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  1. The "phase2" cars has the indicators integrated into the headlight assembly and has a slightly different slam panel and wings from the earlier cars. They were introduced from 2000 and some of the early 2000-2001 cars still had the 210bhp AMK engines and then went on to the 225bhp BAM coded units that were in the TT. TBH,theres not a hell of a lot of difference between the two,as the quattro system saps a bit of power anyway,but my god,it was good at gripping the road! I had a 2001 210bhp model and was chuffed with it to start with.But as has been said,it was a bit dull to drive. It was a bit like driving a rapid comfy chair. I traded mine in on a MK5 GTI Edition30 and haven't looked back since. :cheers:
  2. Hi everyone. I'm having a problem in removing the old valve stem seals from the head of my G60.They appear to be locked in place by the guides. Are the valve guides removable and if so,do they have to be pressed out or does VW have some special tool for doing this? Or is there a way of removing/replacing the seals without having to remove the guides? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hiya. As I am about to remove the cylinder head for a rebuild,can anyone tell me where I can get a head set for a 91 G60,other than ECP or GSF or the dealer. Also,who sells APR head bolts,as this is the second time I've had to remove the head and the original bolts keep having to be replaced,so I don't want to have to buy bolts if there happens to be a third,fourth or fifth time! Thanks in advance.
  4. Right guys this is an odd one. I've had my G60 off the road while I worked on it and got the thing going again last week. I found that a hose clip wasn't tight around the charger boost return pipe from the throttle body,so I removed the upper inlet pipe and earth strap on the inlet manifold to get to it more easily. After it was all back together,I went to turn over the engine and nothing happened.The ignition lights come on,the fuel pump primes and all acts as normal until the key twist to start and nothing happens at all. I've checked the connections to the coil,and made sure that the earth strap was secure and all seems fine.The battery is fairly new(less than six months) and the connections to the starter are secure. There is some green around the cable on the starter from the battery,but not enough to cause an interruption. It's odd in the fact that once it got started,it ran fine-no sign of hesitation or cutting out. Then just after re-tightening a clip,the thing decides it doesn't want to know. I've checked for loose wires and bad connections but this has me stumped! Anyone have any ideas? I'll consider anything(within reason :D ).....
  5. How comes I can only get the first 20secs-up to the countdown and "go!" and then the vid stops? I'd like to see it all please. :(
  6. Yeah,me. I have 9x16 on the rear and 7.5 x 16 on the front.
  7. Hi all.Haven't been on here for at least 2 years,I think. Don't know if many of you remember me,I'm from the Orkney Islands. Had my G60 for a good 9 years now,five of which have seen it been laid up in the garage being "tinkered" with.I bought a MK3 Polo 1.1 to tool around in cos what was going to be a six month job.......well,wasn't.Sold it soon after. Then I got a MK2 GTI and am now the owner of a black S3-the MK2 and Rad are holed up in various sheds around the town! There's also a dragon green VR6-which has been sat at a local garage for the best part of 18months waiting for the owner to pay his bill-white G60-sat outside the house of another car dealer,rusting away :( and a recently bought Aqua blue VR. Cheers.
  8. I'll bring mine up one day then thats one more to grace the Orkney Islands. The missus is from Stromness so I've been up a fair bit over the past few years. Never been up in the C yet, maybe in the summer!?! Go on,you know you want to! Just imagine testing the handling on the twistier roads around here,and then opening up that mighty VR on the looong straights,without fear of a Gatso........ :-P
  9. It makes an appearance? Where? I have a feeling that I remember seeing a Corrado on a visit here,a couple of years back. I drove past in my MK2,thinking "!". I then remeber seeing it again in a car park and was going to put a note under the wiper with the forum address on it,but I had neither pen or paper. :roll: :oops: :lol:
  10. Sorry it's taken so long to reply. Yeah,the new owner told me it was originally on a K plate and I think came here from Dundee via Aberdeen. Reason I posted is to see if anyone on here used to own this car and was interested to know what happened to it. I guess from the lack of interest in this thread,thats not the case,then. Apart from my G60,I can count on one hand the amount of Corrado's that have been here on this Island,so if anyone recognises the reg and description and wants any details on thier old car,let me know.
  11. Er,dunno. They came with the car attached. Although I did have to replace one recently and it cost me about £120.
  12. Seems that S3 ownership is the natural progression from a Corrado. I've had my S3 for just over a year,but I'm now at a stage where I want to sell it and get something else-just not sure what.But I do want to sell the S3 as I have had my fun out of it.
  13. Odd that you should say that-mine's been off the road now for best part of 5 years and I still can't bear to sell it-even thouigh it refuses to start!!
  14. 'Ullo. God,havn't posted in here for a looooong time. If there are any Scottish Corrado owners in here,who have recently parted company with a Blue VR6-reg no A16 KYS-and are wondering what happened to it,I might be able to shed some light on that for you...... :wink:
  15. Hi guys,haven't been in here for soooo long now. I have a 91 Corrado G60 currently in repose in my parents garage and I've kind of got to the point where I think it's time for it to go. It's been sat there for quite some time wiating for my interest in it to come back-which doesn't appear to be happening. I've done loads of work to it; Re worked head(gas flowed and ported) 260Deg cam. Port matched inlet manifold. Stainless Milltek exhaust(Decat) TSR Stainless four branch exhaust manifold. Jabbasport stage four charger reworked by JMR. Jabba chip/filter. 68mm pulley. Wietech -35mm suspension(NOT coilovers) Keskin KT1's 8x16front 9x16rear alloys. Boost return removed. Front mounted Golf G60 intercooler. Angel eyes headlights. JVC chameleon head unit with 6x9's under a stealth parcel shelf and an enclosed woofer and amp single unit. I have just re-done the timing on the car but here's the thin-I can turn the engine over,but there is no sign of it wanting to start.It doesn't even sound like it wants to fire.Just sounds as if it's pushing air around. My father passed away last week,and he was always interested in what I was doing with it.I now feel that I have lost interest in the car and just want to get rid of it. So,what sort of price do you think I should put it up for sale at,as an unfinished project?
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