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  1. If this is both sides I'll take: Brand new heater top dash windscreen demister trim 536 857 464 4fb in black £15.00 I'll also take Brand new wiper arm link if they are the metal bits from the motor to the blade Thanks
  2. This is an amazing for sale thread.. I can't see petrol cars ever dying out forever, there will forever be enthusiasts, probably taxed to the heavens for driving them but, they will endure.
  3. kicked it because the radio still doesn't work
  4. Yea I think it's definitely the issue, I'm just confused to how it's not getting voltage. Tried the perm live trick but that didn't work either. Will check the sticker on the radio later Thanks again
  5. Hi Paddy, Thanks for posting this, I only have 4 wires connected, gala is tucked away With lights off keys out only red/wh has 12v With ignition to acc only red/wh has 12v, s-cont has nothing. Illumination has voltage when light switch on Safe (black on my loom) has no reading at any position S-cont to ignition switch has 0.7 resistance reading Behind the ignition switch it gets hairy with some soldered and taped off blocks, unsure if something could be interfering. They seem to be splitting off the really thick red wire into ignition, but are taped well.
  6. I think if you use the referral code 480 too, it will get me a 20£ kickback come renewal time, but not sure if it's compatible with the forum code (which is they will beat _any_ quote on paper)
  7. I'm on the phone to them right now, and the lady said "we can try". They're very nice though, give them a bell!
  8. I just found this thread off le google. Thank you, will try this tonight
  9. Morning, I'm gearing up for MOT and have passenger side door won't open from outside unless you put weight on the handle, it's really strange. I've replaced the door catch mech. It also works fine from inside. Replaced door striker and the clip keeping the handle attached to the door. Any idea what it could be? Have I missed something/ fitted a non-compatible part?
  10. If someone can get me the wiki content I can get it back online in the next week or so
  11. Fixed a broke fuse in the new headlight loom Bled the back brakes now the pedal is solid. Am now ready for MOT!!!! Got more glue off the under the bonnet in prep for new bonnet foam
  12. Thanks guys, I've followed that pinout guide to no avail. I did some more voltmeter investigations. ignition to stereo buzzes out (i expect this is normal) - reading of around 0.07 ignition to r/wh (perm live) when turned to accessory position buzzes out - reading of -0.05 ^ I have a feeling this is not normal Also switched the wires around between perm live and ignition to see if security light flashes when key in accessory position, it didn't flash. Could something be shorting?
  13. You can detach them, I have a spare if you want it? :)
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