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  1. Hi. Do you have the passenger side mirror, needs to be heated. I mainly need the glass with no Browning on the edges, let me know how much.

    1. culshaw


      I just got both of these off ebay for about £8 each

    2. LuxuryBetGof
  2. Hello, if you still have it available, i would like the original leather steering wheel. Would you be willing to ship to the US?

  3. Sorry Gareth, yes got the 2 of you a bit confused to be honest!
  4. Hi have you still got the engine and gearbox?


  5. Good condition. Has a few signs of wear, namely on the drivers seat (from getting in and out) and a small nick (approx 1cm) on the top of the drivers doorcard. I'm after £350 for the lot. In Rushden, Northants, NN10 Pictures: http://s1098.photobucket.com/user/afooter/library/
  6. Interior available, PM me your email and I'll send over some pics? cheers
  7. Hi Sean, it's still available, will check the pins tonight and PM you... cheers
  8. I still have both, but I'm trying to keep it as a rolling chassis for as long as possible and the engine/gearbox is still in position currently! Guess you're in a rush and can't wait, hopefully be within the month...
  9. Hi there, I still have the wings, they're by no means rotten but can't say there's no sign of rust...
  10. Hi mate, I've got somebody interested in the engine and gearbox at the minute. Let you know if that falls through... cheers
  11. Hi Chris, They're uprated and lowered (apparently - had to phone a friend!). Make me an offer and I can look into haulage if required... Cheers, Ashley
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