stop the courier squashing the box or finding a courier who will actually pay compensation if it is damaged - most like ParcelMonkey have a big list of exempt from compensation items, Parcel2GO are useless as everything is excluded if you look at their list of exempt items. Hermes are good but this will be to big. May have to contact Paisley Freight or someone similar direct to get a price. Unless you know of a good reliable service?
  4. I have some, only fitted 8 months ago. PM'd with details
  5. I would probably send it with Hermes and would be their lowest weight tariff of £3.90. Might qualify for Royal Mail small parcels of £2.60 but won't know till I take it. Cheers
  6. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD I got the Light Grey headlining out of my late Corrado VR6 - currently breaking - to get the sunroof unit out, headlining in great condition, worth a punt on here to see if anyone wants it as it's to good to chuck. If not I'll try fleabay or even keep it as the likely end game is me getting another Corrado anyway so any parts I don't shift may come in handy and not stuck for space. Quite sturdy these are, not the brittle crap Mk2 Golf headliners are made out of, quite easy to remove as well. Can't post this unless someone knows a guaranteed way it can be sent and arrive in same condition? Collection only from Kings Lynn, Norfolk. £30. Unless anyone wants to pay £50+ for one from ebay? Part Number and details in 2nd pic. [ATTACH=CONFIG]77324[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77325[/ATTACH]
  7. yes mate, all done right. I'll get them on the way today, cheers
  8. ok mate, i'll hang onto it, I'll mark it as provisionally sold.
  9. Updated with a few more bits from my late VR6 currently breaking, there is another thread with a few other bits and a breaking thread also. Pair of Parcel Shelf Supports - Grille's included (no speakers but retaining nuts/rubber washers all present) £10 each+post or £17+post for the pair Tiny nick in driver side support (not seen when shelf down), couple of tiny nicks to bottom of passenger side support (again not seen when shelf down) [ATTACH=CONFIG]77382[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77383[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77384[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77385[/ATTACH] Handbrake Cover Shroud £5+post Bit of wear where it rubs on tunnel. [ATTACH=CONFIG]77391[/ATTACH] Black Complete Glovebox - no key for lock, no light £10+post [ATTACH=CONFIG]77392[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77393[/ATTACH] Passenger Seat Runner Plastic Cover Trim 357 881 087 £5+post Few faint marks to large plastic part (where feet have been) [ATTACH=CONFIG]77394[/ATTACH] Late Corrado Door Speaker Cover 535 867 150 D £5+post [ATTACH=CONFIG]77395[/ATTACH] Late Corrado MFA Stalk £15+post [ATTACH=CONFIG]77396[/ATTACH] Late Corrado Indicator Stalk £10+post SOLD [ATTACH=CONFIG]77397[/ATTACH] Passenger Side Boot Turret Carpet Dark Grey 535 863 507 D £10+post Great condition, no rips/tears [ATTACH=CONFIG]77398[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77399[/ATTACH] Driver Side Boot Turret Carpet again Dark Grey £10+post [ATTACH=CONFIG]77400[/ATTACH] Late Passenger Headlight Glass, Surround, Gasket and Clips - Genuine Hella Glass. £10+post PROV SOLD TO easypops No chips/cracks to glass. Bit of overspray to bottom edge of surround, not seen when fitted. [ATTACH=CONFIG]77401[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77402[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77403[/ATTACH] Rear VW Badge in Chrome £12 posted SOLD Bought this new to replace my faded chrome badge, still not a mark on it and mirror shiny after nearly 2 years fitted [ATTACH=CONFIG]77357[/ATTACH] Passenger Door Lock Mechanism 536 837 015 A £10+post Bit of 'Brasso' or metal polish will bring it up a treat if you haven't got a plastic cover [ATTACH=CONFIG]77358[/ATTACH] Tailgate Lock Mechanism 333 827 505 B £10+post SOLD [ATTACH=CONFIG]77359[/ATTACH] Tailgate Lock Mechanism Cover Trim Surround in Black 535 867 601 £6+post The gap that looks like a break in it in 2nd pic is supposed to be like that [ATTACH=CONFIG]77364[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77365[/ATTACH] Black Boot Plinth Trim with 6x fixings 535 863 485 £10+post Tiny crack to the inside of the boot face, not seen from top. [ATTACH=CONFIG]77360[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77361[/ATTACH] Black Parcel Shelf with straps, good condition as you can see, couple of tiny plucks on underside, locator tabs intact Part No: 535 867 771 £30+post SOLD [ATTACH=CONFIG]77288[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77289[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77290[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77291[/ATTACH] Sunroof Switch/Interior Light Unit 1H0 959 855 B £10+post [ATTACH=CONFIG]77292[/ATTACH] Genuine Nokia Dash Tweeter Speakers 357 035 403 F £10+post together or £5+post each [ATTACH=CONFIG]77293[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77294[/ATTACH] Sunroof Motor 3A0 959 731 B came from a Mk3 Golf when mine failed but exactly the same £10+post SOLD [ATTACH=CONFIG]77295[/ATTACH] Dash Speaker Metal Grilles 536 857 209 and 536 857 210 £5+post each or £8+post for the pair [ATTACH=CONFIG]77296[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77297[/ATTACH] Interior Roof Grab Handle Black 357 857 607 A £5+post? [ATTACH=CONFIG]77298[/ATTACH] Rear View Mirror Black 535 857 511 £8+post [ATTACH=CONFIG]77299[/ATTACH] Cigarette Lighter Unit £5+post SOLD [ATTACH=CONFIG]77303[/ATTACH] Illuminated Ashtray and Housing £5+post SOLD [ATTACH=CONFIG]77305[/ATTACH] VR6 Radiator Fan VW Bosch 357 959 455 J £15+post [ATTACH=CONFIG]77307[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77308[/ATTACH] VR6 Belt Driven Fan and Belt £10+post SOLD [ATTACH=CONFIG]77309[/ATTACH] Late Dash Blank 535 957 087 Royal Mail may class this as small parcel? £5 posted on it's own or £3 if bought with something else PROV SOLD TO easypops [ATTACH=CONFIG]77310[/ATTACH]
  10. Still on my to do list, weather was a pig last week when I could get out to do anything
  11. I have an original Hella set of Rear Lights, removed from my good old late VR6 currently breaking (also in breaking adds and another thread running with some parts) Very good condition with only a tiny crack - not affecting use or letting water in - to the outer passenger side unit (see pics) All 4x bulb holder units included - with the bulbs. £30+post [ATTACH=CONFIG]77219[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77220[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77221[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77222[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77223[/ATTACH]
  12. one bump before they go on ebay, not to fussed about taking to much of an offer as I may well get another Corrado in the coming months so they may come in useful.
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